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  1. Lukasguy

    75059 Sandcrawler Discontinued?

    It`s still availible on the store in Belgium.
  2. Hello guys The main reason I like lego is because it is nice to use as decoration, so l've got some lego sets on shelves, but the rest is just sitting in containers and I'm thinking of selling these parts. How would be the best way for me to sell these parts? The most parts are from sets which might not be complete (I used a couple of pieces for my bricklink lego star wars UCS Star destroyer and death star). How would you go about doing this? Thanks for all the ideas, and sorry if this is not the appropriate forum, but I don't know where else to post this.
  3. Lukasguy

    Bricklinking UCS Imperial Star Destroyer

    The total price was roughfly 500 euro, I think it was worth it, I already had 1000 parts
  4. Lukasguy

    Bricklinking UCS Imperial Star Destroyer

    Here is a summary of all the substitutions I made: The big wheels: I bought three orange ones from a mars mission set and painted them in lbg The shield generator domes: Again in a different color, I think shiny gold, and painted them The dbg barrels on the engines: again different color and painted them Magnet holders: I used the different kind of holders (with the technic pin) and mounted them to the panel and reinforced them. I have not had any problems with the system but I does come loose sometimes when you nudge against it. And the larger 6x16 with studs on the egdes were bought in bluish grey and some were painted, not all of them because I thought it looks fine. I will post some pictures of the painted parts in comparison with the real colors. You can find the paint I used in this post somewhere. Good luck
  5. Hello, I want to build this at-at but I want to start with the head. Is there a parts list for the head only?
  6. Lukasguy

    Could we ever see a remake of these UCS sets

    I'm still hoping we'll get a UCS AT-AT soon. I wonder what's stopping lego to make one. It would be one of the best selling sets. (I think)
  7. Lukasguy

    Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    Here is my opinion about the slave 1: I'm not really fond of the ship in the star wars universe and I bought it to see how it is. If I didn't like it, I'd just keep the box and resell it later when it's retired. I also bought it for a fun build. Now that I have it, I think it's a really nice model. It just looks impressive, and is now part of my collection. The detail is just amazing. I don't think you will be disappointed about it. Just my opinion
  8. Lukasguy

    10143 UCS Death Star II

    Almost all the orders have been shipped. I estimate the total price at around 400-450 euro. I could have saved some money by being more patient and looking for more pieces at fewer shops. Because of the holiday season the "I want to buy a piece" section from bricks and pieces is not accessible, so I'll have to order the rare pieces when it back. I have substituted these rare ones with the same piece in a different color and found that a shop which I was buying pieces from had all these parts. So I'll use these while I wait until the "I want to buy a piece" section is back. Most of my orders have arrived but some key elements still need to arrive. This is what I already have: These white parts are not the ones I changed, these still need to arrive but I needed these to build this. Anyway thanks for ready and have a nice one.
  9. Lukasguy

    10143 UCS Death Star II

    Nearly a year has past since the start of bricklinking my UCS Star Destroyer. Time has gone by, but not the awesomeness of this model. It still stands strong and hasn't started drooling yet. But enough of this. I'm back with another post about bricklinking a retired lego ucs set. This time I'll bricklink the lego death star II. The conflict of whether I should just buy the play death star model 10188 or the ucs model 10143 is finally over and 10143 has won. If I could still buy the play set at Lego I might have done that but now that it's retired and the prices for a sealed one are starting to go up. While my ISD was partially build from pieces from my other sets, I'll fully bricklink this set (except for some small pieces like studs). Some rare pieces which form the inside structure will be bought a different color to reduce the price. I'm about to place my first order but I still have some questions to people who also bricklinked this model: The piece count for the 2x8 light blue plates is 260 on bricklink and rebrickable, but it's 200 on brickset and some other places. Is it 200 or 260? The new bricks and pieces selection now let's you buy a max count of pieces as there are in the set, and it also says 200. Does anyone know where I can find the prices for the pieces on the new bricks and pieces page? I can only see my cart but not the cost. Last question I promise: While I had fun building the ISD in front of my pc, I would like to have an instruction manual too. Does anyone know a cheap and good way to get this? Thanks for reading, have a nice holiday.
  10. Lukasguy

    Pet shop retirement

    Hello A while ago I bought the lego pet shop. I really like the set but I'm not really fond of it. I love the design but I have no connection with it. In my other lego sets I recognize stuff I like. In my emerald night I recognize how I loved steam engines when I was little, or in my star wars sets I recognize the awesome movies. The pet shop is a nice building and I love the way it looks but I don't have a connection with it. (I don't know if you get it ) So I still have the box and I thought I'd sell it when it retires and the price goes up. I thought it would almost retire when I bought it but it still hasn't. Any idea when it's going to retire? Thanks.
  11. When I bricklinked my ISD I mainly used parts of all of my sets. The sets that are most of help are the ones with much dark and light grey panels, and other small parts. The first lego star destroyer 6211 helped a lot but I don't exactly know which set helped best. You might want to look on rebrickable, it says which sets contain a lot of the parts, but I only saw other UCS sets like the second death star or the falcon. Overall its a great set and I love of it looks but you need to get creative sometimes to make it affordable. I spray-painted the engine parts to make them cheaper and I used different magnet holders. They don't need to be the same because you can't see them. The black lever parts with grey base are also good looking and are much cheaper than the grey levers with grey base. Otherwise its a really good looking set and its worth bricklinking but it might cost you.
  12. I know I can do it and I almost found all the parts but is it a good model to spend 350 euro on? It looks great on the pictures online. Some told me I could do the ucs mill. Falcon but it takes up a lot of place IMHO. And I won't spend €900 on it.
  13. Good luck with your project. I had fun doing mine which I recently ended, very fun to build, where did you get the 6*16 plates? I solved the problem of the tan magnet holders by just getting the same holders you use on the frame, but these do need proper placement and some reinforcement. For the other rare parts I just picked some up in a different color, and spray painted them, the engines are the ones that needed the most paint and the paint is getting peeled of on it's own, so might have to redo that. But the dome pieces and the wash tubs are doing perfectly fine. I also bought a sticker from ebay so I could finish the model with the right info stand, it was a nice touch. If you have anymore answers you can ask them and I will gladly answer them. Here is a link to my thread: I'm now thinking of bricklinking the death star 10143. I have estimated the total cost of this set to be 350€. Still having second thoughts about bricklinking another big model, what do you guys think? Anyway, good luck with the project and have fun building this massive beast.
  14. Lukasguy

    Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    When I started making my UCS Imperial Star destroyer I started printing out the pieces inventory. I then started collecting all the pieces I had and marked the ones I still needed. I then made a bricklink list with all the pieces I needed to buy and started looking for shops that had them. Some pieces might be cheaper on the lego website on bricks and pieces or pick a brick. Good luck.
  15. Lukasguy

    [MOC] Battle of Hoth

    This looks really good. Love the detail of the ice forming inside the base. The small things matter the most! I also love the at-at's. Hope to build one like this someday