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  1. Lego indiana jones video game official

    No Way!!! When Are They Gunna Make The Sets!?!?!?!?! What Platforms Is It Coming Out For!?!?!?!
  2. Whack-a-Fig Contest

    Can geting your head cut of by a ax, saw, sword, or any thing of the sharp mater count as a "whack"?
  3. Custom Batcave

    Looks like you worked hard on it! I like the use of older parts. In your thoughts, was it worth it?
  4. Lego Superhero Comic

    It's got a great screen shot. Were can I see the others?
  5. Just bought more LEGO!

    I got the "Viking Ship Challenges the Midgard Serpant" It's cool, and came with a-lot'a good parts.
  6. Castle and Space pages up

    I like the re-do of mars mission. Is the the third time?
  7. Theme's you'd like to see Lego release

    Some type of dog fight kit. I dono I just like flight sute torsos.
  8. Wizard's Challenge: POLL

    Go Mr.Phes! :-D
  9. Miss Legoland Pageant (Part 2)

    the freckles on Airport Lady 3 make here look evil. I dono why.
  10. Miss Legoland Pageant (Part 3)

    I guess the votes are even on this one
  11. What Series do you wish Lego never made

    Was that 4+ Pirates just so lego can get a quick buck?
  12. Miss Legoland Pageant (Part 4)

    Ok who voted for Aunt May.
  13. Miss Legoland Pageant

    The New and Improved Pippin Reed's eyes are to far apart. Weird X-O
  14. Miss Legoland Pageant (Part 5)

    The "Strangely Asian KK2 Queen" Looks like an old man. :-D
  15. Miss Legoland Pageant (Part 6)

    Thats odd, some one voted for the fat lady.