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  1. brickpreviews

    2015 Friends Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    New book by DK is coming out May 1st, includes exclusive Kate minidoll with some accessories!
  2. brickpreviews

    Elves 2015

    The pre-orders for the new Elves set coming out August 1 have been released on While it is in Euros, the USD amount should be fairly similar (usually <$10 difference) 41077 Aira's Pegasus Sleigh - €39.99 - August 1 41078 Skyra's Mysterious Sky Castle - €89.99 - August 1
  3. I recently brought the newly published LEGO Star Wars in 100 scenes book by DK released on April 8. It was a neat little book good for new and veteran LEGO collectors alike. It has some pretty cool trivia that I found pretty interesting to share. LEGO Star Wars is the longest running licensed LEGO theme and in 2014 it celebrated its 15th anniversary In total, there are 434 LEGO Star Wars set and 127 minifigures so far. Battle droids appear in 33 LEGO sets, more than any other minifigure The Jedi Council chamber have appeared in three Star Wars movies, but never in a LEGO set. A total of eight LEGO sets depict the the events of the Battle of the Great Grass Plains in episode one. Qui-Gon’s hair piece was exclusive to him until 2013, when it appeared in the LEGO Hobbit theme. In some of the 2007 Republic Cruiser sets Qui-Gon accdentally came with Obi-Wan’s head. There are six Zabrak minifigures: Maul, Savage Opress, Agen Kolar, Eeth Koth, Sugi and Old Republic Jedi Knight Since 1999, 29 sets depicting the events of Episode I have been released A santa version of Jango Fett’s minifigure was released in the 2013 LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar Eleven LEGO models of Slave I have been released, including six sets and five mini models. Only three are flown by Jango, rest features Boba. Count Dooku have three minifigures of himself. Over the years his face have grown progressively meaner and his facial hair has become increasingly detailed. Three LEGO Republic Gunships have been produced over the years, each one larger than the predecessor. The cape clasp and belt printed on the torso of Count Dooku’s minifigure are unique to him. The hilt of his lightsaber is special because it includes a light curve, just as it does in the movies. Instructions for a mini Corporate Alliance tank from Battle of Kashyyyk exist but the LEGO model have not been released. Four Twi’lek minifigures exist: rebel Hera Syndulla, Jabba’s second in command Bib Fortuna, Jabba’s ill-fated dancer Oola, and Jedi Master Aayla Secura Only two Separatist leaders have appeared as minifigures: Nute Gunray and Poggle the Lesser Only 7 LEGO senators exist to date: Palpatine, Nute Gunray, Padme Amidala, Onaconda Farr, Jar Jar Binks, Princess Leia, and Mon Mothma. Darth Vader’s minifigure have been redesigned 10 times so far but his iconic helmet remained the same until 2015 Six Star Destroyer models have been released, ranging in length from a few centimeters to almost a meter. Some of Princess Leia minifigures released in 2009’s Tantive IV set (10198) included a hairpiece without the usual texturing and is highly sought after by collectors. Old Ben Kenobi appeared in 5 sets so far, all with the same hairpiece. Landspeeders have been included in 4 LEGO sets, ranging all the way from 1999 to 2014 with colors going from tan, sand red, finally to flesh, a dark sandy color. Two LEGO models of the Mos Eisley Cantina have been releases so far but neither includes the bartender, Wuher. A LEGO minifigure made of the standard ABS plastic could withstand 950 lb (431 kg) of pressure before being crushed. The LEGO X-Wing Fighter set 7140 was the first set ever to be released in LEGO Star Wars line in 1999. Luke and Han’s medal wearing minifigures at the reward ceremony near the end of Episode IV were both included in DK books. Leia in her ceremonial gown has appeared in only one set (Y-Wing, 9495). LEGO wampa has only been spotted in one set (8089). AT-AT walkers have appeared in 5 LEGO sets, with a motorized version in 10178. Snowtroopers are some of the most common troops around, appearing in 13 sets with four variants, all wearing the same unique-shaped helmet. Luke’s rare Dagobah minifigure is found in only one set (4502). The Boba Fett minifigure from Cloud City (set 10123) is extremely rare and highly sought after. 2003’s Cloud City (set 10123) is one of the rarest and most sought after Star Wars set. Yoda’s minifigure was the first ever to be released with short, non-posable LEGO legs. Scout trooper’s helmet have remained the same since 1999 and their speeder bike have appeared in 9 LEGO sets. There are seven Ewok minifigures, all have names, apart from one who is just known as Ewok Warrior. Five different versions Rebel commando minifigures exist in four LEGO sets Anyways this is just a small selection of the fun trivia included in the book. I highly encourage you to buy it if you like the LEGO Star Wars theme. I did a review here you can read about it with some images of the actual book:
  4. brickpreviews

    Marvel Superheroes 2015 Rumors & Discussion

    Finally broke down and brought the Avengers Tower for review. This should complete my Marvel Super Heroes set for now save for the Helicarrier. Here is my review of it for those interested:
  5. brickpreviews

    I think that I've fallen in love . . . .

    Sounds like the beginning of a horror story with OP ended up murdered or held for ransom.
  6. Various teasers from the official LEGO channels. Reveal is tomorrow. It is apparently a toy to life game like skylanders, disney infinity and the Wii figures
  7. brickpreviews

    List of Star Wars sets that are retiring!

    My local walmart oddly enough has the 75018 Jek-14's Stealth Starfighter in stock. Should I pick it up? Doesn't seem a very popular set.
  8. brickpreviews

    2015 Speed Champions Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    In both cases you have mentioned, I missed a single piece of brick in places that aren't too obvious. I will double check next time the completed model just to make sure so thanks for pointing that out. I am not sure what the effort comment is about though. It is easy to miss a step sometimes and these models are not hastily built as I take many photographs of the build process in between. I am sure we all have builds where we are missing 1-2 pieces until someone pointed it out. I am not sure what you are referring by Ferrari's camera so if you can elaborate on that it would be great.
  9. brickpreviews

    2015 Speed Champions Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Here is my review of the F14 T and Scuderia Truck set for those interested in reading. It is pretty similar to the 2008 set but looks better and $20 more expensive. The minifigures are kinda meh and lacks in variety since they all have similar torsos but the rest of the set is pretty neat. Just a bit expensive for my tastes though. Review:
  10. brickpreviews

    Show off your LEGO collection!

    Finished my Speed Champions collection today.
  11. brickpreviews

    2015 Speed Champions Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I finished building the F1 Truck today, completing all the current Speed Champion sets. Here is all of the in one pic with the road plates as a base.
  12. brickpreviews

    New 2015 LEGO Town-esque house set found at the LEGO Store

    Just finished building this set and it now sits on my desk acting as the pen holder. Pretty neat piece. Here is my review for those interested:
  13. brickpreviews

    Elves 2015

    Just noticed the UK site has LEGO Elves diary. It is not available for US/Canada site unfortunately :( Apparently some people can't see it on the LEGO site, I took a screencap
  14. brickpreviews

    LEGO Star Wars 2015 Pictures and Rumors

    Not sure if this is new but apparently the code names and prices of the 6 of the upcoming Star Wars Force Awakens set have been released 75099- “Lead Hero Craft”- £19.99 75100- “Villain Craft”- £39.99 75101- “Villain Star Craft”- £59.99 75102- “Hero Starfighter”- £69.99 75103- “Villain Transport”- £79.99 75104- “Lead Villain Vehicle”- £99.99 75105- “Hero Vehicle”- £129.99 There are 6 more sets, but they are army builders/battle packs etc.
  15. brickpreviews

    Pictures of my 10179 and Star Wars Room

    Awesome room, thanks for sharing!