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    What was the last movie you watched?

    The Mule - Meh. I just found Clint Eastwood's character overall unlikable and unrelatable. The Ballad of Buster Scruggs - (Netflix) Silly, but overall enjoyable with themes that the Cohen brothers tend to use. I really liked the cinematography Anyone seen Glass? I loved Unbreakable, and enjoyed Split, but Glass' ratings are pretty poor. I checked movie times, but showings have already stopped, so I'll have to wait till it's on Netflix or blu-ray and keep my expectations low.
  2. Thanks for fixing my image @Darkdragon!. I experienced laggy internet this morning and had to run to work, and figured I might not of embedded properly. Happy Holidays everyone!
  3. Welcome to the Elves episode and other media discussion thread. Feel free to share & discuss Elves episodes, non-set products, advertising, etc that you find. 2017 Media: Part 3: The Capture of Sophie Jones Webisode 18 – Sophie’s Capture Unknown to Emily Jones, her little sister, Sophie, follows her through the secret portal to Elvendale where she is captured by the evil Goblin King. Emily and the elves have no idea what dark powers they will have to overcome to save Sophie, or the difficult choices they must make if they want to protect Elvendale from the real world… 18 Webisode 19 – Welcome to Elvendale! Sophie Jones can’t believe her own eyes! Elvendale is amaaaazing! Magical animals and creatures, landscapes, a squirrel that can speak cat and – of course – dragons. The elves love her, but is Elvendale safe for real-world little sisters? 19 Webisode 20 – Evil Apprentice Ragana is looking for a super baaaad evil apprentice to help her out with the odd evil jobs around Elvendale. But is the Goblin King too evil to be her apprentice? He definitely has ambitions of his own… 20 Webisode #21 – How I Lost My Mother As a young boy, Cronan watched his mother become consumed by anger after her four elf sisters chose Skyra to guard the portal to Earth. As she was swallowed up by darkness, Cronan vowed to save her. 21 Webisode #22 – Goblin Talent Show Emily Jones and the elves have reached the Goblin Village where Sophie is held prisoner. While the goblins are busy putting on a magic talent show it’s time to get creative, distract the goblins and rescue Sophie! 22 Webisode #23 – How to build a sweet ride Aira makes a tutorial video as she builds a fantastic Fire Chariot for Azari, a getaway Gondola for Naida and a very advanced Airship for herself to help them track down the goblins. As always anything is possible with a little borrowing magic and the help of her friends. 23 Webisode #24 – Dragon Tale Tidus may call himself the Dragon Whisperer, but he still has a thing or two to learn about getting baby dragons to go to sleep. Maybe Emily and Sophie can teach him a trick or two – if he can stay awake long enough to take notes! 24 Webisode #25 – Teamwork Cronan charms Emily into taking a trip down the river in Naida’s Gondola. Sophie has a bad feeling about this guy and acts fast to keep an eye on him. As their trip takes an unexpected turn, they need to work together to find their way back. But can they trust Cronan? 25 Webisode #26 – Sophie’s Point of View There was a time when Sophie Jones thought the worst thing in the world was to have Emily babysit her. Now she would give anything to be with her sister. She fears for Emily’s life at the hands of the evil Goblin King. Can Sophie keep the amulet safe? And what will the Goblin King do when he finds out Emily doesn’t have it? 26 Webisode #27 – Queen of the Forest The Evil Forest wasn’t always controlled by dark powers. As Rosalyn tells Emily and the elves the story of how she became Queen of the Forest, they begin to understand what they’re fighting for – and against. What they must do next seems almost impossible… 27 Webisode #28 – Potions in motion Farran and Naida help Rosalyn brew the healing potions they need for storming the Goblin King’s Fortress. Potions are tricky to work with, so of course the two young elves are eager to prove they have what it takes to do it right! 28 Webisode #29 – Sizeable refreshment The Goblin King sends Sophie to the Goblin Village and has a big surprise waiting for Emily and the elves when they sneak into the Fortress on a rescue mission. Sophie may not have any magic to get herself out of a tight spot, but she sure makes use of the powerful gift she has! Can the elves finally save her? 29 Webisode #30 – Bring The Heat Azari and Aira don't see eye-to-eye on how their new chariot should look. Is speed, bling, flame-throwers or a snack bar the most important thing? They can't stop arguing. Until someone else makes sure they have to! 30 Webisode #31 – Goblin Intern Robelin the goblin goes door to door in the Goblin Village, looking for a job. He's happy to help cutting crystals, building traps, and even planting seeds for evil plants. Not everyone appreciates his hard work, or humble apologies, but who cares? Another big pay day is just around the corner! 31 Webisode #33 – The Final Battle Emily, Rosalyn and the elves prepare for the final battle against the Goblin King. It's time to rescue Sophie and save Elvendale and the human world! They have all their potions ready, but in the end, they will need a much stronger magic to defeat the Cronin! 33 2015-16 Media:
  4. Prize E has landed in western Canada. Thank you! My first xmas win, woohoo!
  5. I made a Tallneck from Horizon Zero Dawn. I used instructions by Wayne DeBeer- Here's his Tallneck: It was easily my most favourite thing to build in 2017.
  6. This is always been a great event to bring the forum together. Thanks CopMike & Eurobricks for hosting it every year! A lot of work goes into organizing the event, and mailing those gifts.
  7. Iria

    What Video Game(s) are you playing?

    Replaying Horizon Zero Dawn- I asked for the Frozen Wilds expansion pack and a Tomb Raider game for xmas.
  8. Iria

    Elves Autumn Animals Winners!

    Congrats to all the winners! And thanks Peppermint_M for organizing this fun little contest.
  9. Iria

    Elves Autumn Animals Voting

    #5 - 1 point #9 - 1 point #16 - 1 point
  10. Iria

    LEGO Elves 2018

    Wow. Elf Gal is right. Canada has them listed as available Jan 01.
  11. Iria

    Elves Autumn Animals Voting

    You should send the organizer (Peppermint) a message to ask, it might have just been an oversight. I'm guessing that one of them was disqualified due to very large overhang, but the other one looks like it follows all the rules. @Peppermint_M
  12. Wonderful assortment of buildings and nice attention to detail. They fit well into both fantasy and medieval themes. I especially love how you designed the last one- looks like it could double as an alchemist's tower :)
  13. As summer retreats, so do Elvendale's woodland creatures. They collect their fallen fall foliage, acorns and other treats, and carry them to the burrows, grottos and nests. ~ Yes, trees in Elvendale grow pumpkins~ Edit: Updated build to better represent Elvendale's many animals.
  14. Nice scene. It really tells a story.
  15. Thanks! It's undergone a few more renovations to make it a bit more autumnal and to fit in more critters. The stream is my favourite part. I started building the stream first and then built up all around it. Thanks. I wanted to fit in as many Elvendale animals as possible. Thank you!
  16. Wishing for a vacation with Lego presents under the tree.
  17. Iria

    Procrastination Thread

    So I ended up procrastinating on mailing three more scholarship applications due at end of September, which meant that I had to first find the building downtown, and hand deliver them on the due date. Awkwardly, walked into unmarked videogame development office by accident. Found out today I won a scholarship, but to claim part of my prize I need to provide them with a 10-20 page report. Guess what I am going to be procrastinating on next. Procrastination- the gift that keeps on giving.
  18. Iria

    MOC Elven Village

    Lovely village and lush surroundings. It gives me nostalgic feelings, like in an rpg, where adventure is just around the corner.
  19. Iria

    [Autumn Animals] Hidee's Hometree

    Great colour combo and balance through out. Very earthy and autumnal. The fall log/branch is a nice touch.
  20. Nice! I really like the how you built the tunnel to wrap around.
  21. Iria

    70922 The Joker Manor

    I don't just want this set, I want to be in it. Looks like fun!