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  1. Lot's of amazing builds, congrats to everyone! 6: 10 26: 6 5: 4 9: 3 10: 2 15: 1
  2. I have finished building and I've made an entry post for my bike. I've decided to call it the Silverback Rider, I think you can see why from looking at the pictures of it. There are more pictures in the entry post as well as this brickshelf folder: I didn't know there were so many different original Lego rubber bands, thanks for sharing this link. In the contest rules it said we could use 3rd party rubber bands, so that's what I ended up doing to save me the trouble of buying something. I couldn't really fit panels, so it definitely has an oldschool feel with only beams, I like it though. Yeah, I can definitely see the resemblance lol. I think the final version looks a bit less like it cause of the flatter tail.
  3. Silverback Rider Features: - Steering - Front and rear suspension - Fake V2 engine - Adjustable seat Pics: Discussion topic:
  4. When I saw it was a motorcycle contest, I thought it would be fun to give it a go. I've never made a bike before, and I have very little knowledge about motorbikes in general. Given that I don't have any technic bike sets, I chose these wheels I got from an old creator set. As such the wheels sort of determined the scale I would be working on. The easiest way of making the front suspension was with these long hard shocks. They're actually kind of too hard, the body flexes more than the springs do. Rear suspension is just one normal shock absorber, I'm really happy with how it feels but the problem is the way it's set up the rear is kind of bulky, still needs some work (the whole rear setup is temporary I just wanted to test the suspension). As I don't have any chain parts, the simplest way I could think of making the drivetrain work was a rubber band (hopefully I can find an appropriately sized one soon lol). I don't really have any knowledge about bike engines or transmissions so I just went with a basic V2. I also tried a simple one piston engine, but figured I could fit in another piston without it getting too bulky. I might even change it back later, I'm still not 100% sure about what I want. This is all still a rough mock-up that I put together in a few days, I hope to get some more work into making it sturdier and prettier as well as figuring out how I'm gonna shape the rear. But overall I already have all the functions I was hoping to fit into the bike, and I'm quite happy with how it's going along. Still need to think of a name as well. Well that's it from me for now, any comments and suggestions are welcome!
  5. Thanks, yeah I agree that the side is a part that just feels off. The wheels just look too big I guess. Next time I'm gonna use a scaling tool to keep things to proportion. Thank you! My limited amount of panels leads me to get creative with flex axles sometimes, I'm glad you like it! Definitely, I agree that being able to see some of the inside mechanisms makes a car look cooler. Your suggestion about the hood is absolutely one I'll think about, but I still have to decide if I'm gonna do some more modifications on this car or just get started already with a new one. Edit: Forgot to mention that the parts used for the spoiler tips were not my idea, I was inspired by Crowkiller's Vampire GT that uses the same part.
  6. It's been a long time since I've posted, as for the last few years I've been living abroad and I left my Lego collection at home. However I've been reunited with my collection temporarily thanks to the current situation, so I can finally show you the project I was working on before I travelled. This car was actually finished two years ago, I only made a few small aesthetic modifications these past days, but nothing significant. Features: - HOG steering - Full independent suspension - V10 engine - 4 speed gearbox (based on the gearbox from Lipko's Simple Supercar) - Very basic opening doors and hood I am actually very happy with this result, as I believe it is much better than anything I have previously built. I am aware that this is nowhere near perfect, the scaling is off and I'm not completely satisfied with some parts. However given that this project is sort of a remnant of the past, I'd rather begin a new project than spend more time improving this one. Here is a link to the Brickshelf folder with more and higher quality images: Any comments as well as constructive criticism are welcome!
  7. You might not think the build is great, but I sure do! It looks awesome considering the scale, and really compact too, good job! And really small turning circle, Im impressed!
  8. Wow, this C model is amazing! It's as good ( if not better ) then 42000, and would be an awesome A or B model for the set. The curved panels really work well on the sides and the stickers really do add the finishing touch.
  9. This was a great contest, sucks I didn't get enough free time to make an entry that was worthy of the contest. 16: 10 14: 6 9: 4 15: 3 20: 2 10: 1 Good luck everyone!
  10. Put in [.media]youtube url with http NOT https[./media] had trouble myself with embedding, but once someone showed me it works like magic. Nice car too, really quick transformation!
  11. Coola1

    [HELP] Servo Problems

    I have both a servo motor and a V2 receiver, and both aren't working well . Both came in a 9398 set. Sometimes, after constantly messing with the wires (I think the contacts are bad), I get them to work, but that rarely happens now. The thing is, I don't think there is any Lego Customer Service here in Brazil, so there is nothing to be done...
  12. I truly must congratulate you on the amazing accomplishment! 131 build hours! Mind blown! I also want to thank you, it's been great reading through this post, had a lot of fun!
  13. I agree, I think this is a sufficient enough transformation to be entered into the contest.
  14. Wow this thing is incredible, I look forward to fighting by your side! We bandits are definitely gonna call you if we need any backup.
  15. Awesome! Does drive and steering really work? I'd like to see it if it does.