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  1. JJ.walkers

    Lego indiana jones video game official

    No Way!!! When Are They Gunna Make The Sets!?!?!?!?! What Platforms Is It Coming Out For!?!?!?!
  2. JJ.walkers

    Whack-a-Fig Contest

    Can geting your head cut of by a ax, saw, sword, or any thing of the sharp mater count as a "whack"?
  3. JJ.walkers

    Custom Batcave

    Looks like you worked hard on it! I like the use of older parts. In your thoughts, was it worth it?
  4. JJ.walkers

    Lego Superhero Comic

    It's got a great screen shot. Were can I see the others?
  5. JJ.walkers

    Just bought more LEGO!

    I got the "Viking Ship Challenges the Midgard Serpant" It's cool, and came with a-lot'a good parts.
  6. JJ.walkers

    Castle and Space pages up

    I like the re-do of mars mission. Is the the third time?
  7. JJ.walkers

    Theme's you'd like to see Lego release

    Some type of dog fight kit. I dono I just like flight sute torsos.
  8. JJ.walkers

    Wizard's Challenge: POLL

    Go Mr.Phes! :-D
  9. JJ.walkers

    Miss Legoland Pageant (Part 2)

    the freckles on Airport Lady 3 make here look evil. I dono why.
  10. JJ.walkers

    Miss Legoland Pageant (Part 3)

    I guess the votes are even on this one
  11. JJ.walkers

    What Series do you wish Lego never made

    Was that 4+ Pirates just so lego can get a quick buck?
  12. JJ.walkers

    Miss Legoland Pageant (Part 4)

    Ok who voted for Aunt May.
  13. JJ.walkers

    Miss Legoland Pageant

    The New and Improved Pippin Reed's eyes are to far apart. Weird X-O
  14. JJ.walkers

    Miss Legoland Pageant (Part 5)

    The "Strangely Asian KK2 Queen" Looks like an old man. :-D
  15. JJ.walkers

    Miss Legoland Pageant (Part 6)

    Thats odd, some one voted for the fat lady.