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  1. bidiminished

    Future Constraction Lines

    I agree that integrating System into constraction is the way to go. In theory, replacing CCBS armour with System slopes and plates would be cheaper, less dependent on new moulds, much more versatile and might even draw in System fans, if only for the parts. While CCBS bought some critical changes and has some of the best constraction figures that Lego has ever made, I believe it peaked with Hero Factory (i.e. simple cartoonish robots) and is now way past its due date and needs to go.
  2. bidiminished

    Are the mistika really that bad?

    Yeah, I guess I was thinking of the krika in particular who only has 40 pieces. I just assumed that the others had low piece counts too, probably because of how bare the mistika look - Tahu and Gali have unarmoured piraka torsos, Tahu and Onua are very lanky and all the makuta use av-matoran limbs/torsos rather than full inika builds. Not to say they look bad though; the mistika are probably my favourite wave of canister sets. The comment about them being overpriced is probably just a relative thing since the price was bumped from $15 AUD for the phantoka to $20 for the mistika where I live.
  3. bidiminished

    Are the mistika really that bad?

    They had some of the worst price to part ratios but I think they were some of the coolest G1 canister sets. I particularly like Tahu, Gali, Krika and Gorest. Even if the toa have little resemblance to their old forms they still look good in their own right. I'd go as far as saying that they are a nicer looking evolution than the toa nuva. I thought the excessive use of silver, using dark red and blue for Tahu and Gali and the revamped mask style gave the toa a more serious, matured look to match how grave the story was at that time, since the story was coming to an end . The inika build and those fragile joints don't age very well though, and Onua could do with a melee weapon.
  4. bidiminished

    2017 Speed Champions Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    At first I didn't even recognise the big F1 set as the Mercedes team because the colors were so far off. And what's with the "anteater" noses on the cars?
  5. bidiminished

    Is 2016 the best year ever for CCBS?

    I think 2016 is a slight let-down in terms of cohesion and the design of new parts (e.g. Uniter torso). The action features improve upon 2015 but particularly for the small sets they come at the cost of aesthetics. In terms of looks alone, I think 2012 was the peak of Lego constraction with sets like Evo, Core Hunter and Splitface. With Titan sets, both Umaraks are generally better than the Hydraxons of CCBS (Black Phantom and Fire Lord) but aren't as good as Witch Doctor in build or colour distribution.
  6. bidiminished

    [MOC] Nieson Dieono

    The physique is quite good and I like how the cloths provide smooth contrast to stop her from looking greebly all over. The thighs and hip section look a bit too cluttered though.
  7. bidiminished

    The future of constraction.

    HF continuation/reboot or another generic robot theme.
  8. bidiminished

    MoC: Toa Makanii

    Yeah, it's pretty hard to create a short G1 MOC. Maybe you could try a custom shin design?
  9. bidiminished

    Bionicle 2016 Sets Discussion

    By "safer" designs, I meant designing masks without any extra vents (holes) in the first place. I though that designing the masks with small vents was a risk, because the designers would have known that half of the masks last year had to resort to the compromise of "fake vents", but I guess it wasn't much of an "unsafe" decision because Lego and most people are fine with fake vents. Still, getting a design feature right the first time is better than wasting more time and effort trying to develop a compromise. Maybe the type of plastic used in the masks is harder to work with than the soft plastics of the old masks/helmets?
  10. bidiminished

    Bionicle 2016 Sets Discussion

    So Kopaka's new mask has fake vents, like 3 of the 2015 masks. Do any of the other 2016 masks have fake vents? If Lego couldn't manufacture the masks properly, why didn't they change the design or just make safer designs?
  11. bidiminished

    [MOC] Iolana - Champion of Sky

    The 'hand' piece on the back creates great shaping and from behind the silhouette looks pretty healthy. The SW shoulder add-ons stand out a bit due to how round and curved they are compared to basic CCBS pieces and the type 2 HF foot (as usual) doesn't match well due to the odd texture and shaping which strongly contrasts with the smoothness of the curved SW shin piece. Maybe the type 1 foot would look better.
  12. bidiminished

    Bionicle 2016 Sets Discussion

    Lewa's upper arms are 5 modules long, so his arms is the standard length for G2 toa. They only end 1 module higher than they should due to the raised shoulders.
  13. bidiminished

    Bionicle 2016 Sets Discussion

    The legs of the 2016 sets are in decent proportion with the torso. With the 2015 sets the arms and legs were longer than usual for the torso.
  14. bidiminished

    REVIEW: 71307 Gali Uniter of Water

    How about trying a narrower version of Tahu's shoulder design? It would not only widen her shoulders but make them lower so her arms don't appear too short.
  15. bidiminished

    REVIEW: 71308 Tahu Uniter of Fire

    What makes the proportions such a let down? Were you expecting more exaggerated/heroic/Inika proportions?