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  1. Yoshiny

    42039- Alternative model- F1 Racer

    It looks really good, I like it
  2. Instruction video is up, Thanks for watching and all your compliments. :-)
  3. This is my original lego design base on Jeep Willys used during WWII I only use the parts from 1 set of lego 31024. I am happy with the overall design except the wind screen, I just can't recreate it perfectly in this scale with limited parts. Please watch Review video here: Give me a thumbs up if you like it, Thanks for Watching :-) Build instruction video in LDD is here :-)
  4. This is my original lego design base on KTM X-Bow. I only use the parts from set 31024. I really like the looks of the KTM X-Bow so I build one. Thanks for watching Watch review video here: Build instruction in LDD : Go to my blog for more high resolution photos. http://yoshinydesign...nate-build.html
  5. Yoshiny

    MOC Sports car 31024 alternate build

    Thank you, You are right the roof is a bit fragile, since the A pillar of the car is not even touching the roof, so no roof support at the front. I just go for the looks on this one. :-) but the body is quite solid.
  6. This set have very limited numbers of bricks, but have a very cool steering function. Anyway, I manage to build an alternate model from it but without the steering function. Please watch video with step by step instruction below or here http://yoshinydesign...nate-build.html The video include step by step instruction :-) Use only bricks from Lego 31030. Hope you like it. Thanks for watching and happy building :-)
  7. The original sports car design come in the box is just not my cup of tea. So I try to make one that I would like with the same components in the box. What I have below is my original design which use Ferrari FF as a reference, is not actually looks like the ff, but, it still looks good and I am happy with it. Thanks for watching :-) Please watch review video here : If you would like to build this model, refer to build the instruction video below:
  8. Thank you, but with limited parts, that's the best I can do :p
  9. Lego 31034 - Macross Valkyrie Alternative build. Review and transformation video here : This design is based on fighter jet valkyrie from the Japanese Animation "Macross". I have try to design the transformation as accurate as possible. But with the limited parts and joints in set 31034, this is the best I can do. The playability of this model is almost none, it tends to break apart when I try move it. Well, at least it has the looks that I satisfy with. Let me know if you would like to build it :-) Build instruction video in LDD below: Thanks for Watching.
  10. Yoshiny

    Lego 42029 C-model ( Jeep)

    Thats right, so I make a photo instruction for it. Thanks for your compliment :-) I just shorten the chassis, axel gear system remain the same as a-model. Glad you like it, and prove the photo instruction work out just fine. :-)
  11. I use only parts from lego 42029, since I only have this set at the time.It might not be perfect, but with limited parts this is the best I can made out of it. Check out the video here: If you interested to build one I got a simple photo instruction at link below: http://www.yoshinydesign.blogspot.com/2015/01/lego-technic-42029-c-model-jeep-i-use.html It is an easy modification, it has the same chassis as A-model but shortened. same gearing mechanism as well, but back tipping mechanism was not use.