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  1. This looks fun. Is it an international contest?
  2. scotiabricks

    Simpsons 2015 Rumors and Discussion

    So pumped for the Kwiki Mart and the CMF. The Simpsons Lego has been pretty awesome, although I'd almost wish their heads were all normal Lego heads like in the Lego episode. There are so many sets I want out there its hard (impossible for me at least) to keep up, but I guess that is a good thing.
  3. scotiabricks

    What's up from Canada

    Wow, your guys MOCs look good, don't expect anything that good yet! haha
  4. scotiabricks

    What's up from Canada

    Thanks! i just joined actually.
  5. scotiabricks

    What's up from Canada

    Hey everyone, just wanted to introduce myself to the forums. I have been lurking here for a while after reading a few reviews and build techniques so I thought I would sign up. I am from Nova Scotia Canada (hopefully I can meet a few more East Coasters on here) and just last year started buying and collecting Lego again after a little over a decade of "dark ages". I am pretty much interested in all Lego, not huge into Technic and am looking to buy my first train set before summer. That's about it, I just recently bought my friends entire childhood collection of Lego for a good deal and am currently working on my only Technic set, the Air Claw (8868) so that is what I am working on now, as well as a Castle MOC.