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  1. P3_Super_Bee

    REVIEW: 21029 Buckingham Palace

    Not. Even. Close.
  2. P3_Super_Bee

    [MOD] 10252 Creator Expert Volkswagen Beetle

    Bump. New photos in OP, Mods I think are complete now.
  3. P3_Super_Bee

    IDEAS 21307 Caterham Seven 620R

    If that were the case, you think there would have been a picture of that on the box... The F-40 has a photo on the box of the engine removed and on "display".
  4. P3_Super_Bee

    Sports 2017

    Doubt they can just "cut ties" Probably on a long term exclusive contract. Just read an article that they are "blazing trails" for player specific products (and that was from key league licensing people(NFL/NCAA)), not the writer or OyO with the "blazing trails" comment. And those three MLS(Major League Soccer) fans across the US with hopes, can scratch that. MLS is also signed with OyO.
  5. P3_Super_Bee

    Architecture 2017

    I think I like the road you went down. Makes very good sense. Let's model a brand new museum. Even the possibility of selling it in the gift shop, along with the Burj Khalifa, as a way to promote LEGO in a new area.
  6. P3_Super_Bee

    Sports 2017

    Let's see. NCAA, NHL, NFL, and MLB are signed with OyO. NBA is with another company, can't think of which one. These guys don't usually sign multiple company deals for same type product. So what's left? Soccer. LOL Guess this won't be a popular line in the US... Unless there are no licenses, and generic teams
  7. P3_Super_Bee

    Lego.com Bricks & Pieces

    Thanks for the info.
  8. P3_Super_Bee

    Lego.com Bricks & Pieces

    I'm sure this has been covered, but couldn't find anything in a search.... When a new model comes out. Say 10252 Creater Volkswagen Beetle. There as you know a crap load of new Dark Azure pieces. What is the guestimate on when they will show up on Bricks & Pieces for purchase? They are all there now, just show out of stock. Thanks
  9. Ended up going for $2325.00, and for a GREAT cause!!! Well done!!!!
  10. P3_Super_Bee

    Review Review: 10252 Volkswagen Beetle

    That is something I've thought of. Well and engine swap in any case, not necessarily the Porsche 3.0. But not much of a mod'er or moc'er here, Just getting started. So probably won't happen for me unless someone posts instructions. Though I have learned a few things in changing somethings out on this car. Have also looked into removing the roof rack. Will take a lot of 1x2 tiles since they don't have anything bigger in the Dark Azure. Maybe carry the two-tone theme to the roof in white.
  11. P3_Super_Bee

    Review Review: 10252 Volkswagen Beetle

    I ordered 55978 which are 37X22ZR's, so a little more lower profile than yours at 43.2X20ZR's (to note: the "factory" tires are 49.5X20ZR) Thinking about buying another one to build as "factory". I know. i think, I've almost got mine the way I want. still waiting on a few parts. My list of mods: * Two Tone white. * Dropped front end (per your instructions) Will leave this way. Really like the raked look. * Currently have the Metallic 3x3 discs for hub caps. (not sure how this will end up.) * In process of doing a "white-out" for all the "Chrome"(read light bluish gray) pieces * "painted" rear tail light housings body color * "Tinted" rear windows * "Shaved" front turn signals (in the real world, turn signals would be incorporated into the headlight assemblies) * Modified front bumper to be only two plates wide at thickest part instead of three, removed front licence tag(not sure if will stay off yet) * "Shaved" engine deck lid handle. (and replaced 1x2 jumper for extra 1x3 plate for the other license tags for a 1x2 body colored plate.) * Removed the bars (1x2 slopes on front edges of the bumpers), they are just plain straight bumpers now. Think that's all.
  12. P3_Super_Bee

    Review Review: 10252 Volkswagen Beetle

    Pretty cool MOD. I've just did it on mine. Thanks. Was actually thinking about a way to do that same mod, last night watching the lastest webisode of Jay Leno's Garage, he had a guy with a custom '66 Bug, and he had the front end dropped. This should go well with other MODs I have planned. Awaiting on the pieces to arrive. Plan on modifying the bumpers, and blacking out the "chrome"(read light blueish gray) Wanted to do a "white-out" with the "chrome" but ran into the problem the Bar Holder, with handle, it only comes in black and light blueish gray. So to complete a "white-out" paint would be involved, and really don't want to do that. I think I've figured a way to do the bonnet bar in all white pieces, but stuck on another way to mount the mirrors. :( Will keep looking though. Though will probably still use the wider wheels/tires when finished. Just a lower profile tire to fit the front end. I also two-toned mine with white when I built the Bug.
  13. P3_Super_Bee

    License plates for the 10252 Beetle

    4th generation '65-'67 best I can tell. (this is the first generation that had orange turn signals in the rear, also the last one to not have a gas tank filler on the outside.) So the plates don't match either the California, or UK plates. I understand in California. Once you are issued a set of plates you can keep them forever, and do not have to change to a new style when they are released. But I'd still like the style plate that was being issued for when this car was new. The picture included for this generation even as the roof rack. http://image.mamotorworksmedia.com/production/website/articlefiles/community/HistoryofVWChangespt1.pdf
  14. P3_Super_Bee

    License plates for the 10252 Beetle

    I would like to see California plates in the black with yellow lettering, as that was the style plate in the 60's(at least in the mid 60's which this car represents). The yellow with the black lettering is from the 50's.
  15. P3_Super_Bee

    Review: 10242 - Mini Cooper Mk VII

    There is. simply drop an email to Lego.com, and they will have the two correct windscreens(front & rear) in the mail within the week. At least mine were. It is the same size/mold windscreen as the Beetle. Though as mentioned. The Beetle is trans-clear, and the Mini is Trans-Black.