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  1. zambosky

    Other uses for pull back motors

    probably for a front winch so once you pull it the winch rolls it back.
  2. zambosky

    maximize your rc lego model!

    hi guys i can't make photos because i'm in spain for the holydays till the 16 of july, when i come back i'll post some photos and videos Asap. Obviusly the motors have been geared down and the esc controller for the motors has been setted for a maximum of 6000 rpm allowed. for the 100% compatibility i explained my self wrong, for me compatibility with lego means that the engine have to been covered with a 3d printed cover that allows to connect it like the stock lego motors. Now i'm doing some tests to find the real maximum rpm and torque allowed with lego ;) sorry if this topic will be a little bit in slow progress but my free time is very little
  3. Hi everybody! I started this topic to keep you updated with the progress of this project. I'm developing a new system that will allow you to use brushless engines (those used in ordinary RC cars) and 100% compatibility with lego. maybe controlled by Sbrick? Soon I will post some photos with the first try. If you want to suggest some new functions to develop or how to improve it I'll be glad
  4. no zux it is going to be in dark grey, because the only pieces in green that i've are from the 42039 24 hours race car
  5. Here is a first try to build the axles, but i don't like the front one :sceptic:
  6. Hello everybody this is my first topic in Eurobricks, This is going to be my entry moc for the TC10 contest. A 6x6 Kamaz with a radar installed on it. Functions: Motorized compressor Fully pneumatic folding radar Pneumatic engine to rotate the radar and connected to the fake engine Pneumatic rear stabilizers Hog steering Central locking differential And of course 6x6 traction To have an idea of the Moc scale i'll use 62.4 x 20 wheels from 42043 Arocs. Hoping to have time to start the project today.