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  1. Which part(s) are "in" the 5x5 dish (under the 4x4 clear dish)?
  2. Nice idea, so I tried it with my model. Unfortunately it doesn't fit.... On the pictures you can see that the arch is not fully connected to the orange beam. Only with this 'gap' it fits, otherwise not.
  3. Wow, very nice attachment! Do you maybe have instructions for it?
  4. Is somebody planning / making a nice attachment for the Claas Xerion 5000?
  5. Very nice What is that black/red car at the right side? Is it a creation of you and are there instructions for it?
  6. Both mirrors are not mounted correctly. The end of the Gray axle should not be visible.
  7. AFOL1976

    [MOC] Dump Truck 8x8

    @Lucio: Will you also make instructions for the (red) crane which is seen in your 2nd movie on the first page?
  8. I'm not quite sure, but when I look to the real Claas, the cab seems to me a little bit too low (1 or 2 studs or so). What do you think?
  9. AFOL1976

    [MOC] Koenigsegg One:1

    I used 2 black pins (2780) to fix them. On page 45 you have to remove the 2 LBG connectors (42003) to install the engine and not the 2 black pin connectors (15100).
  10. AFOL1976

    [MOC] Koenigsegg One:1

    Also the white connector #4 (32192) are rare and difficult to get
  11. AFOL1976

    [MOC] Koenigsegg One:1

    Is there already a partlist available (so I can collect the parts), or only when the instruction is ready?
  12. AFOL1976

    [MOC] Nooteboom 8 Axle Semi Trailer

    Hello Jaap, Do you already know when the part list is available on Rebrickable? Which (and how many) PF-motors and batterybox are needed for the trailer?
  13. AFOL1976

    [MOC] Nooteboom 8 Axle Semi Trailer

    You can also use part number 6595 for the wheels (and 6494 for the Tires)
  14. This colour combination looks very good Do you also have a picture of the backside?