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  1. Lord Insanity

    40516 Everyone Is Awesome

    @allanp too. Sorry I was not explaining this more clearly. I put "brain wiring" in quotes to emphasize the imprecise nature of the term. In context of my original post on the subject I was referring to embryological development of specific "brain wiring" differences. (That is not something that can be changed later.) I also mistakenly assumed it was clear in context that "male" and "female" "brain wiring" was more of a spectrum of subtle gradation rather than a hard "this is male" "this is female". Humans are not separate from life on earth, we are very much a part of the biology shared by the rest of planet. Biology is a total mess. Individual humans can have multiple different "brain wiring" "areas" from multiple different spots on the "male to female" difference spectrum. There are however very specific testable and measurable areas of the brain with differences that tend toward specific genders. https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/hope-relationships/201402/brain-differences-between-genders https://www.newscientist.com/article/dn20032-transsexual-differences-caught-on-brain-scan/
  2. Lord Insanity

    40516 Everyone Is Awesome

    See this is the part you are not understanding. Anyone that is not cisgender is by definition suffering an intersex condition. A cisgender male didn't choose to be "brain wired" male anymore than a transgender female chose to be "brain wired" female. The difference is a cisgender male just happens to have their anatomy match their "brain wiring" while a transgender female does not. Gender dysphoria is literally distress at a persons "brain wiring" not matching their anatomy. By transitioning their anatomy to match their "brain wiring" the problem of gender dysphoria is cured. Putting gender emphasis on anatomy (which can be changed), rather than "brain wiring" (which can not) seems rather silly if you know anything at all about biological development and how messy it is.
  3. Lord Insanity

    40516 Everyone Is Awesome

    I don't mean to single Fuppylodders out specifically here, but this question keeps cropping up and seems to warrant a much more specific answer in general. Most species on Earth do not fall into the "typical" male and female gender division. Many species can flat out change sex at will in response to specific environmental pressures. The movie Finding Nemo should have had Nemo's dad change sex after his mate was eaten because that is what real life Clownfish do. All Humans at conception are always functionally asexual an will grow typical female genitalia by default. People with XY chromosomes usually have a burst of developmental testosterone in the womb at 8 weeks which causes them to grow typical male genitalia. There is a small population in the Dominican Republic that has girls born that do not experience developmental testosterone until they hit puberty around age 12 and become fully functional men after being a girl for the first 12 years of their lives. Yes, really. It shouldn't take a rocket scientist to realize that "brain wiring" is even more unpredictable. While there is no significant difference of intelligence level between "male" and "female" "brain wiring" there are several differences that are testable and measurable. A person can't "fake it" or "just decide one day", they are born that way. When "brain wiring" doesn't match the physical anatomy we can change the anatomy. We can't change "brain wiring" and I would find it utterly horrific if someone tried to. One specific interpretation of one specific translation of one specific religious text is flat out wrong. Period.
  4. Lord Insanity

    40516 Everyone Is Awesome

    That was pretty much the whole point of what I was saying in the full quote. The abbreviation Xmas is actually centuries old. It stems from the original Greek word for Christ, Χριστός. Thus the hilarity of a certain subset of modern Christians that complain about "Xmas" not understanding that the "X" literally represents Χριστός or in English, Christ. So on the whole bigotry thing, it might be helpful (especially for non-native English speakers) to go back the definitions I learned in grade school. "Bias" is something people don't know or realize they have. "Prejudice" is something people do know they have. Someone can be biased without malice because they don't realize they are in fact biased. Prejudice is when people know they are making a specific judgement and doing so anyway. The only comment in this thread that really went "there" could possibly be "only" bias. The whole metaphor of "trying to save someone that is about to go off a cliff" reads like he actually means well to me. The problem with the metaphor of course is that the "cliff" his a figment of his imagination. Just to explain my perspective and in the interest of full disclosure due to the gracious nature of several people sharing personal details of their own lives, every major branch of my family's ancestors came to the U.S. specifically to escape religious persecution. I am very much a proud supporter of equal rights for everyone and routinely correct conservative Christians that in the U.S., they have the right to be Christian and all they have to accept is that fact that everyone else has the right to not be. Growing up my parents took my siblings and I to several different churches of all different denominations in an attempt to find one that was actually worth going to. Over the years I learned quite a diverse representation of Christianity. It ranged from "the Bible is the literal word of God" to "the Bible was written by mere mortals and must be carefully interpreted away from human biases". Needless to say we prefer churches toward the "interpretation" end of the spectrum. Several years ago my wife and I attended a service at a conservative Mennonite church. Most of the people there tended toward the "literal word of god" end of the spectrum. So it was really interesting when the pastor starts quoting different language translations of the bible and suggesting to the congregation that the "prohibition of homosexuality" was not what it seems. He stated it was actually not a prohibition of people that are born that way, but rather the people that were engaging in behavior contrary to their born orientation just for the thrill, in the same way youth today decided to start eating Tide pods. It was rather fascinating to see a bunch of old conservative Christians have their minds blown. Quite a few of them seemed to have an actual realization that the previous interpretation was in fact wrong. It is hard to correct the biases of someone that has been taught them their whole lives. If they are still prejudiced after having their biases taught to them, they deserved to be called bigots. Just because there are two sides to an issue doesn't mean one side isn't completely wrong.
  5. Lord Insanity

    40516 Everyone Is Awesome

    This set is a fantastic value. I might have to pick up two of these for the parts usage alone. As far as the message of the set, I have to seriously question how anyone can not see the obvious problem and implications of being opposed to equal rights for everyone. I don't think people are quite understanding that for many Christians Santa and the Easter Bunny are not at all allowed in their homes as they are secular symbols completely against the "true meaning" of the holidays. Originally in the U.S. Christmas was something Christians did not celebrate (and actively discouraged others from celebrating) because it was a secular Pagan holiday. It wasn't until the Poem Twas the Night Before Christmas made the holiday take off as a widely popular secular holiday in the late 1800s that Christians then started the whole "keep the Christ in Christmas" thing. We still have church paid commercials on TV "selling" that "Jesus is the reason for the season" around Christmas time.
  6. Lord Insanity

    [MOC] She-Ra and the Princesses of Power (WIP)

    To be fair the Mega Construx figures scale isn't that much different. LEGO minifigures are just really weirdly proportioned. The color palette isn't going to be as limiting as you might think. LEGO has made some awesome themes like Elves in the last few years that really work well for Etherian based builds. The live action movie is a really bad representation of the lore. If it weren't for Frank Langella's masterful performance of Skeletor, people would flat out pretend it never happened like the Star Wars Holiday Special. If you only watch one thing from the original Filmation cartoons I would recommend the movie The Secret of the Sword. That was made after the He-Man series and was intentionally made to be split into the first few episodes of the She-Ra series. There are some significant differences but far more that is mostly the same. It would serve to fill in many of the details the new She-Ra could only hint at due to Mattel's splitting of the property into "boy" and "girl" halves. Now am an not one of those fanboys that will tell you that the original is so much better, because it's not. Filmation was low budget animation even by the standards of the 1980s. That was because they sold the show directly into syndication and had to make 65 episodes for the price of a normal season of 20-ish. Remember this was before computers, when they had to hand paint each frame of animation, so they reused as much as they could. All the main characters shared body types so they could trace over other characters and reuse sequences of animation. What was very good for the time was the writing. The story holds up very well. Mattel was not expecting to get a bunch of young writers using the shows to prove their skills and writing at a level far better than most cartoons at the time. Mattel's handling of the property is really unfortunate because I would have liked to see what the new show could have done with access to the full lore.
  7. Lord Insanity

    [MOC] She-Ra and the Princesses of Power (WIP)

    I would recommend not holding back to "make it Ideas compatible". Mattel owns She-Ra and would never license it to LEGO anyway. Mattel also owns Mega Construx and sells Masters of the Universe building sets that way. While they haven't actually made She-Ra yet, there was a prototype of Hordak shown off at one of the conventions a few months ago. They have said they plan to go into the She-Ra half of the lore eventually if sales support continuing the line. Bottom line is, go all out and make it the best you can for yourself first. If you do plan to try and build it "in the brick" that might be more of a reason to keep the scale in check. Just to be clear, I did think the show was very good overall compared to other versions of the mythology. However, turning Light Hope into a hologram and The Crystal Castle into a computer really annoyed me. Light Hope and The Crystal Castle are supposed to be among the most powerful magical entities in the universe nearly equaling the power of The Sorceress and Castle Grayskull. (She-Ra's whole deal was she had all of He-Man's abilities plus several from Light Hope and the Crystal Castle.) They always had both tech and magic just not so "combined" for lack of a better term. The finale was very good in how they handled "freeing the magic". I think the biggest problem the show had was Mattel's unfortunate decision to split Masters of the Universe into "Boys have He-Man" and "Girls have She-Ra" licensing halves. The new show was literally not allowed to use half the mythology. I give the producers credit for really squeezing every reference they could get Mattel to agree to let them use. Using Mara from The New Adventures of He-Man was really cool to see. It's just a shame Mattel's leadership is stuck in the 1970s. They can't wrap their brains around the fact that He-Man and She-Ra are in most fans eyes the same property. One would think that appealing to both boys and girls simultaneously would be exactly what any toy maker would strive for. To be fair the first two villain factions were really quite good for pure fantasy Castle uses. I really liked the lighting monsters especially.
  8. Lord Insanity

    [MOC] She-Ra and the Princesses of Power (WIP)

    Atlantis theme's Lobster Guardian claw to the rescue.
  9. Lord Insanity

    [MOC] She-Ra and the Princesses of Power (WIP)

    It's a shame LEGO doesn't actually make those grabber arms anymore because they work perfectly for Entrapta's hair. I am quite impressed at how well you managed to capture all the characters in minifig form. That is a good working start on Castle Bright Moon. I'll be interested to see how that turns out. Admittedly I prefer the original series version (image from the episode The Crystal Castle, Shadow Weaver even had a model made) but the new version is quite nice too. The new series just made everything way to "nexo-knight-ified" for my taste. I just prefer straight up fantasy magic to the modern popular idea of making magic "ancient tech in disguise".
  10. Lord Insanity

    Lego City 2021 Rumours, information and discussion

    I don't understand. Why would the safari offroader complement a wildlife rescue squad? That is like expecting a tow truck to complement a firefighting wave. As it is I think unlike most fire waves, the wildlife rescue vehicle color scheme will be highly useful for more generic uses. Like a rival safari company or a cargo company. Though thinking on it might have been cool if instead of a wildlife rescue squad we had gotten an actual safari company with a tour bus done up in the color scheme of the offroader. The helicopter would have been boring white yet again though, so I am happy to have the tan wildlife rescue squad.
  11. Lord Insanity

    Lego City 2021 Rumours, information and discussion

    I must say I really like the Wildlife Rescue theme. I have wanted "circus and zoo" animals for many years now. Thankfully the vehicle color scheme is really nice. It will be really easy to leave the rescue logo stickers off and just use them as a generic cargo company or something. I would go so far as to say it is my favorite color schemes of the various "exploration" City sub-themes because it can so easily be used for normal vehicles. Tan is surprisingly rare in City vehicles. It's funny your complaints about that set are all the things I like about the set. I am glad the "base-camp" is so minimal that I can easily MOD it out completely. The focus on terrain is very welcome to me. I think the terrain is done quite well for a 6+ set. Sure I would have preferred a 10+ detailed set like The Legendary Flower Fruit Mountain, but for a simpler 6+ set it's good.
  12. Lord Insanity

    Latest impact of other themes on historic themes

    Did you even read what I wrote? I specifically stated that regular plates and bricks will crack and break under specific conditions that baseplates will not. (heavy sections of layout sliding over tables, plywood, floors, etc.) No where did I suggest LEGO should only stick with baseplates. However, the smooth underside of baseplates serve an essential function that no other "in-system" part currently can. If Microsoft never made Windows 98, 7, 8, or 10 then yes I would still be using 95. In fact as I build roads higher up than flat against the table, I prefer the new road plates to road baseplates. The newly revealed City Wildlife Rescue sets show them being made in a shade of blue for water. I can see them being very useful for castle themed layouts. (Rivers, lakes, shores, etc.) Imagine that the new road plate system, unlike road baseplates, will be useful to castle builders too.
  13. Lord Insanity

    Unpopular Opinions about LEGO

    I don't even have to search your post history. I have seen it enough times to know you have been saying that for a while. Thanks.
  14. Lord Insanity

    MOC SpaceX Falcon 9 Complete Set

    Those are really cool. While it is slightly odd to have real world space vehicles in the Sci-Fi forum, Space X is leading us toward a lot of things that even a year ago would have been considered "sci-fi". Most people do not comprehend the significance of actually getting the "Starship" craft working as they expect to over the next year or two. Basically the whole joke about permanent moon bases being 10 years away for 40 years now would actually become 10 years away for real this time. "Starship" is also the only realistic craft in development capable of carrying enough provisions for a manned Mars mission. The next few years could prove quite revolutionary. Exciting times.
  15. Lord Insanity

    Latest impact of other themes on historic themes

    The lions do not have "saddle cutouts" like the wargs do. The lions do have 2 studs on top though. It looks like the body itself is the same as the regular "big cat" mold. Which makes perfect sense really. Would be easy enough to hitch them to a chariot or wagon but they would look a little off for a straight up mount due to the lack of saddle compatibility.