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  1. Coola1

    [MOC] 1:12.5 RC Car

    You might not think the build is great, but I sure do! It looks awesome considering the scale, and really compact too, good job! And really small turning circle, Im impressed!
  2. Coola1

    42039- Alternative model- F1 Racer

    Wow, this C model is amazing! It's as good ( if not better ) then 42000, and would be an awesome A or B model for the set. The curved panels really work well on the sides and the stickers really do add the finishing touch.
  3. This was a great contest, sucks I didn't get enough free time to make an entry that was worthy of the contest. 16: 10 14: 6 9: 4 15: 3 20: 2 10: 1 Good luck everyone!
  4. Coola1

    [TC7] Bandits - Blightmaw

    Put in [.media]youtube url with http NOT https[./media] had trouble myself with embedding, but once someone showed me it works like magic. Nice car too, really quick transformation!
  5. Coola1

    [HELP] Servo Problems

    I have both a servo motor and a V2 receiver, and both aren't working well . Both came in a 9398 set. Sometimes, after constantly messing with the wires (I think the contacts are bad), I get them to work, but that rarely happens now. The thing is, I don't think there is any Lego Customer Service here in Brazil, so there is nothing to be done...
  6. Coola1

    [WIP] Ultimate 42009

    I truly must congratulate you on the amazing accomplishment! 131 build hours! Mind blown! I also want to thank you, it's been great reading through this post, had a lot of fun!
  7. I agree, I think this is a sufficient enough transformation to be entered into the contest.
  8. Coola1

    [TC7] Bandits - Lights Out

    Wow this thing is incredible, I look forward to fighting by your side! We bandits are definitely gonna call you if we need any backup.
  9. Awesome! Does drive and steering really work? I'd like to see it if it does.
  10. Coola1

    [WIP] 63 Chevrolet Impala

    Awesome, now all it needs is a video to show it in all it's glory!
  11. Bem vindo ao Eurobricks! Welcome to eurobricks! DifĂ­cil mesmo comprar aqui, tudo muito caro :/. Eu tento comprar enquanto estou viajando, mais barato desse jeito. Sets in Brazil are ridiculously expensive, I understand the struggle to get parts. There are many builds here that can help you get started with some ideas, I'm sure this will turn out great if you work hard for it. Boa sorte! Good luck!
  12. Coola1

    BMW i8 Spyder

    That thing is amazing! Sooo many functions in such a tight package! Incredible! Really went creative with this one. Honestly, I don't really miss the brakes or sequential gearbox, to me, those are just a bonus on bigger models, plus I don't think it would be an easy job fitting them into this car. Overall, this is a really impressive model! Do you think you could post some photos of the bare chassis, for us here to drool at it?
  13. Coola1

    [MOC] The Mistress

    Incredible, she's a beauty! Do you plan on making a video?
  14. Your reviews never cease to amaze, incredible job as always Jim! Quick question: How sturdy is it? Obviously, being from TLG, the chassis is ridiculously sturdy, but are there any parts, like the bumpers or the cabin that feel a bit loose? I just want to know, even though I'm probably not getting the set (way out of my budget).
  15. Coola1


    I think it's ok if it's used in a mixture of other colors, and it's not the predominant color.