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  1. There was once a joke about a car body shop. The boss brought the broken Mercedes from Germany for repair. After some time an employee comes to him and talks. Boss, we have been repairing this Mercedes for the third time but each time we receive a carport from the bus stop. And so it is with me. I bought a Porsche 42056 and Zil 130 came out I bought a Bugatti 42083 I got Gaz 53 (BWSM 80) and now I bought 42099 and I didn't even finish it because Zil Terminator came out again. What I would not build is Soviet ironwork. The model is inspired by the Zil Terminator vehicle from the Spintires computer game. It is built on an extended chassis from the 42099 model. Despite its greater length, it still performs well in offroad. I also added a trailer, so the vehicle can carry wood Weight 2.5 kg Length 75 cm with a trailer.
  2. Thanks. No, it is very rare to see Zil on the road in Poland. In my city Kraków I now only one green but it has a Leyland diesel engine. Another one is on the parking as an advertisement.
  3. Samolot

    42099 Mods and Improvements

    Here is what I did with my 42099.
  4. Samolot

    42099 CV joints damage after use

    Most people will not demand replacement of a damaged cv joint to lego. But if the planetray hub broke, many would decide. The element is complex and closed so they would consider it broken due to the fault of the manufacturer.
  5. Samolot

    42099 CV joints damage after use

    It has sens . Especialy when you send them broken parts to replace. Cv joint instead of planetary hub.
  6. Samolot

    42099 CV joints damage after use

    Back to the new CV joint. I think that operational damage to this element is very much in demand. Why? Many mechanisms use this solution. The expensive and complicated element is connected to the rest of the system with a weaker connector. In order for it to be destroyed in a critical situation, a cheap link is exchanged and not an expensive mechanism. In this case, we have exactly the same situation. The point is not to damage the planetary gear.
  7. Today, a simple model that was created in two days on holidays. While searching the Internet, I came across beautiful designs of American F-series pickups, but made on the basis of Zil 130 and Gaz 53 cabs. And because I still had a cabin from my Zil 130 mmz ... That's how it came out. The model is not complicated, it has a simple rear wheel drive with one PF XL. The steering system inherits from its predecessor, the virtual axis of rotation allows you to fit this cool rims in tight wheel arches. This solution is unfortunately not very fast in operation, but the steering wheel turns when turning. In the film, it is powered by buwizz but maybe also s-brick and PF Full Gallery
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    [MOC] Custom pickup Zil 130

    Thanks. Rubber parts are from this set. Thanks. Not in this model i think. But another funny Zil is in the workshop.
  9. Samolot

    KAMAZ 43118 flatbed truck

    A very nice model. Despite its small scale, it is recognizable. As a fan of Russian and Soviet trucks, I pay tribute. Great performance in difficult terrain. One thing I don't like is the axle in the front wheels.
  10. One of the best lego bikes i have ever seen.
  11. Thanks for votes and congratulations for kubic and all competitors. It was a pleasure.
  12. A perfect combination technic and model team style. Clean design. Lego should go this way with new sets.
  13. Samolot

    [TC16] The Martian movie vehicle

    I forgot to change link to the new movie. I am sorry this is the new one.
  14. I present my latest Lego Technic MOC. And this is my entry to TC 16 contest. This is the Mars rover model from the movie The Martian with Matt Damon. The model is 100% Lego controlled by S-Brick. When I watched the movie Martian with Matt Damon, his Martian vehicle caught my eye. But I could not build it at that time. Several years later. When I saw an original vehicle in the museum during a vacation in Jordan. I took a lot of pictures of details. And I got the idea to try and build this vehicle with motors in wheels. I knew that I would have to build rims myself from the available bricks. PF L motor is the best as a construction element, because it has a lot of holes. Round panels which I used fit the power puller tires. The biggest problem was the addition of a round plate from the outside of the wheel. The connection was good for driving straight ahead but after a few turns it got disconnected. So I added a few stickers on the edge of the rim. And now it works perfectly. I tried to reproduce all the functions of the original vehicle. It has two mechanical functions, winch and crane rotation. And a pneumatically controlled door and crane. 4 x PF L for propulsion build in-wheels 1x PF L for compressor 1x PF M for steering 1x PF M for winch and crane weight 2.77 kg length 50 cm width 33 cm height 21 cm
  15. Great model. congratulations. I really like the front. But the combination of red and orange is always risky. I have a question, did you use any non-original parts apart from the rims?
  16. I have such a device. However, it worked only for three months. I thought the battery was dead. But after visiting an electronics specialist in a store with RC models. It turned out that the control electronics broke down.
  17. Samolot

    [MOC] Race Truck MkII

    Nice clean design. I like colours and modular build. Only think you need, some great stickers.
  18. Samolot

    [GBC] The Akiyuki Project

    I am speechless
  19. Samolot

    [TC16] The Martian movie vehicle

    Thank you for all the positive reviews. As for the tires, I do not think they will be damaged. But if I put the model back on the shelf. I'll take them off.
  20. 2. The Martian movie vehicle 4 x PF L for propulsion build in-wheels 1x PF L for compressor 1x PF M for steering 1x PF M for winch and crane weight 2.77 kg length 50 cm width 33 cm height 21 cm
  21. Samolot

    [TC16] The Martian movie vehicle

    Thanks. Can someone help mi with link to youtube. I am trying to paste link in many different ways but miniature is not working.
  22. Wow. I'm impressed. Beautiful clean design. Land Rover is proportional and, despite its small scale, recognizable. Monster Truck Very compact and beautiful
  23. Wow superb model. And this colours looks great .
  24. Samolot

    [ MOC ] T-1000 Soviet Transformer

    I am a bit jealous. I've been searching for unique Soviet designs on the internet for years. But I have not seen this vehicle yet. Fantastic design and a well-made model. Soviet engineers made a lot of vehicles with unique off-road capabilities. Because of the huge spaces of the Soviet Union. And poor road infreststructure. Some of them also had dual civilian and military uses. A few months ago I made another vehicle of this type.
  25. BWSM 80 was a prototype of a "sanitary" vehicle created by combining the DT 75 bulldozer with a GAZ 53 cab. I've found its picture in the RU-net already a few years ago, but it waited for its turn in a folder with inspirations. It used to be orange Porsche that I could build Zila 130 now from blue Bugatti I made Gaz 53. I wonder if a new secular tradition was created? Three weeks of holiday in the countryside was enough to build this 60 cm model. There were several challenges in the construction. Weight, the model could not be too heavy because it had to rise and ride on tracks. It determined the entire construction. I could not use too many PFs, a complicated suspension, fake engine under the hood and details of the interior. The biggest challenge arose, how to use the two PF-L to master the drive in three variants. 1 Only wheels 2 Only caterpillars 3 Wheels and tracks simultaneously For a good balance, the motors and Battery Pack are at the end of the vehicle. In front of the PF L motors there is a system of three gear boxes, two of them transferring the drive from the PF l motors directly to the caterpillars or to the rear wheels (one motor ) and the front axle turning (the second motor). The right motor, however, is attached to the second gearbox in front of the drive wheels of the caterpillars. With it, you can drive the right caterpillar "from the front" simultaneously with the wheels. To drive left caterpillar you need, the fourth box which is placed at a 90-degree angle to the others and uses a blue 2o zgear from Bugatti. It is just transferring power from the right engine to the left caterpillar. A completely different challenge was to make this 2.5 kilogram move efficiently on relatively short caterpillars. Obtaining the right stiffness required a lot of mass tests. The model lifts up a single PF M handle thanks to a double worm gear with toothed wheels with z 40 and two clutch z 24. Another difficulty was the fact that when lifting, you have to compensate with the tensioning wheel changing the caterpillar tension. I got the desired effect thanks to the system which, when moving the main lifting arm by 9 studs, shifts the drive wheel axis by only 5 studs. In addition, the tension is supported by four small shock absorbers. To make the vehicle lightweight I decided to simplify the suspension and the use of leaf springs, there are also no extras such as the fake engine under the hood or the detailed interior of the cabin. I only added lights in the front. I hope you like it and I look forward to your comments. The whole Gallery Lifting 1x PF M Propulsion 2x PF L Control 2x PF IR Lights 1x PF LED Weight 2.5 KG Length 60 cm Width 21 cm Height 25 cm