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    Updating Your Minifigs

    Are the DLT-19 and the DLT-19X some new BrickArms molds or are they from some other manufacturer? I haven't yet heard that there would be any Lego compatible option of those guns... Unless you use the BrickArms German MG34/42 which gets pretty close (and was actually the real life model DLT-19 was based on), I think. Where did you get them? As I want too... =D - Samppu
  2. Samppu

    Updating Your Minifigs

    @DockingBay94 Brickizimo is a good reseller for BrickArms in Europe, Warehouse 19 in Sweden another. Both have cheap shipping options. Both had the bowcaster for sale last time I checked. - Samppu
  3. Samppu

    -User redacted Thread Title-

    One possibility is that they are using the old trick to make them appear "cooler" for especially teenage audience. For example, old James Bond films were rated 18+ in many countries not because they were somehow extremely violent (they were not) but because it actually increased their popularity among the teenagers at the time. I don't know whether it stands for these busts as well, but I am certain that TLG has had people to do some research on the topic before marking them 18+. - Samppu
  4. Samppu

    -User redacted Thread Title-

    I agree with the original post. Personally I do not care about the sets anyway as I am a MOCer, but I do find the bricky appearance to be a weird solution for the adult audience nevertheless. Making it bigger would be a solution, but I don't think it really matters. This scale is already big enough to make it appear very smooth with the curved slopes etc. if one so wants. Besides, UCS TIE was big but still bricky. Either the designers follow some bricky philosophy that the designs must include a lot of studs in order to appear "Lego like" or they have serious lack of time or talent. Considering the repetitious releases of snowspeeders and other related examples, I guess it might be either of the latter. - Samppu
  5. Samppu

    Ledako scam !

    I think you have been very lucky that they didn't go to the trial (if the question was about Lego Star Wars instructions, different thing for personal customs with no copyright issues to begin with). Disney's attention is a real risk. For example, Avanaut, the famous Lego SW photographer got badly hit by a serious lawsuit from Disney and was only saved by the Lego company who hired him in the aftermath. Again, we should remember that the copyrights are Disney's and anyone selling them as custom instructions etc. is already breaking the law in most countries. As we had it in the previous discussion: if you make only pocket money anyway, raising an issue probably wouldn't make a difference in your income. If you are making much more than some pocket money, you can end up in some serious trouble by yourself. I also consider it to be a true risk that Disney might try to take down all such businesses as a result, if a public lawsuit would force them to take some action, because as we saw with TLG buying the BrickLink, such major actions are possible. Well, one option in hand is still that one can always try to bluff the frauds. :D Or sell only physical copies. - Samppu
  6. Samppu

    Ledako scam !

    Risking to repeat myself, I hope no one tries their luck with any lawsuit on these fraud sellers, because that would not stop the Chinese frauds anyway, but the bad thing that could very likely happen is that it would raise the issue to Disney's attention and possibly bring an end to the sale of custom instructions, minifigures or whatever under the Star Wars licence if Disney ends up being forced to take some action on it. Remember that selling any Star Wars related customs is illegal in the first place due to the copyright issues, because it is Disney who has the rights. - Samppu This is probably the most reasonable action one can try. - Samppu
  7. Samppu

    Ledako scam !

    Yep, we had a discussion over the topic a while ago and the bottom line seems to be that there is very little you can do, unfortunately. Raising any legal disputes would be unwise as it could track attention from Disney and be the end of selling any custom made instructions with any IP issues, particularly regarding Star Wars.
  8. Samppu

    [S15 - Scarif- TT] Bureaucratic Nightmare

    Great use of the perspective technique here! Adding perhaps one slightly more recognizable object (micro TIE-fighter or Imperial landing platform or the command tower etc.) to anchor the relative size of the background could still add a little, but good work nevertheless! - Samppu
  9. Samppu

    [MOC] RC Merkava IV tank

    Very cool! Any video? ;) - Samppu
  10. Samppu

    [MOC] Darth Vader

    Most impressive! Are the capes custom made or official ones? - Samppu
  11. Yep, I have to agree to this. Would make me and probably many others happy if they started printing the arms and using double molded legs and arms for Star Wars figures, though... In addition, you can find relatively nice prices even on Bricklink if you don't find sale prices in your homecountry. - Samppu
  12. I agree this has been partly poor strategy from TLG, but let's not forget that they are married to Disney in a way at the moment considering Star Wars, and thus they are supposed to make sets from the new movies, but if the new movies (the sequel trilogy in particular) just copy everything from the original trilogy - the vehicles included - TLG has had few other options than to make those classic ship all over again. Of course, I agree this is way too much to blame only Disney, but to some extent the problem originates from Disney's way of making movies. Not to talk about the fact that half of the movies have been almost completely reshot just months before the release, which then resulted TLG having to go by with inaccurate concept art and vehicles that never appeared in the movies and in general not knowing which vehicles or scenes might actually be important in the final movie. Now that the sequel trilogy is done, for the good and the bad (to my mind, very bad: rip Thrawn-trilogy...), I think these kinds of problems will somewhat ease for the TLG for the while. - Samppu
  13. Samppu

    A selection of starfighters, A-Z

    Oh, so very smooth! Especially the cockpit of the TIE Razor! - Samppu
  14. Yep, I actually saw that when he said it, but funny enough, if it really is an UCS AT-AT, either he is not speaking entirely the truth for whatever reason or then it has been quite a coincidence as such hints have been there in (at least many of) the previous UCS sets! :D But yep, I intended this more as a joke than any serious speculation. - Samppu
  15. Yes I know, and I am certainly not expecting to see the UCS Construction AT-AT.. :D But it can a be a more careful hint for the actual AT-AT nevertheless. Well, we get to see if that is true soon enough, but I would find it amusing if it was true. - Samppu
  16. In relation to this, we have had the cute theory that the next UCS vehicle would be hinted in the box of the previous one. In the UCS Star Destroyer there is an AT-AT (the civilian model used for construction duty) at the background. - Samppu In these kinds of cases it can very well be that there has been a coherent idea about a theme or collection of sets, but it has been eventually cancelled, and only one or some of the sets then released anyway. - Samppu
  17. Samppu

    Vote for next UCS at Lego ideas

    They actually had a similar sort of a vote for a regular set back in 2009 (or so, don't remember the exact year) and out of the three options, at least two were actually made: Palpatine's Arrest and Mon Calamari Star Cruiser (the set depicting the interior). I unfortunately do not remember what might have been the third option. But anyway, I do believe it is totally possible to get to see the Nebulon as well. - Samppu
  18. Samppu

    Updating Your Minifigs

    Obi-Wan hoodie actually looks pretty good! - Samppu
  19. Samppu

    [MOC] Endor Motorized

    Great idea, love it! Do you use train tracks or roller coaster tracks in this? - Samppu
  20. Samppu

    Vote for next UCS at Lego ideas

    Well, I'd say the Tantive IV was as close to UCS as a set can be in all but name with 200+ EUR price, reasonably detailed design and big size - certainly more so than the infamous UCS Battle of Hoth at least... =D Anyway, I was not thinking that the design would be primarily a playset, as you said, it is supposed to be an UCS set, but something along the line as UCS Falcon and the Super Star Destroyer have been in addition to the Tantive IV: they are certainly UCS, but they both had at least some cool ideas for interiors. The UCS Falcon actually had even great looking interiors while the SSD not so much but the idea itself was good to my mind. I would have enjoyed a star destroyer command bridge (in a reasonable minifigure scale) inside the new ISD, for example. Thus having interior is not mutually exclusive with a set being UCS set, I would argue. But yes, you are absolutely right that the shape would force some limitations, of course, but we have seen great takes on this from the MOCers, so it is certainly not impossible. - Samppu
  21. Samppu

    Vote for next UCS at Lego ideas

    I will not vote for the TIE Bomber for sure. The ship itself is very interesting, but the UCS TIE-Fighter was simply horrible by design (lots of studs, no curved edges, pretty much any modern MOCer has done amazing job already so why not to copy some of their ideas...) and we probably wouldn't get any interesting minifigures with it... Gunship vs. Nebulon is then a harder debate. I would love to see them both. The gunship might bring us new molds for the canon balls as noted above, and that would be awesome for sure. But then, on the other hand, the ship should be in minifigure scale to make any sense, because the UCS version should be 700 euros and comparable to UCS Falcon if it was to be made in larger scale. Thus the gunship should be a minifigure scaled ship that simply has an improved design and more pieces than the 2013 (-14?) minifigure version. The gunship could be made epic, though, if it was designed to be from ROTS rather than from AOC movie if it would bring us Commander Cody, for example. I would be very happy with Nebulon B Frigate that would be designed along the same idea as the new Tantive IV has been: UCS from the out, minifigure scaled interiors where possible. However, we should get some very exclusive figures with it to make it standout... Updated rebel officer (Crix Madine style), rebel officer as seen at the end of ANH (dark brown uniform with dark tan cap), rebel officer (Jan Dodonna style)? I think I will go with the UCS gunship, because I would rather see the rebel officer minifigures in a battlepack, but Commander Cody in an exclusive and expensive UCS set is ok, as you are only ever going to want just one. - Samppu
  22. Yep, I would believe this too. There is no risk for them to make the series, but possibly huge gains. After all, it most certainly would be the best selling CMF line ever. If they make characters that are not appearing in the current sets (you could fill 20 different characters simply by different phases and armors of clone troopers alone, so there is plenty to choose from), they probably wouldn't affect the sale of the sets too much, the easily accessible figures might pull in a lot of new fans, and even if it didn't, there wouldn't be any major damage to anything really. So I guess we only have to wait for the licence issues to resolve. - Samppu
  23. Samppu

    TLG acquires Bricklink

    If you already happened to be a purist, it is easy to ignore such the change about custom parts, but I dare to argue that different sort of 3rd party customs have been one of the key factors making the AFOL community to be born and grow to the extent it is right now, particularly considering the builders rather than the collectors. 3rd party customs such as the BrickArms for military and Star Wars themes, metallic parts for Technic builders, chromed parts, S-Brick, custom minifigures, railway parts for their respective users have been vital to make certain themes interesting from an adult's perspective. AFOLs have been time and again the most loyal followers of a brand according to many surveys, and I don't doubt that any of us wouldn't be happy to buy such special parts from the TLG, should it be possible. I am not sure if I had ever got so exited about certain themes without custom made gun parts. I have always loved Lego building as such, and I try to make things as purist as possible, but especially the small arms just cannot be done into as much detail in any other way than using customs. I feel and I am afraid that the AFOL community as a hobby community will suffer a major hit as a result of this. It does not concern everybody of course, because a certain number of purist builders and collectors especially might even feel a sort of satisfaction over it, but it does concern great many of us. More than that, I hate the idea of TLG quite literally pushing into my Lego room saying what I can do and what I cannot do regarding my personal hobby as if my creations on the internet were there for the sole purpose of advertising their brand. - Samppu
  24. Samppu

    Star Wars Advent Calendar 2019 - LDD MOC

    Ahahaa, these are genius! I especially like the turbotank. Would prefer to see them as actual bricks, though, but anyway, nice work! - Samppu
  25. Samppu

    Army building issue?

    I put them into different companies or platoons. The stormtrooper armor, even the standard one, has some variations both in the movies and in the EU depending from the era and place, so I personally feel it is ok to have differently looking units as long as the units are uniform within themselves. It is a kind of the same idea as with the differently colored clone troopers. - Samppu