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  1. Skeleton leg is a very useful part, we have had it in many sets. (Lots of Friends sets have them, for holding telescopes or microphones etc) It seems that we are doing something wrong in our house, though, because almost all of them have broken at the top. Has anyone else encountered this? Is there a special way to put things in them? I don't want any more legless skeletons! :( tuskel, sincerely
  2. tuskel

    Winter Village: Christmas Ball

    This is really beautiful. I like all the sideways building! And the chandelier is fun, too. tuskel, sincerely
  3. tuskel

    Winter Village: Sports Shop

    Since it is always winter in Winter Village, Frank "Frosty" Brickberg has done very well with his sports shop, "Snow Sports". He has even managed to build a skyscraper for himself and his family! People come all over the village to buy mountaneering and sports equipment, and go on to use them on the snowy hill and frozen pond nearby. All constructive criticism welcome! I know it is very tall, but I did like the first floor so much, and I really don't have any time to rebuild it any more! (I only started on 27th, when I logged in again over a long long time! :)) Yes, I know the roof design is shamelessly taken from the Toy Shop (which I sadly had to demolish two days after building it!) People are enjoying the good weather outside. The roof simply lifts off. I tried to make it hinged, but in the end went with the simplest solution. In the attic, there is a bedroom and a small kitchen area. The first floor has a living room to relax in. Someone should tend to the fire, though! Downstairs houses the shop with skis, skates, snowboards and sledges. You can even get some helmets and hats from a table or pickaxes and ropes hanging up on the wall (all behind the stairs, sadly not very visible). Happy New Year! tuskel, sincerely
  4. You know all the forums and sub-forums with their (licenced) themes? Where does Lego Elves fit under? Thx. tuskel, sincerely
  5. tuskel

    MOC: Pearl Diver

    I really thought about this for a long time and finally decided to post it here, as the character is contemporary. Y'know, he is diving on this holiday or sth. (Feel free to move it into a more appropriate forum if there is such, mods.) Anyway, this is a MOC I've wanted to do for ages. Here it is. tuskel, sincerely
  6. We haven't got the second "wave" of Elves sets yet, but the first made a very good Greenhouse/Whomping Willow set. Bakery plus Treetop Hideaway morphed into this: Needless to say, the "roof" should be all light green. Although orange-y yellow doesn't look too bad... Professor Sprout taking care of all the plants tuskel, sincerely P.S. I'm excited to see what Skyra's castle will be like in real life... Hogwarts here we come again?
  7. tuskel

    No weaponry and violence in City sets?!

    Well, in that case, every set should come with its own Brian Blessed, who once punched a polar bear to stop people from shooting it. (The bear had been following them for a few days and one night entered his tent, at which point Blessed let out his best Tarzan scream and punched it on the nose. Obviously, it fled, they didn't see it again. :D) However, even though I voted no, there are plenty of little guns and bits that look like guns in our Lego collection as well. And kids still imagine violent things. This, for example, is what my 7y-o daughter made (OK, after watching Daddy play a lot of Doom): tuskel, sincerely
  8. tuskel

    Large store display bricks

    You need to incorporate them into furniture or sth... Like, use them as seats, then your wife will be fine with them. tuskel, sincerely
  9. You lucky b...! Anyway. I am into older Lego, I want to start collecting the first Harry Potter sets, so I made a rule that I would BL one per month. I have a job, but it's only part-time and I don't earn that much. However, then the Elves came out, and I thought - this would be cool - to get the whole range! So I have been buying them as well, one per month (or thereabouts!) And I have still bought small sets, like the new Lego Juniors ones (pirate! and a shark! and a skeleton!!!), so I am a bit out of control... If only I didn't have to eat... tuskel, sincerely
  10. tuskel

    Figbarfs for the win!

    Here we are - we decided to make our own with our meagre supplies of minidolls and CMF accessories. Infuriatingly, Photobucket won't let me add any titles to the photos, so I'll have to photobomb you a bit more than I planned. Also, apologies for some lower quality photos, I used macro, but was still too close(!) But: The Gardener Le Chef Marion Hood 60s hairdresser Bandit Air Witch Crystal Witch Nature Witch Winter Fairy Mexican Bandit Birley Shassey The Farmer And few my daughter made herself - she really got into it! :) Ice Sculpture Twins Montana Jones (sister of Indiana Jones) Red Robber Hood Plumber Spy Girl Pirate crewmember (for the captain!) Egyptian Fighter (with sword and perfume ) Summer Fairy tuskel, sincerely
  11. tuskel

    MOC: "Our House"

    What do you mean exactly? The walls or interior? As I said above, we didn't get any extra bricks for this so just had to use what we had available. I would have preferred more white/tan in the first floor walls, but I don't have that many bricks. The medium azure (or whatever the light blue is in the ground floor) all came from the Seaside House and I haven't got a proper white Creator one. Something to get in the future! But I do like the way roof turned out. All the colours seem to match well.
  12. tuskel

    Figbarfs for the win!

    We really really need a CMD series, with, as mentioned above, some varied facial expressions! My daughter would love these, and I wouldn't mind either. tuskel, sincerely P.S. Is the Dashing Swashbuckler wearing a girls top?
  13. tuskel

    Falkenstadt - my LEGO world

    Wow! What a shame you can't actually display the whole thing! (Maybe one day at some convention/exhibition?) It has made me realise that I should use LDD for some modulars I want to build. I should use LDD a lot more than I do now, anyway. Great work! I really like your MOCs.
  14. tuskel

    MOC: "Our House"

    Thanks a lot! Now this will be going through my head all day long!
  15. I can totally see that one. I am not a massive fan of minidolls either, but I've kind of warmed to them. Still, minifigs rule! I may have to get a few Chima sets now... :) tuskel, sincerely