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  1. Lord Insanity

    10497 Galaxy Explorer 90th anniversary set

    @Merlo Those examples of the old car and the crazy tricked out car kind of illustrate your point very well. What I think you're missing is that I and apparently several others feel that the example is the other way around. The original Galaxy Explorer is the plain old car and the new Galaxy Explorer is the crazy tricked out car. While that does look like a really cool digital MOC it clearly uses parts that were replaced by newer versions and could never be built as is today. I find it fascinating that you feel the Galaxy Explorer looks "fighter-y". To me it looks like it would be really fast but have the turning radius of a beached whale. It feels more like a "Stardestroyer-y" cruiser to me. I think the one thing we call all agree on is at least it is a fantastic parts pack for Space.
  2. Lord Insanity

    10497 Galaxy Explorer 90th anniversary set

    I find it really interesting that you think the original was more imaginative and "starship" like than the new Galaxy Explorer. I actually feel the other way around. To me the original is like the Yellow Castle, it was interesting for its time but has aged poorly. The original is basically just a concept art false color space shuttle from when the idea was that it could be used to ferry things to a permanent base on the moon. (Obviously that capability never materialized on the real space shuttle.) The new Galaxy Explorer on the other hand actually feels like a starship that could explore the galaxy to me. That additional room behind the cockpit and the cargo bay airlock door does wonders for the design. As a kid I always imagined the large colored windows and canopies in Space sets a being "trans-plate armor". In complete defiance of the laws of physics I always treated those as the strongest armored section of any build. When the visor helmets came out I treated the visor as a "trans-plate armor" blast shield. After all even on box art the visors were often up and clearly not the main air holding cover. Those are so perfectly clear you can't normally see them like all the classic space helmets.
  3. Regarding the sizing of the Idea's Blacksmith Shop relative to this new castle, I think more people need to actually count the studs across and bricks high. Look at the 6067 Guarded Inn compared to the original castle. If you add a new castle compatible wall section to the side of the Blacksmith Shop it would be right about the same scale to the new castle as the Guarded Inn was to the original. Now that said I do prefer the smaller scale buildings from Medieval Market Village and Mill Village Raid just because it makes the new castle look that much bigger. Of course one could always rework the Idea's Blacksmith Shop into a tavern or inn and use it with the others because not all buildings are the same size.
  4. Lord Insanity

    10497 Galaxy Explorer 90th anniversary set

    That is a cool looking ship and I would absolutely buy it if were adapted into a set. That could be done very easily unlike most modern MOCs with their ridiculously over the top and highly fragile detailing. I value stability in a build. If I can't fly it around without parts falling off, it fails. ( I will go one step further and say if a small craft or fighter can't be dropped onto a carpeted surface from waist high and stay together, it fails. Yes seriously, I test my fighters that way. Pictures often fail to convey the rock solid stability of a "boring" MOC.) All that said, I don't really see a 6985 Cosmic Fleet Voyager tribute in that ship. The color blocking is all wrong, the shaping is wrong, and it doesn't have several side windows. One of the best things about 6985 is the massive internal space it has. You can easily fit over 20 figures inside that thing. I do think your ship managed to have lots of internal space relative to its size so it gets a win there. Really though, can any Space fan honestly tell me they wouldn't want to see 6985 given a similar faithful modern upgrade at the quality level of 10497 Galaxy Explorer?
  5. Lord Insanity

    10497 Galaxy Explorer 90th anniversary set

    Oh that interview was fantastic. Lots of good insight into both sets. The best part is the confirmation that the new Galaxy Explorer uses all prints, no stickers. Well I would love to see a similar modern deluxe version of the 9685 Cosmic Fleet Voyager but that was blue, white, and trans yellow classic space. I still think that was and is the best Space ship Lego ever made. I would love other color schemes represented by quality builds too. It's funny back in the mid-90s I thought that a hypothetical Blacktron 3 should have gone back to mainly black with yellow trim, but how cool would it be to get a trans-neon magenta as a counter part to M-tron and Ice Planet trans-neon green and orange. The modern trans-pink is pretty close to the color I imagined back then and thanks to the upcoming Ninjago sets I will finally have a windscreen to test out the color scheme. (black, yellow trim, and trans-pink sounds awesome to me.) Its funny I am thinking the other way around. I will totally get 3 copies of the set to make one of each LL series ship and use the extra parts for MOCs. Realistically I will likely get a 4th set just as a parts pack. I rarely buy a whole set just as a parts pack but we rarely get a set that is such a perfect Space parts pack. (the no stickers pushes that right over the edge into perfection as a parts pack)
  6. Up till now I definitely would have considered 6086 to be the best castle Lego has done. I always viewed 6081 as more of a small fortress like the Black Falcon Fortress. For the tree, of the currently produced colors dark brown would have been the best. Seriously go outside and actually look at trees. Most real trees are more grayish than brown. Old dark gray with its greenish hue was probably the closest Lego color to what most real tree bark actually is. Between modern reddish brown or black I would have to go with black. Reddish brown just looks wrong as a tree, like its made of mud or chocolate. Now making several trees a few of them being reddish brown can look good when balanced with other trees in black and dark brown. This analogy seem a bit off. The new castle would be more like comparing it to Hydra Agents fighting Captain America during WW2. If half of them are women it doesn't matter because in real life none of the soldiers were Hydra Agents fighting Captain America at all. The new castle has a wizard and "Robin Hood's" merry men included. Historical accuracy is no where to be found. What is really funny is you don't even have to swap heads, all you have to do is keep the knight visor down (or full helmet on) and you can't even tell what gender the figure is one way or the other.
  7. Lord Insanity

    10497 Galaxy Explorer 90th anniversary set

    We are basically in uncharted waters space here. Lego has never made a second modern remake of a classic set before. For whatever reason Lego doesn't seem to embrace their own brand legacies without two separate movie producers (The Lego Movie and LIghtyear) smacking them upside the head with it. Up till now I would have insisted that anyone who skipped Benny's Spaceship because is was a movie tie in set had completely missed the boat ship and was never going to see the likes of an LL series ship again. I am super happy to be wrong. Anyone that claims to want blue,gray, and trans yellow classic space back and doesn't save up a buy at least one of these just can't be taken seriously anymore. If this thing isn't everything we ever hoped for in blue,gray, and trans yellow classic space I have no idea what could possibly be.
  8. Best. Castle. Ever. Seriously I have been waiting for the deluxe direct to consumer castle set ever since the 10193 Medieval Market Village came out and made it a possibility. It doesn't disappoint at all. The design manages to exceed my expectations in every regard. It's like the perfect modern design quality blend of 6080 King's Castle and 6081 King's Mountain Fortress. I mean it should have had 4 horses like a real castle set but I can forgive that by having two new horse bardings and 8 new shield prints. Of course that also leads to the biggest flaw in this set... it has no smaller supporting sets. I don't want only 1 of any given shield or barding, I want several of each. The figure (and horse) parts are the most important aspect to me. I can acquire the parts to build structures easily. I can't print my own bardings, shields, and figures. Back in the "fantasy era" castle I bought 7094 King's Castle Siege but I bought 8 each of 7009 The Final Joust, 7090 Crossbow Attack, 7091 Knight's Catapult Defense, and 5615 The Knight. See a castle without the army to defend it is completely pointless to me. If the barding, shields, and lion guards show up on "bricks and pieces 2.0" (like the falcon parts) and I can get a few dozen extra guards and knights, I will happily buy this new castle. Much like the random officer in the UCS Stardestroyer I would rather have none (and not buy the set) than only have one of a figure that should be common and easy to army build. Unlike the Imperial officer there is no license rights barrier to the parts being sold so it should be all good after a few months, right?
  9. Lord Insanity

    10497 Galaxy Explorer 90th anniversary set

    Wow! After getting an obvious tribute set in the form of Benny's Spaceship, Spaceship, SPACESHIP! I would have bet this was just wishful thinking. I am super happy to be proven wrong. This looks superior to the original while maintaining the originals design language. Most modern MOC versions are way over detailed, but this strikes that perfect balance between classic styling with modern building techniques. This is one of the few sets I actually want multiples for the main build and as parts packs. I will definitely be getting at least two of these. If it sticks around for the normal 2+ years I could see myself getting half a dozen.
  10. Lord Insanity

    Bricklink Designer Program 2021 Discussion Thread

    I'm confused. How is LEGO delivering your order earlier than expected not considered a good thing? You do know how crowdfunding works right? When I ordered a Fishing Boat it very clearly gave me a delivery estimate of approximately 18 months out. Getting it in only 10 months in impressive. It is almost unheard of for any company to deliver anything crowdfunded in less than a year. But then shipping and distribution is one of the few things LEGO actually still does better than the "knockoff" brands. LEGO certainly hasn't had superior part quality for a few years now. But I am supposed to be a "cult member"
  11. Lord Insanity

    Lego City 2022 Rumours, Leaks, Information And Discussion

    Wow that grocery store exceeded my expectations in every regard. When the rumor hit I was hoping we would at least get the shopping cart mold back and have a passable facade. The final set has those and one of the best interiors of any modern town building. It actually has an aisle in it! I dare say this is the best actual store Lego has ever released in town and/or city.
  12. Lord Insanity

    LEGO Trains 2022

    So the new passenger train is the first standard release passenger train set since the Metroliner to have doors in the coaches. That automatically makes this the best standard release passenger train since the Metroliner to me. I really like the new station too. Sure it's no 2150 the "good version" of Grand Central Station* but for every Grand Central Station equivalent in real life where I live, there are a dozen "shack" stations like the new set. The new set is probably the most realistic (around me) modern passenger station Lego has ever made. If anything the "shack" is too big. *seriously if I have to pick between yellow and red for a building color I will pick red every time. Now that tan modern remake version of Grand Central Station posted earlier, that would be awesome.
  13. Lord Insanity

    Bricklink Designer Program 2021 Discussion Thread

    Impressively fast for a crowd funded item that didn't even go into production until after orders were closed. LEGO should be proud of themselves for pulling that off despite the current global shipping problems.
  14. Lord Insanity

    LEGO Sci-Fi Ongoing - Rumors, Speculation, and Discussion

    So its a "Space Academy" that took an old decommissioned NASA shuttle and installed... an elvish reactor... that allows it to launch with no boosters or fuel tank. But seriously though, I took one look at that building and thought those planets are going to be super useful for giant holo-displays in my bridges and command centers. Those stickers are detailed but still stylized and generic enough to be useful for all sorts of crazy sci-fi holo-display planets. The mini-dolls all have a nice color variant classic space logo on them too. Two space suits and two coveralls, nice. Mini-dolls make for nice "aliens" and "elves" to complement all the mini-fig "humans" and you can never have too many classic space logo variant torsos. It would have been awesome to get that shuttle windscreen in trans-purple but at least its not trans-light blue.
  15. Lord Insanity

    LEGO Sci-Fi Ongoing - Rumors, Speculation, and Discussion

    I thought it was odd that the City space sets didn't have a ship or shuttle this time around. Now we know why. I do find it hilarious that we have a very NASA X-15 inspired ship (they barely even changed the name) that has a trans-yellow windscreen and it is automatically awesome. So if we take it as a given that LEGO was never going to make the City space sets "windows" trans-yellow then Mr. MacLane is my hero for insisting on it. But what if he unintentionally made the City space sets not use trans-yellow to differentiate them? Oops! (That still doesn't explain whey they used that lame City trans-light blue instead of the awesome Space trans-dark blue) When I first saw the thumbnail pic I immediately thought of 6872 Xenon X-Craft. Then I looked at the full picture and realized it suffers the stupidly oversized problem most Star Wars fighters have. Despite its shaping being more like what should be a $10-$20 set the actual size and price point is more like an update to 6780 XT Starship or 6931 FX Star Patroller. I don't mind that for a long range interstellar exploration ship but I would have preferred a smaller exploration craft. (The Slave I from 75222 Betrayal at Cloud City and Vader's TIE from 75251 Darth Vader's Castle proves LEGO can make awesome looking smaller craft even in Star Wars) So lets see, in 2022 we have: 1. Basically a modern remake of 6901 Mobile Lab in the form of the City space 60348 Lunar Roving Vehicle (Which can have its windows upgraded to trans-yellow) 2. Basically a modern remake of 6970 Beta I Command Base in the form of the City space 60350 Lunar Research Base (unfortunately stuck on lame trans-light blue for now) 3. Basically a modern remake of 6985 Cosmic Fleet Voyager in the form of the terribly colored 80035 Monkie Kid's Galactic Explorer (Yes seriously, watch Jangbricks's review) 4. The upcoming XL-15 from Lightyear (Which seems to be the best overall color scheme of the bunch.) Talk about Space fans being spoiled for choice right now.