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  1. Here is may MOD
  2. Wow...this make a massive difference !
  3. Has anybody made a modification of the dump bed ? I think the original one is to large
  4. Really like you model !!!! But I think it whill look much better whith twin wheels in the back
  5. curakar

    42115 - Lamborghini Sian FKP 37

    I whill defenetly buy this car.....The only thig that bothers me is thouse blue pins!!!! I dont understand whay they dont use the black ones ?
  6. curakar

    Generic machinery

    Finaly finish the extremly well !
  7. curakar

    Generic machinery

    Yes I tried at first whith that part, but than tha cabin is to big and the dump bed hits it.
  8. curakar

    Generic machinery

    Made some changes in the front of the truck....hope I whill build it soon
  9. curakar

    MOC Container Truck with Cable-System

    Hello...Here is my version of the truck. After waithing for parts a long time I finaly finish the model. I made some collor changes othewise the model is incredible works really really well.... I know it isnt a Mercedes truck but could not resist to put the logo in the front :D
  10. Just made the changes and everting is working...Thanks a lot :D
  11. You are right... I whill fix it today :D thank you
  12. The shovel opens and cloases obaut 5mm...and then the gears get stuck....I rebuild it 2 times and it is always the same problem.....I really like your design but cant get it to work you have any aydeas what is wrong?
  13. ok....I will build it again and send you a picture
  14. Has any of you had problems whit opening the bucket? I have problems whith universal joints . it seems to me that the niversal joints are to clouse to each outher?