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  1. Jelmer

    Volvo FH and EW 160 Play Set

    This thing needs a trailer for the EW160.
  2. Jelmer

    DAF truck axles 6 , motorized

    This needs a trailer.
  3. The kid in the back sums it up pretty much, 'I want one'.
  4. Please add a banana in all your photos, people will be amazed by the scale.
  5. Jelmer


    I think the cab hangs foreward a bit to much, other than that great job!
  6. Jelmer

    [MOC] RV

    Although I think RV's are totally utterly crap you seem to prefectly recreate this piece of crap. From the powerbrick to the drivetrain, well done!
  7. Jelmer

    Efferman's Custom Parts

    Hi Effe, is there a way to combine parts to get the price down a little bit? I'm wanting to use some of your 49x20 mudguards for two of my trucks, a quick count tells me I need 24 of your mudguards for this project (four on each axle), that's a total of 181.- in muduards. I'm willing to pay the premium for your time invested in these products, but together with some 62x20 sets Shapeways is quoting me 276.- including shipping. Even with Lego being the charity i'm hesitating.
  8. Batteries? Isn't there continuous power available at each stand?
  9. Jelmer

    [MOC] Superyacht Kiss

    What is the scale of this model? I'll build a trailer for it. With lots of wheels.
  10. Jelmer

    [MOC] Superyacht Kiss

    It looks like a ship, is that intentional?
  11. If your creation is fairly long you might need to add a second servo. I have a model with a wheelbase around 100 studs and when you steer with a single servo the torsion in the central steering axle prevents te rear axle from turning. Only axles close to the servo will steer depending on the weight and friction on the remaining wheels.
  12. Jelmer

    [MOC] Front loader

    Isn't there room for a 24t gear? that would speed up the steering quite a bit.
  13. Jelmer

    42043 Mercedes-Benz Arocs 3245

    Also missing the pin connector with axle hole. And a red 2l axle when buildig the cabin.
  14. Jelmer

    [HELP] MB Actros 4150K

    The four stud long old 9v motor produces about @340RMP, the new M-motor produces @400RPM, if you normalise both to the same RPM and ignore losses due to friction you will see that the new M-motor produces twice the amount of torque at the same speed as opposed to the four stud long 9v motor. vs. @200RPM.