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  1. technicbasics

    Nexo Knight Power Shield #133 Barcode

    Thankfully, I have been mentioned on weblog. I would like to pass on this thanks here 1: 1, because I sent the files only to spyrius. Regards J.
  2. technicbasics

    Nexo Knight Power Shield #133 Barcode

    I report the bug and send the two shields yesterday to spyrius. Thanks a lot for the two last shields. Will send it also to spyrius. Regards Johann
  3. technicbasics

    Nexo Knight Power Shield #133 Barcode

    Thank you very much for the 2 shields. Did you report the bug on Would you also send me the remaining two shields? Regards Johann
  4. technicbasics

    Nexo Knight Power Shield #133 Barcode

    Update: Only 4 shields are missing in this time: #40 - Cool Moves #44 - Guard Dog #144 - Lock Smith #261 - Achilles' Heel
  5. technicbasics

    Nexo Knight Power Shield #133 Barcode

    Just finished the list yet. There are 333 known shields. Of 318 the code is known. After drawing the shields with the knowning code and uploading tho, i try to guess the code of the unknown shields. Whether this works I can not say because it is a 32 bit code. In addition, the code must also be stored in the app, otherwise it can not be read. But until there it is still a long stony path. Regards Johann
  6. technicbasics

    Nexo Knight Power Shield #133 Barcode

    Thanks for the answers. Will make a list of all shields not listed on and post them here. Think that will be at the begiining of next week. Regards Johann
  7. Hi guys I work on the Nexo Knight Power shields for the Parts Tracker Libary using libary for the codes. Now I found the first shield that was not listed. It is the shield #133 "Alpha Drill". Does anyone have the shield or a picture of the shield on which the code can be seen? Thanks in advance. Regards Johann
  8. Hi Here some pictures... This is the Beta Version of the steering. In the final version are used 2 Servos. Here with optional hand pump for the pneumatic functions. Thanks to turocha. Regards Johann alias technicbaasics
  9. technicbasics

    Tiny MOC Collection

    Hi The same problem has the model above. The tires are stuck in the frame, because they are too far inside..... Have a nice day.
  10. technicbasics

    Tiny MOC Collection

    HI A little bit bigger, but such more better...
  11. Hi Looks great. Is a manual available or possibly are you planning one? Regards tb
  12. Cool video and awesome model......
  13. I can only say .... two thumbs up... :thumbup:
  14. The wide wheels and the white color looks really great.
  15. technicbasics

    Lamborghini Gallardo Full RC

    Hi Partlist for the White and also for the Black Edition is aviable on my Bricksafe page.----> Insruction on my homepage. ----> for german guys ---> See you