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  1. Lord Insanity

    The Future of Lego Space. (opinions, ideas, discussion)

    There are present Space models on Ideas that are simply amazing? Where are they? Sorry but I think Exetrius is right on the money with this. There hasn't been any absolutely stunning Ideas project that transcends the barrier of "already a Space fan and will vote for it anyway." Look at it from a casual perspective and not a die-hard Space fan. Searching "Space Base" on Ideas and Captain Mutant's project doesn't even come up in first batch. Where is the Space Base on Ideas that matches the awesomeness of the Chemical Plant or Train Station Studgate. (Both of which would make better Space Base parts packs that most of the actual space builds on Ideas) Searching "Spaceship" results in the Blacktron Renegade remake and a few Galaxy Explorer style Remakes amid a sea of "junk". Both of which from a corporate paper pusher perspective Lego has already done modern versions of. (See Benny's Spaceship and all The Lego Batman Movie sets) Where are the original Spaceship designs and how will they compete against things Lego currently has on the shelf that fills that demand? (See the current City Space theme and I would argue the Avenger Ultimate Quinjet is basically a modern equivalent classic spaceship.) Don't get me wrong I would absolutely buy several of the current Ideas projects if they managed to hit 10k and get approved. However, I totally see why most of them really have no chance of capturing the attention of the average casual Lego fan that really needs a "Wow factor" to bother voting for something. Hey at least we are getting a new astronaut design with a classic logo in the upcoming Creator set.
  2. Lord Insanity


    I think the misunderstanding here is coming from two mutually exclusive starting points. Some people saw the pirate bay as being a shipwreck island and are very happy with the redesign. Others saw it as the pirate equivalent of the Imperial trading post. So to have the pirate trading post downgraded to a mere shipwreck in roughly the same shape feels like a loss. The shipwreck being able to reassemble into an awesome ship is the saving grace. I am definitely in the latter camp. The main selling point is now the awesome ship that comes with the foundation to the trading post I wanted and voted for in the first place. When the blacksmith shop was recently approved my first thought was: cool, combined with the upcoming pirate bay set I will be able to make a nice port town. Put me down for at least 2 of each. The finished product reveal had my first thought be, what the heck is that? Oh cool ship. Now I really wish I had gotten a second old fishing store even more.
  3. Lord Insanity

    Future Pirates Speculation

    I really hope the creator pirate ship is basically a larger version of the merchant ship from the Imperial Trading post. If we are really lucky the "pirates" that come with it would be generic enough to use as merchants or pirates just like the trading ship. I always thought it was silly that Lego never made a ship like that as a stand alone set in the pirates theme.
  4. Lord Insanity

    LEGO Monkie Kid 2020

    Why do people think the existence of Ninjago a Japanese mecha fantasy theme means we wouldn't see a Chinese fantasy theme? That is like saying we wouldn't see a Greek mythology theme because Lego already made Pharaoh's Quest an Egyptian mythology based theme. Personally I think a Chinese fantasy based theme has the potential to be truly epic. I would love getting the Chinese equivalent to "Fantasy Era" Castle. Think of all the awesome historical armor and weapons that could possibly bring.
  5. Lord Insanity

    LEGO City 2020 - Rumors, Speculation, and Discussion

    Those new automotive themed sets are amazing. Its so nice to get some decent city sets that are generic civilians. The race cars are everything I thought speed champions cars should have been. (actual parts for headlights instead of stickers) That services station is great. Good for a small station but thanks to the awesome generic civilian vehicles screams buy 2 and make a bigger station. (usually a set like that would have some highly specialized vehicle that you don't really want multiples of.) The tuning garage is just flat out amazing. Its everything I have always wanted out of such a set. I do find it amusing that the actual garage door has a 10 stud wide opening to be used with the tow truck new speed champions sets.
  6. I used color as rank too. See I was right in Lego's target age range at the very end of Classic Space into Futuron, Blacktron, Space Police, M-Tron, and Ice Planet. (I still think the "tron" era is the golden age of Space.) Classic yellow were the cadets Classic blue and white were the crewmen. (white used for space police once that came out) Classic red and black were the ensigns. (black used for space police) Futuron yellow and Space Police 1 were the lieutenants. (added regular Ice Planet guys as cold specialists) Futuron blue and Space Police 2 were the lieutenant commanders. Futuron black and Space Police 2 chief with no epaulettes were the commanders (added ice planet chief) Futuron red and Space Police 2 chief with epaulettes were the captains. (added ice planet chief with blue epaulettes.) One red Futuron with yellow epaulettes was the Admiral. (switched those to white when Adventurers came out. Yes I am one of the few people that never had a "Dark Age") When I was younger all that strict ranking was really important. I still use that for the commanders, captains, and the admiral but I just sort of added the green and pink figures to the lower ranks without much thought to exactly where they should fit.
  7. Lord Insanity

    LEGO Ideas - 123 Sesame Street

    I am surprised and quite happy this actually passed Ideas. 123 Sesame Street and Pirate Bay were by far and away my favorites from this round. I didn't expect either to make it and am quite happy both did. That almost makes up for last round's Chemical Plant being rejected. Funny I feel exactly the opposite. Lego is a building toy. That first generation Squidward head was everything a licensed figure should be. Then they made that useless molded head. The Simpsons figures had those useless molded heads when the actual show makers used regular mini-fig heads in their own "Lego" episode. We got to see how awesome the Simpsons figures could have been. See I don't want Lego made licensed figures, I want licensed Lego figures. The entire point of mini-figures to me is the interchangeable parts. Any character that absolutely must have a molded head should be done in the awesome Chima style with a regular printed head underneath. If I can't use different hats, helmets, or hair it is a crappy fig. For characters like Homer Simpson or Grover (or any Muppet) from Sesame Street the lack of those options when the characters routinely use different hats is a complete fail. I also can't figure out why people want this Idea to be down sized. The modular-style scale with all the regular mini-fig head characters is exactly what I wanted and why I voted for this in the first place. 123 Sesame Street exactly as it is would be a day one purchase for me.
  8. Lord Insanity

    Castle - Fantasy Era (2007-2009)

    Fantasy Era (Castle 2007) and the stylistically compatible Kingdoms (Castle 2010) is my favorite Castle era. I actually use the Kingdoms factions as vassals to the Crown. I just turned the lion royalty into nobles. My classic era lions, dragons and, falcons are the main rival kingdom. Fantasy Era was the last time we got a nice mounted knight with full gear in a "battle pack" style set too. 7009 The Final Joust was by far and away one of the best sets of the line. $8 US for a full gear knight vs a skeleton knight and skeleton horse. I got 9 copies of that set. Switched 8 of the horse helmets to dark blue. Perfect cavalry knight squad. It was a total fail that neither Kingdoms nor Castle 2013 had a similar set. If the big castle sets aren't going to be fully manned anymore like the legendary 6086 Black Knight's Castle at least sell us the "battle packs." Of course at this point I suppose we would be happy with anything.
  9. Lord Insanity

    [PRESS RELEASE] 75252 Imperial Star Destroyer

    So why did they put two figs that should be available in a battle pack in a $700 set? I despise unique figures in sets that are not even fig compatible but to place two figures that should be army builders is just insulting. To me that actually lowers the value of the set. I would rather those figs not exist at all than have one each of figs that should be easy to get a dozen of.
  10. Lord Insanity

    REVIEW: 71025 LEGO Collectable Minifigures Series 19

    Excellent review as always. I am however surprised you didn't place more emphasis on the alternate face for the mummy queen. The gold mask is a far more useful face print. You can use that in city museums and in historical Egyptian builds. That is easily one of if not the best mummy Lego has made. The monkey king has the first 3 long red bar and it comes with an extra. I can finally fix the incorrect brown bar on Ecto-1.
  11. Lord Insanity

    REVIEW: 21108 Ghostbusters

    The 3 long bar has finally been made in red. The Minifig series 19 Monkey King comes with an extra one too. We no longer have to suffer a rusted Ecto-1 with that brown bar.
  12. Lord Insanity

    [MOC] Aerial Enforcer

    Generally speaking I greatly prefer the Blacktron 1 color scheme over the Blacktron 2 color scheme. To me the best thing about Blacktron 2 was the pods. And boy are those pods awesome. Most Blacktron 2 MOCs completely ignore the pods. This build by so heavily focusing on the best aspect of the whole theme is probably the best Blacktron 2 MOC I have seen so far. This is exactly the kind of large Space build I wish LEGO was releasing as a set right now.
  13. Lord Insanity

    What would you like from a Sci-Fi Racing theme?

    This 1000 times over. Colored canopies and windows are why the Popup Party Bus and General Mayhem's ship were awesome sets and the upcoming Systar fighter thing is lame.
  14. Lord Insanity

    [PRESS RELEASE] 75936 - Jurassic Park

    So after seeing a few reviews I think the designer did a wonderful job of designing this set. That said the oversized nature of it does not really appeal to me. After reading many comments I think the general opinion is that for people who had no previous Jurassic Park / World sets this set is an amazing display piece. For those of us that already had several Jurassic Park / World sets this was a major let down because is is not compatible with and complementary to the existing general release sets we are already invested in. See I think this is the magic formula of wide popularity that Ninjago City successfully hit. That set is both a terrific stand alone display piece AND it is compatible with and complementary to the general release sets. Welcome to Apocalypseburg managed to do that too. Same with the Ghostbusters Firehouse (compatible with City/Modular) and the Monster Fighters Haunted House. Contrast that with the decidedly mixed reception the micro-scale Hogwarts Castle received. Despite being very well designed it is not compatible with or complimentary to the general release sets. That "problem" has largely been mitigated since we have gotten more of the castle in Mini-Fig compatible general release sets. But at the time of release we didn't know if there would be another wave of sets with more of the castle. At this point I would guess it is unlikely Jurassic Park / World is going to get another Direct 2 Consumer large scale set so I am rather bummed by the decision to make something that is not compatible with and complimentary to the general release sets. This was likely the only chance we had at a Mini-fig compatible size "Brontosaurus". I will have to mess around with the part inventory for the oversized T-Rex in Stud.io and see if I can come up with a decent looking sauropod. I might be convinced to buy the set anyway if that works well. The beauty of the brick.
  15. Lord Insanity

    Lego Idea Chemical Plant

    Thanks for that. I will have to order some of those soon. Your industrial builds are top notch and something my city/train layout is sorely lacking.