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  1. The Outsider

    Future Constraction Sets?

    My mistake, then. I kinda thought they died out sooner than the Star Wars CCBS. Plus they skipped the middle third of their story with the Dark Tribes, so that may have confused me.
  2. The Outsider

    LEGO Ideas Support Thread: Bionicle

    Personally, I always defined a constraction line less by how they were built and more by how they were marketed. For a quick example, both Knights' Kingdom II and Legends of Chima had normal System sets and action figure-styled sets. However, when comparing both, even though Knights' Kingdom was entirely brick-built and Chima used CCBS, I would say the first was a constraction line with System sets and the latter was a System line with constraction sets, for a very simple reason: in most Knights' Kingdom media and advertisement, the "human"-like proportions of the action figures were treated as the official look of the characters, and the minifigures from the System sets as a scaled-down approximation, and not the other way around. It's also why I consider Exo-Force a lot closer to constraction than other mecha sets. That being said, would these sets count as Constraction?
  3. The Outsider

    Future Constraction Sets?

    Didn't they try that on Legends of Chima and failed? Then again, aside from sorta-maybe representing that projection the characters had when using Chi, those sets weren't canon anyway. One market I think would be great for constraction would be adult collectors, either of licensed properties or as updates of previous constraction sets in the style of Ninjago Legacy/Transformers Masterpiece. The latter would be a little harder to pull off, though: since the sets are usually assumed to be the closest to the canon appearance, most media tends to be as toy-accurate as possible, so aside from a BIONICLE Miramax trilogy line or characters we know the looks of but have no sets (unmutated Karzahni, snake Metus, Energized Protodermis avatar), the most significant difference would be better articulation and perhaps whatever weapons were cut from the toy but sneaked into the media (Mahri Nuparu's Aqua Blaster Blade, Inika Jaller's second Energized Flame Sword, Stormer 2.0's baton).
  4. The Outsider

    Bionicle G1 Canonization Contests are Returning?

    Actually, I would like the return of these MOC/art contests specifically. Not only did it enrich the BIONICLE world and gave a face (mask?) to the characters we liked, but it also proved the constraction system could be as flexible as the regular LEGO system with the right creative mind. Wouldn't LEGO need to approve as well though?
  5. The Outsider

    Son of Makuta - Rahi Control

    Really neat. I especially like how bestial the face looks, even if it's so different from previous Rahkshi incarnations.
  6. The Outsider

    Bionicle 2015 Discussion

    This is gonna be a long one, so I'm splitting it into spoiler tags. Response to Kalhiki: Style Guide/Target Group: Not enough reason to push it?:
  7. The Outsider

    Future Constraction Lines

    Funny, at least to me one of the things that hooked me to constraction in general (and BIONICLE in particular) was how different it was from System; before that, I wasn't very fond of LEGO because of how little articulation the minifigures had and how they always had the same smily face (at least they changed the last regard). Then again, I still bought some EXO-Force and Knights' Kingdom II sets and found them pretty cool, so a more brick-based line might work (it might even help developing less robotic-looking beings and more unconventional, non-humanoid builds like some of us've been asking). I can't be sure what might work as a line today, as kids have probably changed a lot since I entered Constraction, and I was a weird kid back then anyway, but to me one of the things that pulled me into Constraction, and which I find rather lacking today, was the story. I can't say for Slizers or Roboriders, since I never heard of them till I found the Internet, but for the ones I mentioned above, it was the world and the characters that go me hooked: BIONICLE having cyborgs for some reason in a tropical tribal setting using elemental skills and magic masks; EXO-Force with rounded, growing characters figthing in an imaginative and unusual location; Knights' Kingdom and their world-building backstory that extended way beyond the main line (though sadly never brought up into the main line). Nowadays, though, the strongest tales are on the System side, with stuff like Ninjago and The LEGO Movie franchise. Constraction, meanwhile, has attempted to simplify their stories since they thought BIONICLE was becoming too convoluted for the new customers, but they ended up going too far and making them bland: Hero Factory had a lot of potential which was wasted in adventures-of-the-year tales with little to no consequence come next season (especially annoying in Breakdown and Attack of The Brains given their cliffhangers), while BIONICLE G2 was so generic it could have been any other line if not for the Toa and Makuta. Maybe my nostalgia is tainting my memory of these lines? Perhaps, but from what I hear I'm definitely not the only one. According to John Tenuto (The Toys That Made Us), one of the things that drives people to collect is the need to touch and see something to represent an intangible belief: flags for countries, symbols and amulets for religions, and toys for characters and worlds. But (and these are my own conclusions), you need to have something they want to believe before they can search for a physical representation of it. Which is why, in my opinion, before making any attempt to approach the younger generations with apps or new parts or something of the like, you need a strong, solid story to work with and characters which will capture your interest.
  8. The Outsider

    Are the mistika really that bad?

    ... You do realize the arms, head and body of the Nuva were mostly the same as the Mata, right? It's easy to stay close to the original that way. Frankly, by 2008 I was used to Toa teams looking different in each variation, and there was a passable in-universe explanation, so I didn't mind the Mistika looking nothing like the Mata/Nuva. In fact, I kinda looked forward to how different they would look like. Which is why, to me, they were disappointing in a different way: They didn't take advantage of the swamp theme or the adaptive armor. I admit, I'm not sure what a swamp-adapted armor would look like (though I imagine a cross between amphibious and jungle/forest, with breathing apparatuses and water propulsion systems mixed wih clear-cutting tools), but I think it would be more varied than miniature jets and wing-like "fins". Even worse, all of them shared this fin-and-jet combination, while the Phantoka had a different flight system for each character. Also, each Phantoka had its own weapon beside the launcher, even if Kopaka's was mostly an add-on; in the Mistika, Gali had an add-on which couldn't work as and independent tool, and Onua's was used mainly as extra armor, giving yet more emphasis to the launcher again. All in all, they look like a weaker version of the Phantoka to me, not a swamp team. As for the masks, except for Gali (what were they thinking?!) I don't really mind. I do prefer Tahu's though, mostly because it looks more like a "traditional" mask and less high-tech than Onua's. As for the Makuta, they were all the Toa were not: varied between themselves while fitting the swamp environment. My favorite was Krika, though that has more to do with the character than the toy itself (which is still pretty good). My only complaint was that they went the Hordika route instead of separating head and mask pieces, but that's just a personal preference rather than actual criticism (guess I prefer Bitil's mask in that regard...). Regarding the canisters, after the nightmare that was the Mahri's I was just glad to have storage that would stay closed (I swear I'm still losing pieces as I speak...).
  9. The Outsider

    Future Constraction Lines

    I know I shouldn't, but I can only hope this is true! A new, non-licensed constraction line, yay! By the way, wasn't there another leak a while back about someone's brother who was a sci-fi writer hired by LEGO for a new constraction line? Maybe it's the same? Actually the "robots in computer world" description made me think of Roboriders, but that works too. Though weren't the "bad" and "good" guys division in Slizers mostly fan speculation? However, I'd prefer if this line wasn't a reboot of any kind. I think after BIONICLE G2's failure, CCBS needs to experiment with new stories and concepts to iron out the issues before they start rebooting their old themes. Well the original Slizers had monsters as their enemies. They were only box art and never had any sets, but they were there. I don't know how the head pieces are made (is everything molded together? Are hair and face pieces molded separately and then glued together?), so I can't say about production costs, but I guess in terms of versatility and utility masks and helmets are a lot better. A head can oly be used as a head (unless they're extremely generic, which kinda beats the purpose), and since the characters need to be easily distinguishable each mold has a very limited number of uses (usually one); helmets/masks, on the other hand, can easily be used as armor, weapons, claws, etc. depending on their shape, connection points and the builder's imagination, and it's easier to make new characters with them: just use the same mold with a new color. Or it could be a working or code name to prevent leaks, like "Bone Heads of Voodo Island" or "E7". Though admittedly those make a lot more sense than "Voloctoreb".
  10. The Outsider

    First Generation Bionicle Rebuilds

    Great work; very faithful to the original designs yet a lot better in detailing and articulations. I especially love the Rahi (which actually look like animals this time around) and the Vortex Makuta (always loved that form of his; a lot more eldritch and intimidating than the others).
  11. The Outsider

    The Beast

    Very well done; I love this series and this villain, and you captured his spirit perfectly. Also the growing Edelwood is a nice detail!
  12. The Outsider

    Bionicle 2016 Sets Discussion

    I know how you feel. But, if it's any consolation, there's still a chance to turn around: another of my favorite storylines, Transformers, was also going through a rough patch during its Generation 2 era for reasons just as bad if not worse than BIONICLE G2 (a "new" cartoon series which was basically G1 with a CGI cube for scene transitions, a comic with unrealistic sales expectations - to the point the main villain is named after the expression "Gee, axe us!" - and full of the 90's grim'n'gritty ultra-violent aesthetics, toys that were really running out of ideas and were sometimes just G1 toys in neon colors, commercials full of CGI and bad rap); yet they managed to turn around during the Beast Era (the time, in fact, when I discovered and fell in love with the brand), to the point where it's now a significant part of popular culture. Maybe that's what BIONICLE (and non-licensed constraction as a whole) need to truly succeed: to take the time to develop a world and characters we can love, and to try something new while keeping just the most importantcore roots, instead of haphazardly trying to please both nostalgic fans and potential new buyers with something so generic that it ends up satisfying neither. And, of course, better marketing. As in, any marketing at all. I think it's just the art style and a neat Easter Egg. Still, I would like to know what they were planning for next year. Me neither! Kinda wish the webisodes were like this, though...
  13. The Outsider

    Bionicle 2016 Sets Discussion

    So, question about the combi-models, specifically the list of sets needed for Shadow Titan Makuta: can I build Mask Maker Makuta from the leftover parts of that combi-model, or are there not enough pieces? What about the Shadow Spawn?
  14. The Outsider

    Future Constraction Lines

    Seconded. However, given this is LEGO, I'd like to see something a bit more creative: instead of each character becoming only one body part, they could use transformation and partial re-assembling to become many different body part and combine in multitudes of ways. Also, story-wise, I think something like the original CYBOTS would be fun: non-military robots designed for research, exploration or resource-gathering that are faced with an unexpected threath and must raise to the occasion (though I'd prefer a something more Lovecraftian, like the Inhumanoids, instead of rogue robots).
  15. The Outsider

    Bionicle 2016 Story Discussion & Rumors

    I just browsed TVTropes a while back, and I noticed two extra problems with the finale noone seems to be discussing: Every major subplot has been abandoned with no explanation. Why did the Toa lose their memories? Doesn't matter, story's over! Why did they seem to have memories of Ekimu and the Labyrinth of Control? Doesn't matter, story's over! What was the deal with the Mask of Time, and why was it necessary to call the Toa? Doesn't matter, story's over!