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  1. ifilin

    [MOC] US Truck

    Have counted 11x5 panels. There are 368. :) WHITE -> 2 (truck) +163 (trailer) = 165 DBG -> 0 + 32 = 32 RED -> 25 + 29 = 54 BLACK -> 0 + 27 = 27 LBG -> 8 or 9 + 81 ~ 90
  2. Thank You, @Charbel, for the great instruction. Today I've added custom part list and found, that got all parts for this McLaren 720S. :) The kindest reminder for all: For rear red lights we can use 75c17 Red Rigid Hose (3mm D. 17L / 13.6 cm) from set 8068 Rescue Helicopter. This hose (tube) should be cut off to 2 identical parts.
  3. ifilin

    [WIP MOC] LPE Powered Vehicle

    OMG. Will watch this project. Hoping, You will finish it. Waiting for driving video. :)
  4. Yesterday son has finished building this plane. And it is soooo huge. :) And again, thank You, @Rudivdk. :) The instruction is correct and readable on small notebook display. Only red-white rudders are moving with resistance from stick, therefore I've added black 12 gear to 3 tan gears on rear wing to turn rudders by hand.
  5. Whole the last saturday we were finding details in our boxes and zip-locks, disassembling some sets to prepare all details. And son has started to build this plane. What I can say? This is absolutely incredible plane. Half is already built. Operating from cockpit using that stick is so cool. Rudivdk, I will share photos, when son finished it. :)
  6. If I understood correctly, You meant step 32 on page 102. Just connect blue pin and gray connector, and insert pin in black liftarm. See arrow on screen
  7. Wow. Son will be very glad to build it. We have already 99% parts. :) Thank You very much, Rudivdk, for the instruction.
  8. Hi guys. I asked about correct default position of orange ring in Pimp up my Land Rover v.1.2. Jens said, that correct position can be seen easily on step 32 on page 20 (like in original instruction on step 91 on page 61).
  9. I hope to gather all parts for his Red Kraz and build it. Rest in peace, Ingmar.
  10. ifilin

    [MOC] 6x4 PF Dump Truck

    LDD for this Yellow truck is removed, but I recommend to build White-gray truck from D3K. It is very cool. See https://rebrickable.com/users/D3K/mocs/
  11. ifilin

    [APP] BrickController2

    Thank You very much imurvai for update 1.6. That bug now is fixed, and 1 button can turn on\off 2 channels by SimpleToggle type.
  12. ifilin

    [APP] BrickController2

    All buttons on controller work fine. Any button can switch on\off 1 channel (1 lights pair) by SimpleToggle type. But 1 button can't switch on\off 2 channels in the same time (2 lights pair) by SimpleToggle type. I uploaded new screens of config, please, see.
  13. ifilin

    [APP] BrickController2

    HI imurvai. Thank You again for your great app. I've bought Buwizzess, inserted them to Madoca's Baja and tested with the last BK2 ver 1.5 on my Android 7 notepad. Baja moves like crazy on LUDICROUS mode. :) But I've found some issues: 1) Some ports are swapped, as described early. Change of ports helped to operate correctly. 2) One button on controller can't switch on 2 pairs of lights (4) by SimpleToggle type. 1st time I added 2 channels (2 pairs of lights) to one button - it didn't work (see screens). Then I added each lights pair to different buttons - it works. P.S. No both issues in Buwizz apps (current and beta).
  14. ifilin

    instructions being deleted?

    U need back up Ur PC or sync the instructions with Mega, Dropbox etc. :) P.S. I've downloaded too.
  15. ifilin

    42100 Liebherr R9800 Excavator

    Sheo built simillar excavator´╗┐ TerexRH400 early. It was on Rebrickable as MOC-1874, but now can't find it. P.S. I've got the instructions for it.