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  1. amechanicalmind

    [Moc] The castle with the flowered path

    Absolutely nothing wrong with the pink! Adds a great splash of color and spreads the focal point of this very clean build. Plenty of trees that look just like this in spring. Great work!
  2. amechanicalmind

    Castle Factions

    I believe the above advert was the first to start to mention anything about implied good or evil factions (the Wolfpack being "a feared group of renegades"). The Wolfpack was the latest of the ones mentioned, too, so before that, we just had to use our imaginations. Prior to the Wolfpack, we had to decide on our own who was a good force or evil (or neither). I often found myself playing any side, and this allowed any other faction to ally itself with another. To me, the black knights were usually the good guys, as they had the coolest shields imo, the crusaders were their foes, and the forestmen would switch it up based on who were paying them in yellow studs and cups. The black falcons would join up with the Crusaders to even the odds, and the few very old classic castle knights I had from 6077, 6075, and 6083 would lay waste to anything as they were ancient knights of yore! I miss when we weren't spoon fed the political dynamics of toys.
  3. amechanicalmind

    [WIP] Castle Gate and Market

    Looks like these are all lego, old light gray with varying levels of sun discoloration. I've always liked the effects that variations of the old grays have on castle wall MOCs. Very cool little setup!
  4. amechanicalmind

    If You Play The Game Of Bricks You Win Or You Die

    383/6083 Knight's Tournament...although they never made a shield, just torsos.
  5. amechanicalmind

    What would you like for the next Castle line?

    How about a Heroes of Might and Magic style line (III, of course). Kind of Fantasy Era Plus, with more factions (barbarians, knights, undead, Hades, Sylvan, etc) Could use many figures and accessories from CMF line, army packs, civilian buildings, siege weapons, plus Nexo type ultimate heroes. I'd like to see Lego actually stick with a line for a number of years again like they did back in the eighties, and have numerous sets in the line. Thoughts?
  6. amechanicalmind

    Nexo Knights 2016

    Good to know, but still wary given the past.
  7. amechanicalmind

    Nexo Knights 2016

    Wow. That starved for information that we've already forgotten Nekchir... Surprised this hasn't already been implied, even.
  8. amechanicalmind

    Post Your Castle Army Here!

    Looking forward to it! Can't wait to see how you individualized them.
  9. amechanicalmind

    Post Your Castle Army Here!

    Sorry to be late in replying to this! I had seen your army when you had posted it and was very impressed in its size...I realize how hard it is to find all the parts for these guys, especially the older color swords and shields. Very nice, and thank you!
  10. amechanicalmind

    Castle Eras and Factions

    Agreed. Castle is now 36 years old (older if counting the Weetabix), we could really use a good reference book at this point. Perfect! I've gotten quite a few $2 Lego books from those guys already.
  11. amechanicalmind

    Castle Eras and Factions

    The thing is...I grew up playing with these and classic castle when there wasn't a story with these factions, they weren't even named. There was no canon because there was no story...I made the story! In my opinion (which is as valid as yours, which I can appreciate), there is no need to retroactively decide on a canon. It's revisionist history and I feel diminishes the value of imaginitive, original, and creative play by having a ready made story. Why the need to be "correct" and settle arguments all the time, internet?
  12. amechanicalmind

    Castle Eras and Factions

    ^This times a million. I don't need a company telling me how I (or my kids) need to think about or play with a toy. I like the ambiguity. I can make the story, the good or bad guys (or have just good guys, just bad guys, or various mixtures - as in real life) Heck, I didn't even realize there were all these pseudo names for classic factions I used to play with as a kid (black falcons, black knights, and crusaders) that have been extrapolated by fans until coming out of my own dark ages a couple of years ago.
  13. amechanicalmind

    Castle sets: Part-packs, fig-packs or both?

    I like building the sets, then eventually selling them, but keeping and collecting the minifigs.
  14. amechanicalmind

    need help tracking down this armor

    Part 2587pb11 in dark green, 8813 Battle at the Pass and 8821 Rogue Knight Battleship That is, if you are just asking about the breastplate only. The figure itself is an amalgamation of many different parts from various sets.
  15. amechanicalmind

    Post Your Castle Army Here!

    Thank you. No worries, as I still have the original yellows if I ever resell them. To each his/her own! They were quite a bear...I've basically emptied bricklink of any quantity of the classics, and am an ebay vulture for them as well. I like the simplicity of the designs, as well as the lack of good/evil intentions of the true classics. They are the original lego style romantic ideas of knights and chivalry. I really like the variety in these guys, as well as the creative baseplate design...just feels like the type of terrain they would be on. Great bunch of orcs!