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  1. Gamabomb

    [MOC] Ma.K. Raubvogel

    What should you do with a Scala saddle and a white Galidor body? Building a Maschinen Krieger in June....? The red parts are Modulex btw. regards Gama more pics on Flickr Ma.K. RAUBVOGEL by Gama Bomb, auf Flickr Ma.K. RAUBVOGEL by Gama Bomb, auf Flickr
  2. Gamabomb

    [Moc] Exoskeleton with operator

    Hi, this is my newest moc, the Hillmaster Exoskeleton with operator. have fun Hillmaster Exoskeleton by Gama Bomb, auf Flickr
  3. Gamabomb

    AI Bot Cailín

    Hi Leonardo, you can look here, thats the how to do
  4. Gamabomb

    AI Bot Cailín

    Hiho, here is my frindly AI Bot Cailin. It took some time until I came up with the idea with the head. If you want to see how I built the head, take a look at my flickr side. have fun kind regards Gama AI Bot Cailín by Gama Bomb, auf Flickr
  5. Gamabomb

    [Moc] Military Shuttle

    Hello, this Shuttle is inspired by the Art of Chriss Foss, Peter Ellison and the Sci Fi style of the 70-80s. Enjoy Military Shuttle by Gama Bomb, auf Flickr
  6. Gamabomb

    C.A.R.L. 800

    Hi guys, hope you like mechs. The C.A.R.L. 800 is a heavy melee mech with a big club and a heavily armored shield. Inspired by the game Front Mission and the Frame Arms Model Kits. Enjoy C.A.R.L. 800 by Gama Bomb, auf Flickr C.A.R.L. 800 by Gama Bomb, auf Flickr
  7. -more bricks -better collison control for axis and technicparts -option to put an Image in the backround of the 3 axis, so you can easier model shapes. -better camera Options, more then one camera, saveable Position -a modus were you can use only available bricks -option to chosse a point at a brick to rotate it free arounf that point and many more
  8. Gamabomb

    LEGO Star Wars UCS 75060 Slave I

    The only hope i have is that Lego switch from stickers to print in the UCS models. I talking more with the support about new stickers then with my girlfriend .
  9. Gamabomb

    [MOC] Z-95 Headhunter

    Great work , looks much better then the Legoset,.
  10. Gamabomb

    [MOC] Imperial Landing Craft

    I like the place for minifigs inside, cool model
  11. Gamabomb

    Hello from Germany

    Hi I am Stefan and 43 years old. I am a big metal fan, i read alot and since a break of some years I start to get interested in Lego (mainly Star Wars) again. At the moment I rebuild the Y-Wing Legoset 10134, that i missed to buy. Also i create some Star Wars stuff in LDD, the CSS-1 Star Shuttle which appears at end of Episode 1. I am excited which new inspirations and informations i can found her in the Forums .