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  1. Good job, nice model
  2. Very nice and detailed entry. love to see a Porsche sedan, its something different.
  3. Thanks for such a detailed errata. Great work of all who participated in it.
  4. Wow, what an impressive build. Thanks for sharing!
  5. Nice arches, great renderings! Its good to see the diverent comparisons. Thanks.
  6. Superb model. Maybe asked before, but is it in the same scale as the 42056 Porsche(1:8)? Thanks.
  7. I think it would be a Mercedes
  8. I love it, nice job. A true C-model. Imo a real MOC.
  9. Here is the video of the Subaru of Ken Block. He also converted a ford F150 with those tracks.
  10. Remember this one. The Ken Block version.
  11. Epic build, well done!!