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  1. ifilin

    [MOC] GAZ-3309 Truck

    Класс! I like it. Very recognizable.
  2. Glad to read it, Diederik (I didn't buy yet Buwizzes) . And Sbricks will glad too. This Buggy will lost some speed, but I want to say, Madoca's Baja moves very well with 2 sbricks and 4 L-motors (especially with bluetooth joystick). Therefore, I think, Greyhound will move excellent. Thank You for plan to prepare the instruction. P.S. It seems, I've got all parts to build (including 8 yellow shock absorbers)
  3. Didumos, You are genius! No words. I must buy 2 BuWizzes. :)
  4. 2 years ago (may 2016) I've bought sealed set 9797. Display of main brick didn't work. I've made video about that issue and sent to Lego support. They sent to me new main brick with working display.
  5. Time to buy 2 Buwizzes? I've got 3 sbriks already. :)
  6. Thank You, imurvai, for good appl. I've bought this Gamesir T2A joystick , installed Your appl on my Huawei tablet and set up actions for 2 Sbricks. Madoca's Baja moves very well via game controller. :)
  7. Thank You for the answer. I think about this joystick https://ru.aliexpress.com/store/product/Gamesir-G3s-2-4Ghz-Wireless-bluetooth-gamepad-controller-for-iOS-Android-TV-BOX-Smartphone-Tablet-PC/1948940_32519713770.html?spm=a2g0v.12010615.0.0.754ee025Q4lwNo I need it for game PC.
  8. Guys, which controller is best for control sbrick via this appl? May be, there is cheap controller, working stable?
  9. ifilin

    [MOC] F14A Tomcat

    Great plane. Unfortunately, instructions will not be available. 50 Euros would be good price. :)
  10. ifilin

    [Review] 8069 Backhoe Loader

    My 1st Lego Technic set. Thanks for the review.
  11. ifilin


    Thank You very much, Kevin. Your instructions are incredible.
  12. ifilin

    The Best Lego Super Car

    It's possible now to buy Porshe 42056 for ~ 200 Euros. It is cool set, especially after modification from Didumos. :) And Paul Boratko aka Crowkillers created excellent MOC based on 42056 - see Scorpion CK-R Supercar
  13. Thank You very much, Erik, for added 2 crans on Rebrickable. I waited orange one year+! Guys, see MOCs here https://rebrickable.com/users/ErikLeppen/mocs/
  14. Last weekend I've built 42055 with my son. No any problems. All woks good.
  15. Minimal price in BL in Europe now is 35 Euros with excluded VAT for NEW IR V2. Anyway SBrick is coolest. :)