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  1. yys4u

    A 'Lego Pirates' Movie

    Aww I totally forgot about that soundtrack! The game had problems sure, but the music always brought a smile to my face.
  2. yys4u

    UCS Helicarrier

    Yup I just checked that was your video lol. My batteries were brand new energizer. Yea it starts and it just seems like eventually the friction overcomes the torque of the motor and stops. Unfortunately I don't know if the axles are correctly done as my friends helped me build the set and he did the interior. I was messing with the fans but I might have to try to look closer inside.
  3. yys4u

    UCS Helicarrier

    Did you ever find a solution to this? I am having the same problem and can get it to spin for about a minute but it sounds really choppy. I saw a vid on youtube where it ran flawlessly.
  4. yys4u

    2016 LEGO Pirate Set Wishlists

    I think we should all band together as a community and buy as many pirate sets as possible to boost sales and get LEGO to continue making them! In all seriousness tho, I will at least get each set again to have doubles, maybe triple. I wish I had last time it came along, so hopefully I can do that this time. I do want to get the ship at least 3 times.
  5. yys4u

    2015 LEGO Pirates Rumors and Discussion

    Oh no! I totally forgot to get the juniors set when I was at the store, didn't even look to see if they had it...
  6. yys4u

    2015 LEGO Pirates Rumors and Discussion

    I bought all the sets (except the chess set) and built the ship and the 2 forts. I'm pretty disappointed.... The ship just feels "incomplete" and only comes with 1 musket!!! Really?? Just one? I find it odd I see so many reviews saying this ship is great, it seems like this theme got so much hate when prelim pics came out, and now that they are here in the flesh, so many people actually like them. I'm the opposite, I liked the pics, and thought the finished product would be better, but I'm really disappointed with how plain and pathetic they look. The tree's are especially horrid.
  7. yys4u

    2015 LEGO Pirates Rumors and Discussion

  8. yys4u

    2015 LEGO Pirates Rumors and Discussion

    Welcome new comer!
  9. yys4u

    2015 LEGO Pirates Rumors and Discussion

    Those two sets combined does seem to put things in perspective. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the 2 new sets are $20 and $30 sets correct? And the 2009 fort was a $50 set. So when you compare them this way they do appear to be on par with each other.
  10. yys4u

    [MOC] 6263 Imperial Outpost Redesigned

    This is great! Love the tilted dock! [bloggedcp][/bloggedcp]
  11. Found them at my local Walgreens. NOT happy about the $3.99 price tag. Please keep reporting if you find them cheaper. Picked up the wizard and Swash Buckler. The swashbucklers printing on the torso is HORRIBLE I thought he was a fleshie at first but then noticed the hands were yellow and I looked again at the chest and tried to see if it was a misprint or what. It looks really bad and I'm irritated that they raised the price on these but haven't improved the quality one bit.
  12. yys4u

    2015 LEGO Pirates Rumors and Discussion

    I guess I stand alone in liking these sets. But honestly I'm such a die hard pirates fan they could release anything pirates and I'd buy it. I like how every set comes with a blue coat, good army building potential. I think my standards were lower also cause after seeing the rumored price on these sets I knew we wouldn't get any large or intricate structures. For the price point given, these seem decent. I expect them to change too as these are obviously very early prelim images. Hoping the ship changes the most actually, as that one does look very similar to the 2009 release. I assume the sails will change, but overall it still looks similar.
  13. yys4u

    Battle in Buccaneer Bay

    Love the cannon fire action! [bloggedcp][/bloggedcp]
  14. yys4u

    Colonial Harbor Scene

    Amazing build! I love those black/red soldiers! [bloggedcp][/bloggedcp]
  15. yys4u

    The Falls of Skara Kikos

    Great creation! Love the hut. [bloggedcp][/bloggedcp]