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  1. Ruse901

    Barnsdale Lake

    Great way to connect all of your builds!
  2. Thanks everyone! This is always my favorite competition of the year. Looking forward to seeing all of the great entries.
  3. Here is my entry for the 7th Annual Expand the Winter Village Contest. It is a veterinary clinic and pet adoption center. The main building comes with three separate rooms. The first room is for the pets to stay warm by the fire (with working light brick) while they wait to be adopted. The second room is the reception area where pet owners wait to be seen by the vet. The third room is the vet's office where she treats her furry patients. The set also comes with an outdoor adoption area where families can come find a precious new pet for the holidays. Additionally, this set comes with a handful of minifigures, pets and two brick-built snow animals. I hope you enjoy it! Main Overview Front Adoption Center Vet's Office Waiting Area Hope you enjoy!
  4. I think LDD would be fair for a contest like this because the true spirit of the competiton is to see new builds and expand our own Winter Villages. It couldn't be official until we see the parts list for sure.
  5. I know many of us were disappointed at the news of the re-release of Winter Village Toy Shop. I was certainly included in that group. That being said, buying and building the new winter set is one of my favorite LEGO traditions. In fact, every year we take out all of our winter sets and re-build them. It will pain me to pass on it this year and just build the sets I already have. So...I think that we should have a competition! I think that we should have an alternative competition where we take the new set and see what we can turn it into. I know Eurobricks has had some awesome winter village competitions in the past and they have been huge hits. I think this would fit right in!
  6. Ruse901

    [SPC] Cat A - The "Galactic Marauders"

    Great crew! Agreed that jawa head is perfect.
  7. Captain Cowgill and his crew Captain Cowgill: Hailing from a dim corner of the galaxy, Captain Cowgill is known throughout the galaxy as a swashbuckling, rum-drinking pirate captain. More myth than man, the captain often let's his crew do his dirty work as he watches from his ship, The Trout. Starla: Starla is Captain Cowgill's first mate. She is a woman of few words but an ace pilot and better with her blaster pistol. These days, she runs Captain Cowgill's plundering operation with the hope to one day be named captain of The Trout. Skyhawk: Skyhawk's primary duty for the crew is hauling loot and moving cargo. He uses his custom exo-suit to collect treasure and make Captain Cowgill a very rich man. Whaler: Whaler is a legendary hunter and fisherman. He uses his harpoon and hook to catch his prey - as well as scare off unwanted company that might try to test the crew. CHIRP-O: CHIRP-O is an aviation droid that Captain Cowgill freed from a mechanical plant during one of his missions. Now, CHIRP-O serves the captain loyally by navigating his crew around the galaxy. Space Boy: Space Boy snuck aboard The Trout one day and quickly earned his place among the crew by adeptly handling the communications and scouting missions. He sees Captain Cowgill as a hero and would do anything to make his captain proud.
  8. Ruse901

    [SPC] Cat C - Shipwreck Encampment

    Awesome build. Great idea for this contest's theme.
  9. Wow. Awesome build. Love the detail and originality!
  10. Ruse901

    LOTR/Hobbit Custom

    There are a lot of great guides and YouTube videos on how to do custom waterslide decals. It basically involves printing your own minifig outfits or faces onto a special decal paper that, when dipped in water and applied properly, becomes a sticker to put on your own minifigs. It was originally used by people who make model trains and such, but it works great for LEGO too. If you poke around you can find plenty of guides. The best way to figure it out is trial and error! Good luck!
  11. Ruse901

    [SPC] Cat A -Marauders of the Seven Galaxies!

    Very well done. Setting a high standard for the competition!
  12. Ruse901

    [SPC] CAT A: The Good, The Bad, and The 'Ugly'

    Great mix of figures! I like how you did a little of each group. What is King Kamahou's face?
  13. Ruse901

    Method for custom faces?

    I have never tried the above technique for faces. I'm not sure if it would be quite as successful as it is on other bricks. I could be wrong, though. For my money, I have had success using clearwater slide decals for faces as black ink tends to show up well on yellow or fan faces.
  14. Ruse901

    help with decals

    In terms of non-permanent application - I would try to print on glossy photo paper. Then I would use clear scotch tape to tape over it and seal it rather than using double sided tape.
  15. Ruse901

    Space Pirates Contest !

    For Category A - is it meant to be a "crew" of 6 minifigs that go together cohesively? Or can it be 6 complete individuals from across the Galaxy?