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  1. DarthLuck

    Wake-up time !

    I know this is about the pirate clock... but damn, that BIONICLE one looks so damn nice!
  2. DarthLuck

    MOC: Elves and Hobbits

    It looks amazing! the build looks very nice, and I love the combo of the elves and hobbits' architectural styles
  3. DarthLuck

    Displaying your superhero town

    Holy hells.... this looks awesome!
  4. DarthLuck


    As a fan of the movie, I approve! Looks very nice
  5. DarthLuck

    Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff Decals for Harry Potter MOCs

    I agree, judging from the replies, these are some really nice decals... Does anyone still have them?
  6. DarthLuck

    The Big Bang Theory Discussion

    YESSSSS! Reading the title of this and then reading this thread made my day :D
  7. DarthLuck

    aresze moc - Wall-e

    Man... now I need to watch WALL.E again... amazing MOC
  8. Wow, I never knew this! Great read!
  9. DarthLuck

    [MOC]Racer Viper

    For some reason I think this is what those flying cars in 60's and 70's serials would look like if they were made today
  10. DarthLuck

    Single Pane Star Wars Funnies

    This is just adorable! Amazing!