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  1. Ikaatril

    Original Bionicle vs CCBS discussion

    Hero Factory had two bikes, Furno Bike and Speeda Demon. I will also disagree that while CCBS does break less, certain CCBS pieces still break very easily - the shortest bone, for example, has its socket break very easily. Friction Extenders also cannot handle the friction forced upon them after a while and will inevitably develop a hairline crack, making them both sound squeaky and add less friction than if a normal bone had been used. Additionally, it is not just the old ball joints that broke frequently. Even today, pieces like the following: 6536, 42003, 32184, 32039, 6553, 32054 are all prone to breaking if too much pressure is forced upon them - unfortunately, a lot of this is done with the 2016 BIONICLE sets. For example, on Kopaka and Onua, the only thing holding up their shoulders/arms is 32184, which, while a legal connection, is not very safe for the structure of the piece and may result in it cracking - on Onua, this can be rectified by making use of the piece of unity and the pin holes in 32184 to help anchor the arms and shoulders. On Kopaka, the side 32184 is on will need to be switched to the front rather than the back so that such modifications can be made. Of all pieces though, 32039 is the one that seems to break the most - the ones used in Skull Grinder's weapon, for example, do not seem to be able to take the weight of axe pieces that well and will eventually break. Part of the issue, I believe, is because none of these pieces are intended to hold something up alone, but in tandem with other technic pieces. Relying on a single technic piece to hold such things up seems to fast-track them to their literal breaking points.
  2. Ikaatril

    MOCing Advice & Ideas thread

    Looking at sets like Stormer XL, Furno Jet Machine, and Grievous, does anyone have any advice on shoulder articulation for a Protector-sized build or shoulder articulation for pretty much any non-huge build?
  3. Ikaatril

    Original Bionicle vs CCBS discussion

    Part of it all I think is the strange insistence on humanoid builds - look at the Beasts for example. That would have been a great opportunity for some non-humanoid builds, but instead we got humanoid 'beasts', which honestly doesn't help with the 'beast' vibe they were supposed to give - instead they look rather... odd for things supposed to be beasts. It definitely didn't help they had the 'crystal shell' thing with no attachment points besides the ball socket - why not use the one the Toa already introduced and save some money. as well as making the beasts look a bit more armored? Even when there were humanoids in G1, it mixed them up a lot more - there was a variety of torsos, and by 2009 you saw some more creative uses of the Inika Torso to compensate, while I would no equivalent of the Skrall's horizontal inika torso has been made yet in CCBS. But it's starting to hit me, my problem with CCBS isn't because it doesn't use much technic, it's because I overuse technic. I've seen sets like Grievous and Furno Jet Machine and Stormer XL that use the bones to create things like wider, slightly articulated shoulders and that would be impeded if technic was overused - and I'm realising that arrangements of bones could probably be made to create waist articulation, something that technic couldn't really do without a lot of support.
  4. Ikaatril

    Original Bionicle vs CCBS discussion

    The opinions of other people are not 'false'. When I have read many comments on youtube, twitter, facebook, and reddit, cesspools as they may be, I cannot deny - and you cannot deny (and I cannot take responsibility for things other people have said) - that a lot of them hate on BIONICLE G2 for using CCBS. I'm not sure how you'd categorise that as 'objectively false' when a quick google shows that it simply isn't false. And the thing is: nobody really uses the technic pins on the CCBS limb pieces because they're fairly awkward to use when shells are taking into consideration. There is also the issue that G2 had troubles with villains - the beasts for example are very weak efforts from the set designers compared to the likes of the Barraki or Mistika Makuta, who are brimming with personality and variety in their set design. The beasts suffer from using the same mask and not being particularly distinctive - a feat even the skull wave a year before managed, and the skull wave had its own issues with Skull Scorpio though on a lesser scale. It does not help that every single CCBS titan, except Witch Doctor, has generally not been very good - and Umarak the Hunter and Skull Grinder don't count as titans if Tahu, Onua, and Kopaka's Master and Uniter forms don't, especially seeing as compared to the builds of G1 titans they barely count. To keep on topic, If this rumoured theme is true (and let's be honest, it isn't, constraction (or CCBS) is dying and the writing is on the wall - even the Star Wars CCBS figures for The Last Jedi have been reduced to a wave of 4 from The Force Awakens and Rogue One's 6) then it needs to come up with some massive innovations if it wants to be successful. We can't just keep getting the same boring humanoid build over and over - that has been done to death and most CCBS sets are humanoids (for a character-creature building system, there haven't been many creatures). Most consumers are almost assuredly tired of the same old humanoid builds - without armour, so many sets may as well be the very same as the 2.0 wave that started CCBS. There needs to be a lot of thought into this design - what we need is more of what we see in MoCs, and sets like Grievous and Furno Jet Machine - the interlocking of CCBS pieces to create more complex designs, instead of relying on technic as a crutch. Perhaps then CCBS can truly prove itself to its doubters.
  5. Ikaatril

    Original Bionicle vs CCBS discussion

    The opinions of other people are not 'objectively untrue'. How many large-scale Technic-style MoCs do you see compared to large-scale CCBS MoCS? The answer is much more of the previous, even today. Try building a titan in LDD - technic parts win out 95% of the time. Most CCBS MoC titans aren't even pure CCBS, and rely on a technic-based torso covered with CCBS shells rather than a true CCBS build - also making the arms and legs look rather awkward, since CCBS legs and arms are quite thin on larger figures. There's only so much you can do with CCBS - a disproportionately high amount of CCBS sets are straight-standing humanoids compared to the technic system. CCBS may be cheaper, but it stifles creativity by reducing connection points - ask anyone. It's much easier to integrate system bricks on the technic system because of the large amount of pin holes, which CCBS tends to lack except on longer bones, whereas almost every technic system set had some sort of pin hole whether it circular or axle. Meanwhile, CCBs has circular pin holes on longer bones, the torso, and that's it really. You also have the tiny holes in the shells, but there's just not much use for those beyond the shell-addons. Remember, some of us also said that we feared BIONICLE was ending in 2016. But some of you also said that it 'obviously wasn't', to paraphrase. Then, generation two ended.
  6. Ikaatril

    Original Bionicle vs CCBS discussion

    If this is true, I really wish it didn't use the CCBS system and reverted to the Technic-based system of Roboriders/Slizers/BIONICLE G1 or mixel joints. CCBS is inferior to the technic system in every way, and is vastly less versatile - yes, some CCBS pieces have technic pin holes. But they're extremely awkward to use compared to the pin holes of G1 BIONICLE sets. Outside of here and BZPower, CCBS had been received incredibly negatively - to quote, 'G2 was trasssh becasue of the trassshh Hero Factory building system' (sic). Besides that, CCBS is now redundant thanks to the mixel joints - Mixel joints actually interact with LEGO and are actually identifiable as LEGO the average consumer, unlike CCBS or the Technic-based system.
  7. Ikaatril

    Future of constraction

    It doesn't look bright for Constraction. Bionicle's problem was its refusal to innovate - the vast majority of its sets were plain humanoids with nothing especially distinguishing them, which have been done to death and oversaturate the market. Only sets like Skull Scorpio and the elemental creatures were not humanoids. This also plagued the end of G1, too - an oversaturation of humanoid sets and nowhere near enough variety to compensate. Look at sets like Barraki, Vamprah, Krika - they were mostly unconventional and all stood out from their waves as well as past and future sets. That's what every set should be like - there shouldn't be a total lack of humanoids, but they shouldn't make up an entire wave. Kids have imaginations, don't make entire waves of heroes and entire waves of villains, do what 2008 did and have an imagination for once by mixing them up. Like Star Wars has done, and is still around for now even if CCBS in its entirety is getting phased out in next year's second half (at least according to TwistLaw, who as far as I am aware works at a LEGO Store to the best of my recollection?) It should also be noted that Star Wars constraction pales in comparison to the actual official Star Wars Action Figures, and that a lot of people don't recognise CCBS as LEGO due its chokingly low amount of connectivity with system - it has good connectivity with Technic, but not System. They had plenty of opportunities to expand the system integration - the shells, for example, should never have used the add-on system they have now and simply had studs that you could attach system to.
  8. Given that 'The Last Jedi' more than likely refers to Luke, it definitely seems very likely we'll get another version of Luke - it has been two years, after all, and that's just barely enough. We might even get more than six, considering the popularity of the first wave (not so sure about the other waves, according to some people they're shelf warmers on the same level as BIONICLE and the only ones in demand are Vader and Grievous, especially considering how Rogue One, while not a flop for a normal movie, flopped for a Star Wars movie and had a weak plot (though, admittedly, the only reason TFA didn't have a weak plot was because its protagonists were Mary Sues, its antagonists were Darksteel the Hedgehog and Emperor Palpatine Version 2 and Tarkin Version 2, and rehashed A New Hope's plot, with the Diabolus Ex Machina that is the First Order, smaller than the Empire... yet Starkiller is bigger and more powerful than either Death Star? What? Sorry about the tangent, TFA was just so disappointing when it could have and should have done something new, which it failed to do. It's a good movie on its own, but in the context of the other Star Wars movies, it doesn't hold up, especailly when A New Hope and a third of Return of the Jedi do all the same things and better). Might even get another vehicle
  9. Ikaatril

    Future Constraction Lines

    My guess: the Star Wars CCBS did so well the profits from BIONICLE looked measly (and thus not high enough) in comparison. Hero Factory would have had the same fate if SWCCBS was out alongside it.
  10. Ikaatril

    Discussion: LEGO Bionicle Makuta Contest

    I think it's likely we'll get a gold MoUP with a transparent purple MoCo (ala transblue MoCr) in the winter wave, then probably a black or black/purple or gold/purple, possibly even a gold/black/purple blend of the MoUP in the summer wave.
  11. tl;dr: "It doesn't appeal to me, therefore it failed. Please understand this: your opinions are not facts.
  12. Ikaatril

    REVIEW: 71314 Storm Beast

    I still don't understand why they didn't go with the gearbox for Storm Beast instead of the messy-looking construction - the arms would have more friction, as well as retaining the exact same function, and therefore the tail would not need to be constrained by the arms.
  13. Ikaatril

    REVIEW: 71316 Umarak the Destroyer

    The biggest problem I have is that the bottom of the mask does not simply look enough like the upper teeth, it looks like the bottom of a 'face' instead, making the jaw look even more out of place, as it's very hard to see it as a lower jaw.
  14. Ikaatril

    Bionicle 2016 Sets Discussion

    And the same thing doesn't apply to you or me or everyone else here? Your opinions are also not what kids think. We are different in that we are biased to like BIONICLE rather than be indifferent to it, unlike people outside the fan communities. We are not a good metric to assume success on, we are the minority in a much bigger sea of kids and people who used to like BIONICLE. Calling it more versatile doesn't make it true. Also, calling it more technic-compatible is a flat-out lie - how many CCBS shells have technic connections? Very little, if not none. Whereas every single G1 piece had at least one technic connection - CCBS doesn't have that luxury or that flexibility. But are they compex or engaging builds? I'd wager no. And LEGO is a building toy, is it not? Complexity is good. And most CCBS sets are anything but complex. People expect complexity from building toys. Including kids. Don't simplify it just to coddle kids who can't do it, then they'll never advance. How in the world do they apply more to G1 sets? Toa Mata, Toa Nuva, Rahi, Bohrok, Rahkshi, Toa Metru, Vahki, Visorak, Toa Hordika, Piraka, Barraki, Phantoka, Mistika, even most of the Glatorian - those are the bulk of G1 sets, and most if not all of those have distinct 'character' to them, far more interesting to the eye than the smooth and wholly uninteresting looking Protectors or 2015 Toa. Saying that applies to more G1 Bionicle sets more than G2 bionicle sets is laughable considering how much character and personality G1 sets had compared to G2 sets. They are successful because they are Star Wars merchandise, not because they are CCBS. Everything with Star Wars on it is massively popular.
  15. Ikaatril

    Bionicle 2016 Sets Discussion

    The popular opinion among the people that grew up with BIONICLE outside of the BIONICLE fansites is that G2 is 'awful' and 'too bright and cheerful', along with being 'rebranded hero-factory trash'. Which is also a reflection of what the public thinks, since BIONICLE fansites are in the tiny, tiny minority. It's clear that CCBS is not very popular and a major reason why constraction has been failing - it's ultimately nowhere near as versatile as a technic-based building system. You can't create titans as complex as Kardas with CCBS, you can create an incredibly awkward but siple looking titan that's equally tool but has none of the things that made a set like Kardas distinctive. Because no matter how much you try, CCBS becomes incredibly awkward to fiddle around with at large scales - it relies entirely too much on ball joints. Because there's nothing distinctive about CCBS. The vast majority of sets are flat, and that's very uninteresting to the eye. Call the old BIONICLE or the 2016 pieces overdetailed all you want, that doesn't change the fact that they're so much more distinctive and less generic than most of Hero Factory and 2015's sets. And when it comes to getting sales, being distinctive is much better than being generic. BIONICLE's failure is guaranteed at this point. It's too late to change anything since they start designed two years before the sets release. The signs are there and ignoring them won't go away - BIONICLE sets are common shelf warmers. Kids are not interested. And going with a Netflix show without advertisement was a colossally stupid idea - it'll barely be watched. >yfw when you realise that your opinion is not the one true opinion that defines how everything must go. I'm really sick of your passive-aggressive attitude and remarks to others.