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    Barman's MOCs

    very cool creation :) als because i make protheses like hands, lower arms, legs.. pretty impressve compared to protheses hands. you could make it functional, closing and opening can easelybe done by 2 muscles on your arm :)
  2. nielsvdv

    vwpint creations
  3. nielsvdv

    9398 - Lego Technic 4x4 Crawler

    why 2 time? i don't think its a new part ...
  4. nice setup :) i have built something like that before, only the ratios are different. regards, nielsvdv
  5. nielsvdv

    Larger than life Super Crane (WIP)

    very nice moc maybe you can use this, it started as a 12X12 crane, but i made it into a trucktrial vehicle :D the opposite... it has pulled 25 kilo, so more than enough power
  6. it does work without it, but we ha d e trucktrial meeting @ my own track, and there were a few creations from nico71, and they clicked a lot, they had the same gearing, without the extra gears, this setup prevents the clicking under stress
  7. because the 12 t who drives them cannot move and start cracking. the half 20T left, thats just a support, doesn't functions as a gear, but a technic disk was too big.
  8. nielsvdv, on 02 May 2012 - 02:26 PM, said: are those my axles from the instructions? cause they really seem to work properly good Yes, it is a modified version of your axles. I didn't add in the wacky inside gearing, and I made the hubs a tad different. Overall, excellent axle Niels! wacky gearing? you mean the 12 t on the 20T, in the center? it was hard to accomplisch that, just the putting in, bur it did gave the axle a whoping 1/8,5 reduction for its small size, and no craking, the 2 20 t's really do a great work in that setup. looks good btw :)
  9. are those my axles from the instructions? cause they really seem to work properly good
  10. nielsvdv

    Tatra 6X6

    thx :) that steering angle is indeed legit! it can't rub on anything because I used stoppers for that :) the reductions is good too, about 1/8,5. i lack alot of time too, this project was even finished weeks ago the cab? i think you should be able to recreate it with the photo's on brickshelf, it is already up in pieces and sorted. my lego room is the cleanest its ever been now if you have trouble with the cab, i will try to make instructions for it :)
  11. nielsvdv

    Tatra 6X6

    yes i have, i displayed it at a lego event in belgium. I drove it over a course as a display and sometimes i went into the crowed and entertained the kids a bit :) i even drove over a kid laying on the ground i also have a tatra 8X8 with the same abilities and it entered the belgian championship togheter with a 4X4 of mine, they became both 1st! It was a draw So I have a trophy in my legoroom now
  12. nielsvdv

    Tatra 6X6

    hey all, Here is a project i would like to share: Its a Tatra 6X6, which features: -25 studs wide -1,8 kilo of weight -2speed gearbox (fast and moderate) -2xl's -fake engine -independant left and right control -steering by a single M -tiltable cab i wanted to make it very compact, so the tyres look a little huge compared to the rest here is a video: plz tell me what you think some pics: instructions: i also have instructions for a front and rear axle (pendular) i created them because i see alot of peopledriving with cracking gears: instructions: pics: regards, nielsvdv
  13. nielsvdv

    Joining Beams
  14. i will be there on sunday and bring my new trucktrial 6X6, the ones who is going to defend my trtr titel
  15. nielsvdv

    Kamaz 4911 4X4 Darkar

    looks good :) no tatra ? /P