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    BAM Exclusive Parts Index

    Two questions to you makoy: 1. Is this the current BAM-list? 2. Is it okay to post the whole thread on another forum like a facebook group?
  2. Tuben

    [MOC] Large Minecraft Layout

    This one was really interesting :D I have been looking around on the "World Wide Web" for Lego Minecraft AFOLs (google), and I wonder why it hasn't been a huge hit. I have my own speculations, but I want to hear your (obviously one who can handle the theme) speculations why Lego Minecraft is somewhat forgotten? Thanks in advance :)
  3. Tuben

    [MOC] Humans of Layers City

    Amazing MOC! Of theese rooms, the one with the mad scientist is my favourite
  4. Tuben

    Collection of Medieval Tutorials

    Thanks for the great tutorials :D I would really like to see some more tutorials on how to build mountains or rocky cliffs :)
  5. Tuben

    On The LookOut

    Woow :O Absolutely beautiful! :D The tower is excellent and the vegetation really makes a good variation for the MOCs overall apearance!
  6. Sorry I didn't submit a MRCA form... :/ I hope it didn't sabotage for you guys.... I plan to contribute better this month :) Sorry again...
  7. The Pelican want to join the quick wing :) The captain on "The Pelican" is Ulrich von Koehler from Eslandola! The Pelican is a Class 2 trade ship :)
  8. Hi everybody! :) This is my challenge entry for challenge 1 category B: Here you see Ulrich von Koehler, his dog Bernd, and one other crew member of The Pelican. This is their first visit on this island and they are greeted by a lot of animals! SAM_1347 by Tobias Andersson, on Flickr SAM_1350 by Tobias Andersson, on Flickr SAM_1363 by Tobias Andersson, on Flickr SAM_1357 by Tobias Andersson, on Flickr SAM_1351 by Tobias Andersson, on Flickr I hope you'll enjoy this! Comments and critique is welcome! :)
  9. Hi everybody! This is Ulrich von Koehlers ship, The Pelican. The Pelican is a class 2 Trade ship, it's a cog. More story will come later! Heres some pictures: SAM_1335.JPG by Tobias Andersson, on Flickr SAM_1330.JPG by Tobias Andersson, on Flickr SAM_1315.JPG by Tobias Andersson, on Flickr SAM_1312.JPG by Tobias Andersson, on Flickr Enjoy! Constructive criticism is welcome :)
  10. Thank you! :) Thank you for your post, good comments and thoughts and thanks for the compliments :) Thanks! :) Yeah, you've right it's like the castles and the hull are too much seperated by the colors, and it would be nice with some techniques to blend them together :) Thank you :)
  11. Yeah, that's true that the progress is part of the fun! I've recieved "The Brick Bounty" for birthday present, so I will experiment with the prefab hulls too later :) Nice that you mention Johnny Cash, his one of my favorite artists :) Thanks for your compliments and thoughts :) I've looked at some pictures of various cogs and ships, both lego ships, real ships and drawn ships :)
  12. Thanks for the good comments :) You've right that the overbuilds would be better with some textures, they look too much like green walls :O I need some practice on ship building techniques x)
  13. Hello everybody! This is my intro for my sigfig Ulrich von Koehler and his dog Bernd. Ulrich von Koehler was sitting in his dinner room planing the next step in aiding his country, Eslandola, to grow in power and prosperity. The next step was to settle on one of the two colonies that MCTC already had taken. This was not an easy task, so the decision had to be carefully chosen. Bernd, Ulrich's dog, was standing on the floor and was eager to start biting pieces of his recently received bone. This was an example of when Bernd don't wanted to be disturbed! There was some weapons hanging on the wall, because Ulrich thought it was best to be ready to defend yourself and anyone close in most situations. That was a good thing with Bernd, he was a superior watchdog, so Ulrich could relax and do his tasks untill Bernd started to bark! His parents had passed away awhile ago and it was a reason, apart from being eslandolan, why Ulrich had so much golden property in his house. Apart from his heritage Ulrich wasn't so rich, but his plan was to increase his wealth and prosperity in large numbers like a true eslandolan! He already had some crew and soon he would recieve his new merchant vessel! House of Ulrich von Koehler by Tobias Andersson, on Flickr On the wall you could find a painting of a ship. This wasn't just a ship, not a boat dissapering in the multitude of ships, no this was "The Golden Turtle"! From a time pretty long ago this vessel was one of the trading flagships of Eslandola and it was a property of Ulrich's grandfather's father, Walther von Koehler. Ulrich had been told a lot of stories about this ship and Walther. There were stories about Walther facing pirates on the sea, about shippings of enormous quantity and profit and stories about surviving storms so intense that an ordinary ship would be devoured in a blink of an eye. Walther is kind of a hero to Ulrich and in many ways he want to be more like Walther! House of Ulrich von Koehler by Tobias Andersson, on Flickr Ulrich von Koehler is glad for the privilege to be an eslandolan and he really wants to aid his country in a lot of ways! Extra pictures: House of Ulrich von Koehler by Tobias Andersson, on Flickr House of Ulrich von Koehler by Tobias Andersson, on Flickr I would be glad for your comments and constructive criticism :) I hope you enjoyed this intro!
  14. Thanks :) Thanks, for your compliments and constructive critique :)
  15. You're right that some light grey pieces would be a nice finish :) Yeah, it's true that the use of the dark tan tile looks quite odd. You got a point that the floor is a bit dull. Maybe I should invest in some more tiles :) You're right the dark tan tile is a bit odd. Yes, smoothing off the top of the wall would be a nice finish :) Good to know your thoughts :)
  16. Intro: Ulrich von Koehler | Tuben | Eslandola Esl - FB - Tuben - The Pelican | Tuben | Eslandola
  17. How can I make the name of the MOC to a link to my MOC-thread like in the example, Smuggler's Cove?: What do I need to do? Simply write the following information in a NEW post: Name of MOC linked to the thread | Name of Builder | Faction you belong to IE: Smuggler's Cove | Kai NRG | Eslandola
  18. Thanks Titus :) Thank you! It's not everyday you got a round of applause :)
  19. I want to make an update on my sigfig signing, heard of some extra doubloons if there was a tiny MOC with it :O Ulrich von Koehler signs up for Eslandola with his dog Bernd! And Ulrich joins MCTC, trading company :) On these pictures he's wearing his leisure clothes and that's not the ordinary case for Ulrich outside his house. ( Note: His ordinary not-at-home-clothing are ordered on bricklink :P ) On the sea by Tobias Andersson, on Flickr On the sea by Tobias Andersson, on Flickr On the sea by Tobias Andersson, on Flickr What do you se on this picture, green and tasty?? Of course an Manzana apple! :)
  20. Nice, that settlements are starting to appear :)
  21. Nice, the first MCTC settlement ready to be flourished in this game! :) Edit: No the second x)