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  1. Stillinamerica

    (MOC) The Elvan Seaport of Elvadion

    Thanks you, I’m glad you and your daughter enjoy :) I have a 9 year old girl and one of my motivations for this type of build when I go to shows is to get the girls asking their parents just that. The first one we displayed at my daughter was 5 and I built a tiny Sleepin beauty moc on a baseplate. It pretty much went un noticed in amongst our Star Wars and Minecraft and knights until about 3pm on a Sunday, a little girl turned up in front of it wearing an Auora dress and told her dad it was her fav and her dad thanked me for havin something that would interest her. Ever since then, and having a little girl also, I’ve made a point to make something that may catch her attention of a girl and maybe get their imagination going. They don’t have to be part of a ‘pink stereotype’ but theee is no denying those colours and themes initially attract girls attention and they may start looking at other ways they can use bricks and people and hopefully I can be an inspiration to their own imaginations. This was the first time I had not bought a big Star Wars build but I could not have been happier with the faces of the kids and grown ups alike :)
  2. Stillinamerica

    (MOC) The Elvan Seaport of Elvadion

    Thanks mate that was a lovely surprise today when I logged in :) Cheers yeah there was no merging the two. Almost did though 😬 I hadn’t decide which figs to use until I got to Brickfair. Thanks, it was a good show. I really thought I was being lazy with the roof that way but tons of people liked it, there is something cool about the way they are supported/hang also, I think I show it in the Beyond the Brick video they did
  3. Stillinamerica

    [MOC] Historic mocs - by Barthezz Brick

    well done, captures the mood well.
  4. Stillinamerica

    [MOC] Karak Kadrin

    great build. I like war hammer as inspiration too.. I am probably the only guy on Pintrest, but I use it for inspiration for many of my builds and war hammer is one of them. lovely work.
  5. Stillinamerica

    [MOC] The Wood Tryptichon

    lovely work and nice to have a story too
  6. Stillinamerica

    [MOC] Sergeant Detritus

    epic. I like the way you can see deep into his soul in his eyes, the way you have built them shows him as a caring beast
  7. Stillinamerica

    [Moc] Castle of Black Falcons

    Nice, cute and playable
  8. So I want to share my latest creation that I took up to Brickfair Virginia a week ago. It is my first real castle/fantasy build and will probably be divisive with some for the use of the Elves mini dolls, but I am okay with that :) Every time I build I try to do something that involves my kids and with a 9 year old daughter, her fascination with the Elves line led to building this. The idea is that this is a sea port where Elves from different kingdoms come and trade goods for Dragon eggs, which they return home with. we have the floating islands which serve as a nesting ground and other rooms, a main castle that has been reclaimed and is in the process of being remodeled and then an island that has a few buildings in it. Some of the figures themselves have been merged with Lego mini figure pieces and capes and hair to soften the cartoon look of the mini dolls. I hope you enjoy, it was a one and done at the show and I am in the process of disassembling most of the build so I can finally work on sorting my lego that I can build a big castle next :) The Elvan Seaport of Elvadion by Martin Harris, on Flickr The Elvan sea port of Elvadion by Martin Harris, on Flickr The Elvan sea port of Elvadion by Martin Harris, on Flickr
  9. Stillinamerica

    [MOC] Imperial Turbolaser Battery

    Very good. Well done
  10. Stillinamerica

    Gigantic Christmas Village

    very nice, a wonderful compact display with so much detail. It is tiered very well.
  11. Stillinamerica

    Round Wall Technique

    How sturdy is it ?
  12. Stillinamerica

    Brickworld 2017!

    I'll be going for the first time this year. Panic mode came when my daughter asked 'can you build the princess world you made last year' -a few weeks ago. Just got the final brickink order in so should be good
  13. Stillinamerica

    Harry Potter and the Hogwarts Quidditch pitch

    Thanks, it actually has a little more room to grow for accuracy- which is being worked on at the moment and I will hopefully be able to share at Brickworld Chicago :) cheers
  14. Stillinamerica

    Mission to Jabba's Palace MOC

    Ha, how did you know? I had most but had to pick up a few, I was pleased because I had most stuff for this build already :) Thanks. Piece count is so hard- no real idea, once I had the layout though it was a fairly simple build, the upper half is mainly just a combo of tan bricks I had on hand and some tile.