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  1. Dirty Bert

    USS Constitution-ish type MOC

    Thank you very much! For my first real attempt, I am somewhat pleased. The flags are red white and blue but I can clearly see what you mean about the French stripes one on top of the other. Thanks to Skipper for the pic posting tips...Much appreciated! Full view with custom rigging... Side view... Boats ready for deployment... I will also try to post more pics as well.
  2. Dirty Bert

    USS Constitution-ish type MOC

    Ok...I have seen so many of the ships that everyone has created and have tried to come close (at least for my first real attempt at a large sailing ship) to the class that I have seen here. I know she isn't perfect and that she needs work in SO many areas, but, Ive posted her nonetheless. I made her to be accessible down three total decks. All of the top decking can come off and the middle deck once inside can come out as well. A dining area is in the middle with quarters below that. I will try to get more pics up when I am able to. Forgive me for not knowing how to upload to the MOC Forum but here are links. If anyone does and would care to please could certainly se the help!! Enjoy!
  3. Dirty Bert

    GALLUS - Ship-of-the-Line

    Such a nice build! I love just about everything on this ship. I do think though that custom rigging would make this ship truly amazing! Very well done!
  4. Dirty Bert

    Ship-of-the-Line Under Construction

    Simply STUNNING! Your attention to detail and effort to create realism is spot on! I actually thought I had a pretty nice MOC going until I saw this thread. Almost makes me want to go back to the drawing board and start from scratch. Well done!!
  5. Dirty Bert

    Pat's Pirate Ship

    I am going to side with ZCerberus on this one. It has so many nice features but is just so massive many things seem to get lost. The colors are a change from the normal colors we see on here and the size just makes it stand out. Did I mention this thing is HUGE!!
  6. Dirty Bert

    Why Kids Shouldn't Be Pirates by Stormbringer (Flickr find)

    Desk and bed look great! The use of the brown heads on the desk are nice...plus the Sandy head on the bookshelf rocks!!
  7. Dirty Bert

    The Rum Room

    The bottles in behind the bar are such a realistic touch! There is so much activity going o on the shelves that make it really look like its a bar ready to serve. Very well done!
  8. Dirty Bert

    Somewhere in the Carribbean...

    Subtle things like the ladder and the minifig hand shingled roof make this very nice. Well done.
  9. Dirty Bert

    Community Build: Lighthouse

    No doubt it has great realism. The cliff and the waves as stated really give it a true feel. I love the ship leaning into the waves. Very well done. I am a fan of the studs...sometimes in my opinion the smoothness of tiles takes away the "Lego" feel. I think Lego should have studs showing and I love that you have done that in the water. Great job!!
  10. Dirty Bert

    WIP-USS Constitution...kinda

    Claus, I just got through reading all 5 pages of your Phoenix thread and after seeing all of the work you have put into your ship, I will do a major tear down and redo the middle of the ship. I will try to "round" out the middle and also tackle the sterns boxy feel. So close...yet SO far away from done. Thanks guys for the feedback!!
  11. Dirty Bert

    WIP-USS Constitution...kinda

    Admiral Croissant, I still agree with you totally that the stern is boxy. Those corners are making me crazy. I think I am going to do a bit of a reconstruct on it down to the white line and start over. I am going to try to add a slight curve to it to break up that straight line all the way across the ship. I also might add in slopes in between the gun ports like those that are on the Imperial Flagship. It could break up that flat look on the sides. Just some ideas For now. I am looking for any feedback out there...I wont get offended. I promise.
  12. Dirty Bert

    WIP-USS Constitution...kinda

    Here are some updates: http://www.flickr.com/photos/55910652@N03/5343946600/in/photostream/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/55910652@N03/5343339037/in/photostream/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/55910652@N03/5343947286/in/photostream/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/55910652@N03/5343338027/in/photostream/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/55910652@N03/5343947604/in/photostream/ Not sure what I am doing wrong but the pics never see, to work for me?? Links is all I have. Sorry...
  13. Dirty Bert

    Harbor Master

    I always love to see well made furniture. Love the desk with the red crystal decanter on top. Looks great!
  14. Dirty Bert

    WIP-USS Constitution...kinda

    Ok...I am now leaning for a little deconstruct and a redo do reduce the boxy feel. I first want to post some new pics though. Let me do that and then after that round of feedback I will most likely redo a good portion.
  15. Dirty Bert

    WIP-USS Constitution...kinda

    I 100% agree that it is boxy. It is almost at the point now though that if I were to go back and rebuild it would be virtually a complete redo. I have continued on the road of boxy and hope the other detail can overcome the squareness. This is my first real attempt at a large scale ship. If I could start over again I would change so many things. Maybe I might as thats half the fun?!?! I have some new pics that I can post to show my progress.