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  1. Review : 8019 Republic Attack Shuttle

    This thing is way too clunky......not an exciting set at really looks like it was rushed.
  2. New factory space sets?

    Chris, Mark....had a couple of chances to chat with you both at various brick events, and take in your creations. Just wanted to say THANK YOU for lending yourselves to this process, to bring some AFOL magic to the creative process around Lego Space. I am really looking forward to these sets. I have been very happy to purchase the Factory sets, and it looks like there are a ton of great pieces included in the limited pics too. Thanks to you both for helping to bring us some REAL Space themed sets! The white and clear orange stuff really wasn't doing it for me! Congrats!
  3. Star Wars 2008 sets (no pics)

    Sorry Sam!! Did not know you'd posted that pic! So it is an Ep.3 Clone Trooper after all.... DJ
  4. Star Wars 2008 sets (no pics)

    Greetings all from the San Diego Comic Con. Don't know if anyone has reported in with this, but here at the convention, Lego is displaying a poster for product that supports the upcoming Clone Wars. As I have reported previously, we will be getting 2008 sets from the Force Unleased video game and this new CG animated series. The Clone Wars promotional poster Lego has in their booth shows a new Anakin face (a bit more battle worn, with scars), an Ep2 clone trooper, as well as a V-19 Starfighter!!!!!!! I'm sure there will be pics available online very very soon...I did not have my camera, sorry!! The ship looked.....interesting. A bit overbuilt if you ask I found the V-19's design very cool....and this model seemed a bit blocky....I'll be interested to hear your opinions. Glad we are getting Ep. 2 Clonies again though!!!! DJ
  5. Star Wars 2008 sets (no pics)

    Ok, So I've had a squint at the Rogue Shadow fighter set's minifigs.... You get 3 in total. I don't know the character names of two, but you do get a scarred Anakin head which seems to be the same scarred face design on light gray head from the 7251 Vader Transformation set, no vader helmet seems to be included .....of course per the story of the game. Next is the all black female imperial looking officer, shown in the actionfigure pic link a few posts back...with a black kepi hat which is simple and cool, can't tell if it is a new face design... Finally, is this bare armed lightsaber wielding character whose name I do not know shown in the center of this picture: Its very cool to see these EU figs, other than the Shadow Troopers we've seen already that come with the Tie Crawler..... Awesome Lego!!! DJ
  6. Star Wars 2008 sets (no pics)

    From what I have seen, the wheels on the Hailfire droid have the technic chain links on them, moulded in brown like this: I cannot tell if the wheels rotate, but there is a good chance they do since they are a technic configuration. Also: There are still one or two direct to consumer exclusives planned, like a Target or Toys R Us (though we know what TRU's is...) similar to the 7283 offering. This means that TLC still have a surprise or two for 2008. What is not a surprise is that those exclusives will not be EU. So something from one trilogy or the other. Rather than speculate, I will report back when these exclusives are firmed up. Finally, a quick comment to ammend my earlier notes. You may have already concluded this on your own, but the first half of 2008 will tie in the Force Unleased video game. Specifically the Anakin fighter and Rogue Shadow fighter. This is the reason the Anakin fighter isn't something we have seen it is the videogame version. It is indeed a version that has predominantly gray and yellow pieces, and is the Ep. 2 style. Be excited for EU minifigs though....they look awesome! Personally, I kinda liked the blue and white zagged version of Anakin's CW fighter!!! :-) Ah well, leave it to the MOCs. DJ
  7. Star Wars 2008 sets (no pics)

    Yes, Ep. 3 clonies...and I believe some or all are Shockies... I will have final detail on Hoth BP soon, but it seems like Snowies and Rebels...I will confirm in the coming weeks. DJ
  8. Star Wars 2008 sets (no pics)

    TT- I can't tell if we get one or two figs. I think it is only one, and is a hooded, scarred face Ani....especially at that price point. Aayla- You ask too many questions!!!!!!!! :-D
  9. Star Wars 2008 sets (no pics)

    Its the basic dwarf spider droid..... I did not see these sets on a website....sorry. Saw them myself! DJ
  10. Star Wars 2008 sets (no pics)

    Guys it is DEFINITELY the AT-AP, the three legged walker....I have seen set! DJ
  11. Star Wars 2008 sets (no pics)

    4J- The name of the set is "Hail-fire Droid" comes with one HF droid, battle droids, super battle droids and one spider droid...... It isn't a small box at all, like the current battlepacks....this is kind of a "super battle pack"... We are getting two of the small ones too as noted earlier (stormies & hoth). I have added a bit more detail to my last post.. DJ
  12. Star Wars 2008 sets (no pics)

    Ok, here goes: 7669 Anakin's Fighter $19.99 7670 Hail-fire Droid $19.99 (includes tan battle droids, dark gray super battle droids, spider droid) 7671 AT-AP Podwalker $39.99 7672 Rogue Shadow $49.99 (3 figs from the EU, very cool) Its a huge EU push for next year...with tons of promo stuff for the new Clone Wars CGI show... DJ
  13. Star Wars 2008 sets (no pics)

    Prices I have, and set numbers if you are interested..... But the Anakin fighter is part of the new Clone Wars it's something we haven't seen yet...although I am not a comic book or graphic novel reader when it comes to the EU. DJ
  14. Star Wars 2008 sets (no pics)

    Its the new ones....the dark gray...sorry! I realize in my earlier post that I said "metallic blue"....its the dark gray ones. As far as the spider droid, it is a completely different build and looks great...lots of brown and gray pieces... DJ
  15. Star Wars 2008 sets (no pics)

    Xwing- With respect to the stormie battlepack.............. I cannot see the pilot completely but I can see that he has white legs...and can clearly see 3 other stormies, so I believe it is 4 in tie pilot. But hey, TLG could always change it at the last minute. Sam- The battledroids are not sand would make sense but they aren't . You do get at least one or two commanders with the colored torso markings....but the battle droids are tan, and the supers are the new metallic blue.... I am excited for some different stuff, but am a bit hopeful there will be a nice UCS original trilogy set or something....b/c currently all the OT stuff coming out this year, stays current for next year..... There will also be a Grievous model that when assembled is about 12 inches high, and potentiall with a real cloth cape included....I have seen this model myself and it is really fantastic. It will be one of the UCS models for next year. DJ