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  1. Fresh, it's 185 US gallons. Here's a video: I do enjoy building in this room, but there are hazards as my cats often steal pieces!
  2. Thank you! It's my other money devouring hobby.
  3. I have injured my back, so today I am building at my table. Can't complain about the surroundings though!
  4. This.... This is spectacular. I've always wanted to build a Lego model of a GMD SD40-2 with the Canadian Pacific Multimark scheme, but I never imagined a model in this scale and detail. From one rail fan to another you have done a remarkable job even from a modelling perspective alone. The fact you did this in Lego with such accurate detailing is quite a feat, you should be proud of this one!
  5. I will be buying every single set for the 2H 2016. Its going to be an expensive birthday, but I love every set they have announced! I am thrilled to see Technic moving this direction. It definitely seems like they are catering more to AFOL's with this round
  6. I feel like I might be alone in loving this set. I see a ton of new pieces that will be very handy, pieces in new colours, an XL motor (I dont have many of).. the list goes on. I love sets that take me more than single day to assemble, and larger sets just make me feel like a kid again to play with. The colour choices are interesting, but not too outlandish. The most recent pictures seem to show the set off better than the initial one did. August will be a very expensive month for me!
  7. I'm definitely going to buy this set. Anything that gets me more pneumatic parts is a must buy regardless, but this model looks sharp and will display nicely. I am questioning the use of orange on this model though. I like orange, but it seems out of place on a volvo
  8. I like the crane arm. I know it's not the first attachment people think of with a tractor but it does provide an interesting mechanical element. This set is an absolute must buy for me. I love everything about it already but the wheels made it probably the first set for 2h that I'll buy.
  9. To be honest I would as well as it is actually the kind of stuff I work with in my industry. I was just trying to be funny ;)
  10. I picked this up last week, I fell in love with it instantly. Here are some comparison photos of it next to 8842 (The first Technic set I owned)
  11. I only got my 8455 this year, and can definitely agree that it's an amazing set, especially given its smaller size. I probably had more fun putting that one together (and subsequently playing with it) than I have with many of the larger sets. I'm considering buying another one to display the B model alongside it
  12. Had to work in a city four hours away so I hit another toysrus and found another new set.
  13. I grabbed the only funny car at Mayfair (if you're talking about Mayfair mall in Victoria). There were several mine loaders left though
  14. I'm in the process of designing a couple of things, but I'm going to build them in colours I don't have a lot of pieces of (or the ones I do have are on display models. I haven't built my own technic creations in over ten years so it's a bit of an uphill battle as I learn how things are done these days. I used to simply start putting pieces together and adapt as I went, but now I'm faced with the need of acquiring many parts I do not have, or have not designed with previously. This will make it difficult to determine what I really need. Should I be teaching myself how to use some of the design software, or start bulk buying sets that contain useful parts? I try to limit my Lego budget to under $2000 a year (Canadian) but that includes new sets, so I'm trying to get the best bang for my buck. If I can keep this first moc under $1000 I'll be happy. So do you guys design first, then buy parts individually on bricklink, or do you bulk buy on sets that you can recycle?
  15. I've already committed to buying a couple of sets as spares this year, mostly for parts but also because the b models are interesting (Arctic truck for instance). Weight is a concern. I had problems using pneumatics previously because they couldn't support the weight without many of them. I have 4 models total that I would like to build in the next year or so, and all 4 will have similar challenges with weight.
  16. If we are talking sets, my speed varies based on a number of factors. When a set contains a complex mechanical assembly or gearbox I tend to slow right down and try to figure out how it works or why it was built that way. The same thing happens with interesting suspensions for me, I can't help but really focus on the details. If a set is simple, or contains stuff that I already understand , I always find myself rushing when I get bored. Used sets that aren't in numbered bags always take longer too, but that's just a factor of organization, not ability.
  17. It was late when I posted and I was not thinking clearly. I wish I had a half a million! I have considered dismantling my entire collection of display models to build moc's but that is sacrificing one of my interests for another. I love displaying the collection, even at the sacrifice of usable parts. I have no problems buying more parts as my "spares" to build moc's from however. I agree that the tactile experience of building with my hands is preferred, but I was hoping to avoid taking apart the display sets. I have been building my lego room up to display models with other toys etc that my wife and I collect as that is part of the fun for us.
  18. I may not do a Work in progress thread until I get an LDD file finished, but I'll post it here. I like how refreshingly blunt this forum is. I like the constructive criticism you guys give.
  19. I'm not building something typical, nor am I trying to build a copy of something that exists, so no such set exists, but I see your point. The last several weeks I have been studying Mocs for mechanisms that I can replicate or modify to fit my idea. I started this thing 14 years ago, but Lego didn't have stud less or linear actuators, mini turn tables, etc so I benched the idea. This forum put the idea in my head, so I'm trying again. I'll give LDD a try, but I'm getting married in a month so my wife might kill me if I ignore her completely to "play" ;) I do buy to display often. I'm a collector at heart, but I do build my own too. I'm just really out of practice. Not even in the same realm as you guys. I'd like to be, but I'm somewhat behind the times. That's why I've been buying all the big complicated sets. I love agonizing over the gearboxes and suspensions to see what they did to make them work.
  20. This is all I have to work with currently. Much of my collection is not show here, this is just my sets. I have about 15.000 loose piece from random eBay orders and most recently bricklink. Part of my problem is trying to learn all of the current database of parts. Being gone for ten years I missed a LOT.
  21. It's late and I added a zero. Twice. 50.000 pieces is accurate. Much of what I have is pre-stud less which I am trying to upgrade. There are so many different connectors now that I have limited numbers of, and so many useful pieces that have come out in the last ten years that I simply don't have. I wasn't collecting Lego for ten years (back when 9 volt was new I stopped) I'm playing catch up now. Out of my entire Lego collection only about 26.000 pieces are technic, and much is old
  22. 50.000 I've been collecting for a long time. Not all technic. I don't want to reveal what I'm designing currently as there are two possible directions. I expect probably 1800-2400 pieces Edit: I can't math.