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    Custom Lego tattoo shop !

    DSC_0189 by exactoy, on Flickr
  2. Living Rave

    Stop motion DJ set up !
  3. Living Rave

    Custom chrome lego? your opinion.......

    I have sourced that it is best to do in bulk at any place that chromes. i.e.: auto custom , or powder coaters. If you can find a company thats not extremely large. There are quite a few on eBay for sale if you just wish to dabble with some parts but be prepared to pay about $1 and up per piece. This cappuccino maker I made above has the cost of about $70 in total. Some parts are pre chromed by lego in odd sets but the rest are custom from eBay. Brick link also has chrome for sale. Resale is a tough business.There are always desired parts a figures but none are steady and only move when the market says so.
  4. I am a shopper for lego on all platforms. To see the custom chromed lego parts to me is awesome!! I will not toy with anything not stamped "LEGO" so this to me is an excellent alteration for unique design options. If you have used chromed lego please post your pics !! I would love to see them!
  5. Living Rave

    Canadian Eh?

    Our own spot Eh? Love it! I am in Vancouver and I always find great lego sales at London Drugs out here. Has to be the best deals. In the same breath , I am very close to a Lego store and I hit the pic-a-brick wall constantly!
  6. Great job! the motion is smooth and the sets are great. please check out my first flick. I would love your feedback.
  7. Love it. Great job and hilarious !! check out my first vid.
  8. Living Rave

    Bootleg Super Heroes minifigs - worth it or not?

    I am a lego snob. I am faithful to the highly priced lego label. I just have admit that.LOL I have checked out the knock offs and I think lego should too. They are all awesome.
  9. I agree with grand duke . Changing hands seems to not be an issue. I do change arms all the time too but once in a while they crack. I think having waaaaay more figures than you need lowers the chance of needing to swap parts. LOL!
  10. Living Rave

    Hello from Poland!

    Hello from Canada! I am also polish but I have lived in Canada my whole life. I got into lego late in my years too but I love it!! Keep creating!
  11. Living Rave

    What's your recent LEGO Star Wars Purchase?

    Latest purchase was from the pick-a-brick wall. I was stoked to see light grey and sand brown 2 x 2 tiles. Hardly ever see good colour tiles show up.