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  1. The Outsider

    [MOC][WIP] Steelix

    Not exactly a Pokémon fan ( Idon't really like creature battles unless it's "fate-of-the-world" stakes like Digimon and Monster Rancher), but for what it's worth it looks impressive to me. And yeah, translating a stylized design to a physical form is always going to be a pain, so I wouldn't fault you for the eyes.
  2. The Outsider

    [MOC] EXT - 1 Mech Frame

    Wow, cool! Even though it's clearly lacking armor, it feels very complete - you could almost expect it to be used as-is!
  3. From what I understood, the fixed piece is because these are sets for a younger demographic where stability is more important than articulation - in fact, one of the main quality tests after several complaints regarding Exo-Force is for the figures/mechs/creatures to stand on their own without needing to fiddle with them. Should the system prove successful and be adapted to older demographics, they'll probably include more articulation; the early designs even showed the fixed limb as two pieces connected by a pin.
  4. The Outsider

    Best & Worst Constraction Canister Designs?

    I honestly always found the Barraki canisters harder.
  5. So, recently it's been announced an Iron Man Figure which is pretty much an action figure built with bricks, much like the Knights' Kingdom II of old. Meanwhile, in Ninjago, one of the developers posted his work designing a new, brick-based mech and creature building system called SCCBS, clearly inspired by CCBS both in style and name (DuckBricks goes into a deep analysis of the posts here). And in the meantime, we've had very little development regarding CCBS or constraction as a whole. Do you think this means future constraction will be brick-based? Are you for or against it? For my case, I always assumed constraction was more a case of marketing and aesthetics than building system and as such would easily count Knights' Kingdom II and Exo-Force as constraction anyway (both of which I loved for the sets and particularly the story), so I wouldn't mind at all. I only hope future SCCBS sets will feature more articulation, which given it apparently depends on the intended age group it seems likely.
  6. So, quick question: which canisters from all of LEGO's constraction history (from Throwbots/Slizers to Roboriders to BIONICLE to Hero Factory to any I'm forgetting right now) were the best and the worst in your opinion? Myself, I can't say much before the BIONICLE era, but I can definitely point what I believe was the worst from then on: the Toa Mahri canisters. Once they were open, they were practically unusabe as storage, which defeats the very purpose of a canister, and the armature/sub configuration made very little sense as a set (where was the floor?) or in-story. The best, on the other hand, it's hard to tell, but I'd probably choose the Toa Mata's original canisters. They were simple but functional, the rotating cover revealing the different Toa and iconic marketing scenes made for great advertisement, and they could easily incorporate not only one but two in-story elements: the Toa Canisters, obviously, but also the Suva with the lid - which also made an effective subtle collecting nudge to complete it with more masks and Toa heads.
  7. The Outsider

    [MOC] Chocolate Red

    This looks really cool! Great job!
  8. This looks really great! Can't wait to see the rest! Are you looking for collaborators for the story development? Cause I'd love to help.
  9. The Outsider

    BIONICLE/Constraction "References" In Other Media

    Given the idiom detection for Google Translate doesn't work for "Makuta", it seems to be made up for the BIONICLE character specifically, so that's unlikely. Anyway, I was looking at the BIONICLE Wikipedia page, and came across these examples from the music world: Whoever did these clearly likes Brutaka's blades. There's also a couple "Robonicle"/"Roboticles" parodies, but name aside they're not really very like BIONICLE.
  10. The Outsider

    [MOC] [iDeas] The Lantern Man

    And I know what I'm backing right now! Great design!
  11. The Outsider

    BIONICLE/Constraction "References" In Other Media

    Funny, I remember seeing that comparison a lot throughout the internet, but somehow I always forget it until the next time I see it again. Maybe it's because I'm not as much of a DC fan.
  12. Yeah, I've noticed already. Oh well, time to go create an account. At least I'll be able to vote on the canonization contests this way. I guess things haven't been as lively here since we've had no more official constraction sets. Here's to hoping for a future line.
  13. Has anyone ever seen a character or a design in another piece of media that seems to reference BIONICLE or constraction in general? Not in the usual namedrop or set in the background, but something clearly its own thing but obviously with constraction influence. I ask because I've been looking through my comics, and I found some interesting panels. The first is from Siege: The Cabal, where a meeting of the titular group goes wrong and Doctor Doom is struck down, only to reveal itself to be a Doombot and unleash an army of robotic locusts. Robotic locusts with very familiar heads and pincers... Another is from Thor: Reign of Blood, where the titular hero pilots a familiar-looking Blood Colossus. This one the Marvel wiki outright says is a combination of Maxilos and Spinax. (Sorry for the poor quality of the images; my scanner is in the fritz so I had to use my cellphone) Also, there's this I've found on Youtube. What do you think, coincidence or inspiration? Any more examples you can find?
  14. So, here's an idea that's been circling in my head for the past months: Apparently, one of the many reasons fans didn't like the 2005 storyline (I personally loved the aesthetic and themes, even if they were not well executed, and my greatest gripe is how the third movie is completely incompatible with the surrounding media of that year) is because, as a midquel, we already knew what the end result was going to be. And one of the main reasons LEGO insisted on it was to reuse the assets and environments from Metru Nui. So, I wondered: why didn't they make 2005 a direct sequel to Mask of Light? The Matoran were going back to Metru Nui anyway, and it had been abandoned for thousands of years; it'd be perfectly plausible for the Visorak Horde to settle in the meantime and become the next threat to the returning villagers and Toa. Seeing the city overrun and devastated right after hearing about its former greatness and teasing its return might even be a bigger emotional punch (to the character and to the audience) than it all happening in a flashback of a flashback. The Toa Hordika could even be the mutated forms of the Toa Nuva instead to go back to the fan-favorite team, or completely new heroic characters (therefore avoiding the "controversy" of their wildly new looks) who were former victims of the Visorak and followed them around trying to thwart them, becoming allies of the past characters. At that point, the only major unresolved plotlines were how the Toa Metru saved the remaining Matoran Pods in the coliseum (which, if the Horde hadn't moved in yet, didn't need much of an explanation; they just went back and got them) and how Makuta got out of the Toa Seal (which could be explained as the work of the Horde or Makuta breaking free of his own power with time, I don't remember if they established by then how durable the Seal was). What do you guys think? Do you think it could've worked? Do you have any ideas of your own?
  15. The Outsider

    Future Constraction Sets?

    My mistake, then. I kinda thought they died out sooner than the Star Wars CCBS. Plus they skipped the middle third of their story with the Dark Tribes, so that may have confused me.