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    Which UCS Star Wars to buy?

    I am coming out of the "dark ages" and I am trying to make an "educated" decision (budget based, ha) on which non retired UCS Star Wars set to buy among the ones available (Slave 1, Death Star, Snow Speeder, Tie Fighter, Assault on Hoth)? Opinions? Thanks
  2. FactorXa

    Which UCS Star Wars to buy?

    Thank you all !!!!! Slave 1 will be this May the 4th (3X VIP points !!!) I am sorry I posted it in the wrong spot. I am still figuring out this amazing community! Cheers
  3. Anyone having luck finding CMF 16 in Target Stores in the USA? Anyone from PA???
  4. FactorXa

    The Wall: Rome's Northern Frontier

    Lego should finance a project to allow creations like yours to travel around the world to amaze, educate and inspire people ... I am just sad I can not see it live...Breath taking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. FactorXa

    My first MOC: 1:30 Krupp Knapsack 0-6-0T

    Have you thought about submiting it to Lego Ideas??? That is a very nice MOC!
  6. FactorXa

    REVIEW: 5002948 C-3PO Exclusive Polybag 2015

    Thank you for showing us this review WhiteFang! Does anyone know for sure how to get this in the USA? Thanks
  7. FactorXa

    REVIEW: 75099 Rey's Speeder

    Awesome review (as usual...) I completely agree with your scoring! I wonder which one will be your favorite...
  8. FactorXa

    Review: 75099 Rey's Speeder

    Thank you for the review! I really agree that Lego is pushing hard on the price for all the start wars new wave...I wonder why...
  9. FactorXa

    70751 Temple of Airjitzu

    Ouch my Lego year budget!!!!! :(
  10. I am glad I dint buy it...Airjitzu temple HOOORAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. It has been on sale (in USA) at Amazon for 91bucks...Should I get it? Did anyone use its pieces to "upgrade" the Modular Palace Cinema? Suggestions? Thanks
  12. FactorXa

    Ready to sell....Everything

    if you brake the lots I am definitely interested!
  13. FactorXa

    10247 Ferris Wheel

    Talos and Henk61: I think that the second clip is for the ice cream scoop that the vendor has in her hands...
  14. FactorXa

    MOC: Piazza Maria

    Molto Impressionante!!!! Awesome. It makes us travel immediately to Italy. The texture of the street and the colors...I also loved the awnings!
  15. FactorXa

    10247 Ferris Wheel

    thanks for sharing the video with us merman! It is fun to see the original ideas Jamie had (does it mean we will also get the other rides showed???ha).
  16. Sorry, the title was too long: I meant to say that they are fixing it!
  17. FactorXa

    10247 Ferris Wheel

    Thank you CisFran! I cannot wait! I also want to see some pics from the guys here with the Mixer + winter village carousel + ferris wheel...It will be brilliant and $$$$. Ha
  18. FactorXa

    10247 Ferris Wheel

    Thank you very much Dr SpoK!!!! Would you foresee the necessity of modifying the original power function layout due to the high speed provided by the 8883 M-motor?
  19. FactorXa

    10247 Ferris Wheel

    Questions? Do you guys think that the Motor 8882 (now on sale on lego website) is too much for this beast? :) Any experience in trying to reduce the speed of the motor using the rechargeable battery (8878)? Does it have a "lego base" surface like the 8883 Motor? I put the 8883 on the Winter Village carrousel and had to use the "spiral" piece to reduce the speed. Advice?
  20. FactorXa

    10247 Ferris Wheel

    Agree with the comments that, to go along with the Mixer, it should have a "traveling" moto...Disappointed...We still may be surprised, lets hope.
  21. FactorXa

    S@H site is terrible

    I also experience the same problems described when using apple products...The worst (even when I am using PC) is when it is the first day of a new product or a promotion day...the website crashes multiple multiple times.
  22. FactorXa

    New Kiwk-E-Mart

    Hi all, I am just getting out of my "dark ages" , everything because I went to by Duplo form my kids and got fascinated with the Modular series...I had the yellow castle from the 70's (still playable in my parents house!). I already missed a bunch of the retired ones, unfortunately...Any one already MOD the Kwik-E-Mart or is it too soon? I would love to catch up on the modulars but the price for retired ones are just CRAZY... Oh well, I am excited to start my new phase! All the best guys!
  23. Do you do modulars too?
  24. WOW, Do you have more pics??? I have one too and trying to improve it...I am buying the ecto-1 just because of you!!! ha ha ha