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  1. R72s and R88s are on hold for later this year. Wanted to have them last year, but had an opportunity to do something else and diverted funds to that.
  2. Being patient is the hardest part of what I do. Not yet. But I will tell you it's only the first of 5 molds for this project.
  3. Yeah, you guys are blasting through my supply of R104s. Just got a shipment in and it's already almost gone. If you mean on the molds, no. Not only are injection molds expensive, but they take a long time to build. I won't see the first parts from that mold till sometime in April.
  4. You guys are getting warmer...
  5. Nope, not the R72 or R88 curves either. As important as those are, something else has taken priority.
  6. Nope, it's not the couplers. Sorry to disappoint, but they still need a lot of work to get them where I want. Don't worry though, I am working on it.
  7. Reviewing new mold design. I wonder what's inside! Looks good; time to start cutting metal.
  8. Patience! New tooling is in the works.
  9. coaster

    A product that somebody should invent

    The idea's been kicked around for a while: mold 2x8 sleepers that slip over code 250 or so rails. The problem is we'd have to bend the rails and assemble the tracks ourselves. Would be a hell of a lot of work. Also, would not be compatible with any existing track. Possible, yes. Worth it, doubtful.
  10. Thanks! I was dropping a teaser about a new product, but the response this weekend was incredible, so I need to get a new batch of the existing track going asap! I only have 1 box of R104s left, but if someone wants a circle of them, shoot me a message and I'll honor the sale when I have them in again.
  11. Forgive the bump, but we're doing a Black Friday sale now through Sunday with everything buy 3 get 1 free. Need to clear some room for new stuff...
  12. coaster

    Trix Brix review

    That's because it's a design issue. Wouldn't matter how it's made, the switch requires special curves to fit properly.
  13. coaster

    Trix Brix review

    I have gotten a chance to play with some of the TrixBrix switches, and can't say that I was overly impressed. The technique of assembling the slider mechanism is fairly clever, however, it introduces a problem where the slider over-travels and thus stops beyond the natural open or closed position. Not really a problem in operations, but I suspect stresses the printed spring mechanism, and likely results in the higher tension on the point others have observed. The surface finish was as expected. Clutch power on the studs was hit and miss, but overall not terrible. Bottom clutch, however, was non-existent. The ties are oversized, which actually kinda works because you can just wedge plates in between and call it ballasted, but I don't believe this is intentional. I've said my piece on printed tracks before, and I haven't changed my mind: works for prototyping or as a stop-gap, but not as a permanent solution. The track gap Tony shows is typical for doing a siding like that, but if you wanted to turn out in a circle, you'd have a bigger problem where the curves interfere by as much as that gap is, so you would really have to stress your tracks to fit the curve properly. Their geometry is really only conducive to crossovers. As for the BrickTracks switches, it'll be sooner than you think. I could say when, but that would ruin the surprise.
  14. Sounds like you guys want this thread: One of too many projects I'm tackling at once.
  15. Macreme and Me, a Memoir by coaster.