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  1. stricekfido

    [MOC/MOD] Toyota Hilux TrophyTruck

    New front axle, wider with long suspension
  2. stricekfido

    [MOC/MOD] Toyota Hilux TrophyTruck

    I added Custom battery box (7xAAA) 10v full charger. Its realy fast and power. Look on new video
  3. stricekfido

    [MOC/MOD] Toyota Hilux TrophyTruck

    Thanks for tips, but rollcage can't slide off. Its connected to roof, to chasiss and on back with 7L Beam. I Will try 13l (15l Its too much). And without air intakes its better, thanks ?
  4. stricekfido

    [MOC/MOD] Toyota Hilux TrophyTruck

    Hello, i want presents you next upgrade of my beauty. New back part, rework front axle and another detail.
  5. stricekfido

    [MOC/MOD] Toyota Hilux TrophyTruck

    Thanks for comments. Today i have small update, with wider hood, new front mudgards and another small changes ( Chains!) I also use normal lego springs on back I hope you like this Baja Beast.
  6. stricekfido

    [MOC/MOD] Toyota Hilux TrophyTruck

    Video added in first post. I hope you like it
  7. Hello, This is my Moc/mod of briliant Toyota Hilux by RM8. Front axle its from his Trophy truck. Powered to rear axle by 2 Buggy motors. And Yes, its fast (for 30seconds becose heatprotection or 1 Sbrick maybe?) sorry for my bad english Short video
  8. stricekfido

    [MOC] Tatra T813 8x8 PROFA

    My version of this amazing truck And video Thanks for ins´╗┐tructions
  9. I'm so excited! When the instruction come out? Its very nice xmas pressent
  10. stricekfido

    Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

    Video is ready, sorry for quality, im not good driver and cameraman
  11. Hello, I would like present you my Expedition Mod of madoca1977 Wrangler. Features: - 2 L-Motor 4x4 - M-motor for steering - M-motor for Winch (upgrade to L-motor soon) - Bigger wheel - 2nd doors - 2 stud lifted body - Expedition upgrade (snorkel, gas can, 5th wheel, led ramp) More photos on my flickr and video comming soon PS: Some photo of Rubicon version
  12. stricekfido

    Lego Gaz 34 soviet truck

    nice model, i like rear suspensions, have you plan LDD or can you post more photos?
  13. stricekfido

    [MOC] Prerunner Suv

    Finally i made a video its i change xl-motor for 2L, unfortunatly i must make some desing changes, its ugly but fast :)