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  1. Tuben

    BAM Exclusive Parts Index

    Two questions to you makoy: 1. Is this the current BAM-list? 2. Is it okay to post the whole thread on another forum like a facebook group?
  2. Tuben

    [MOC] Large Minecraft Layout

    This one was really interesting :D I have been looking around on the "World Wide Web" for Lego Minecraft AFOLs (google), and I wonder why it hasn't been a huge hit. I have my own speculations, but I want to hear your (obviously one who can handle the theme) speculations why Lego Minecraft is somewhat forgotten? Thanks in advance :)
  3. Tuben

    [MOC] Humans of Layers City

    Amazing MOC! Of theese rooms, the one with the mad scientist is my favourite
  4. Tuben

    Collection of Medieval Tutorials

    Thanks for the great tutorials :D I would really like to see some more tutorials on how to build mountains or rocky cliffs :)
  5. Tuben

    On The LookOut

    Woow :O Absolutely beautiful! :D The tower is excellent and the vegetation really makes a good variation for the MOCs overall apearance!
  6. Sorry I didn't submit a MRCA form... :/ I hope it didn't sabotage for you guys.... I plan to contribute better this month :) Sorry again...
  7. The Pelican want to join the quick wing :) The captain on "The Pelican" is Ulrich von Koehler from Eslandola! The Pelican is a Class 2 trade ship :)
  8. Hi everybody! :) This is my challenge entry for challenge 1 category B: Here you see Ulrich von Koehler, his dog Bernd, and one other crew member of The Pelican. This is their first visit on this island and they are greeted by a lot of animals! SAM_1347 by Tobias Andersson, on Flickr SAM_1350 by Tobias Andersson, on Flickr SAM_1363 by Tobias Andersson, on Flickr SAM_1357 by Tobias Andersson, on Flickr SAM_1351 by Tobias Andersson, on Flickr I hope you'll enjoy this! Comments and critique is welcome! :)
  9. Thank you! :) Thank you for your post, good comments and thoughts and thanks for the compliments :) Thanks! :) Yeah, you've right it's like the castles and the hull are too much seperated by the colors, and it would be nice with some techniques to blend them together :) Thank you :)
  10. Yeah, that's true that the progress is part of the fun! I've recieved "The Brick Bounty" for birthday present, so I will experiment with the prefab hulls too later :) Nice that you mention Johnny Cash, his one of my favorite artists :) Thanks for your compliments and thoughts :) I've looked at some pictures of various cogs and ships, both lego ships, real ships and drawn ships :)
  11. Thanks for the good comments :) You've right that the overbuilds would be better with some textures, they look too much like green walls :O I need some practice on ship building techniques x)
  12. Hi everybody! This is Ulrich von Koehlers ship, The Pelican. The Pelican is a class 2 Trade ship, it's a cog. More story will come later! Heres some pictures: SAM_1335.JPG by Tobias Andersson, on Flickr SAM_1330.JPG by Tobias Andersson, on Flickr SAM_1315.JPG by Tobias Andersson, on Flickr SAM_1312.JPG by Tobias Andersson, on Flickr Enjoy! Constructive criticism is welcome :)
  13. Thanks :) Thanks, for your compliments and constructive critique :)
  14. You're right that some light grey pieces would be a nice finish :) Yeah, it's true that the use of the dark tan tile looks quite odd. You got a point that the floor is a bit dull. Maybe I should invest in some more tiles :) You're right the dark tan tile is a bit odd. Yes, smoothing off the top of the wall would be a nice finish :) Good to know your thoughts :)