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  1. The Wrestling Champion faces an old nemesis at the seedy underground fight club that he started his now illustrious career in so many years ago. little does he know... that this is no mere rematch for his old foe. IT IS A DEATH-MATCH!!!!!!! Wrestling 1 by James Crincklesworth, on Flickr The dark villain has "taken care of" the ref, stashed the body, and is ready to exact his revenge. This was supposed to be HIS success. HIS victory. HIS championship. HIS career. but it was on that fateful night ten years ago that his opponent went. off. script. Wrestling 2 by James Crincklesworth, on Flickr He was supposed to win that match. It was supposed to slingshot him into stardom. but thats the past now. What matters is what happens now. The crowd goes wild as the Wrestling Champion climbs into the ring that sparked his main stage career. His opponent is eerily calm. _______________________________________________________________________________________________ This falls into town theme, I guess. maybe some kind of adventure. You can view more images here:
  2. ok, Now considering Tower Bridge and Sydney Opera House. Any thoughts along those lines?
  3. Alright then. Thanks again for all the input. If not the HQ or helicarier, what set or group of sets should i buy now for maximum gain ($350 budget)
  4. WOW! Thanks for the info! Very well thought out!
  5. Bryboy747

    urgent help

    Here is a diagram for your convenience.
  6. I am Looking to buy either the Ghostbusters firehouse set or the Avengers Helicarrier set to keep unopened as an investment. I am interested in your thought/opinions/information on the issue and wondering which one will be better for fairly short-term (3-5 years) investment value. Any advice will be welcome and appreciated. THANKS!
  7. Series 5 Royal Guard. guard by James Crincklesworth, on Flickr If I had to pick a theme This would fall into "City" theme. You can find a comparison between my model and an actual guardpost below. The nature of Minifigure proportions leads to the model being shorter and squatter than the original.
  8. Bryboy747

    Winter Village: Undertakers

    Wow! Nice build! Awesome coffin design. very creative!
  9. Bryboy747

    [MOC] Christmas Living Room

    Nice! I like the art deco/modern decor! Well done!
  10. Bryboy747

    Winter Village: Cider Mill

    I like it! Very clean and roomy. Nice concept and well executed!
  11. Bryboy747

    The Obligatory Winter Creation

    Thats pretty cool! I like your technique for the snow on the roof.
  12. Yay! Thanks for putting on this raffle! It looks like a TON of work but we are all grateful!
  13. Bryboy747

    New York city sized mosaic

    Wow! This is AWESOME! So big! thanks for making this and sharing it with the world!
  14. Bryboy747

    REVIEW: 21031 Burj Khalifa

    This set is much better than the first one! I like the added detail and extra size! Its on my bucket list to see it in person one day, maybe this set will have to do.