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  1. SirValiant

    Third rate 74 gun ship of the line

    This is a very impressive ship Sir! You have really put a lot of time and effort into it and so far she looks like a fine vessel! I love the colour scheme and way to go for doing string rigging + custom sails. Sir Valiant~
  2. SirValiant

    MOC: Monkey Statues on Pirate Island

    Nice work Captain! It looks as though the monkey's mouth could be a secret entrance to some hidden treasure perhaps? Happy Building, Sir Valiant~
  3. SirValiant


    This is really an excellent MOC. One of the best pirate layout I have seen in a long time. I love the variety between buildings and the detail as well. Great job on the overall size too, a MOC this big is really arts intensive. Nice ship as well! Happy Building, Sir Valiant~
  4. SirValiant

    MOC - Imperial fort and village

    Very impressive build and port. It has great size and looks imposing. Nice to see some ships as well preparing for battle. Keep it up! Happy Building, Sir Valiant~
  5. SirValiant

    MOC: Updating the Classics (3) - 6057 Sea Serpent Revisited

    By far my favorite so far Captain! :) I was waiting for this one, a great classic set and the remake is superb. I really like how the remake stays close to the original so much that is looks like and 'updated' version of the official set. I love the brick built sail and tiled dragon. Keep it up! Happy Building, Sir Valiant~
  6. SirValiant

    2015 LEGO Pirates Rumors and Discussion

    After seeing the reviews the must haves for me are the Shipwreck island, and Soldiers outpost. Maybe the soldiers fort.........well have to see the price is like. Regardless, I really want to get my hands on some of the new bluecoats! Si Valiant~
  7. SirValiant

    Nexo Knights 2016

    Don't want to get too excited but if they do that would be awesome. Not only for the figs but also because the set designs were great as well as the parts selection in the theme. Guess well have to wait and see. By the way if they do alternate pirates and castle that would be awesome!! Sir Valiant~
  8. SirValiant

    2015 LEGO Pirates Rumors and Discussion

    When I saw the pictures for the pirate sets first come out I was quite disappointed, but these High-res pics get me excited. Glad to see bluecoats back and I can imagine myself picking up a few of the sets for sure. Lets just hope they are reasonably priced! The only se I am really disappointed with is the Pirate ship. New molds for the base of the mast piece and the beams which the sails are put on do not have nearly as many useful pieces as did the (newer) Imperial Flagship. Still happy though that Pirates is back! Can't complain Sir Valiant~
  9. SirValiant

    HMS Scorpion… again, a MOC

    You have really made some impressive ship MOCs Kurigan! As you said, LEGO ship building is a very unique process, and tedious! But very rewarding in the end. You have really proven diligent in you ship MOCs far more than myself. Stick with this one, the end result will be great I'm sure. I love your choice of dark red/black/tan for the ship. The brick bending technique is very interesting something that I have never seen in ship-building. Looking forward to you continued progress! Sir Valiant~
  10. SirValiant

    Attack of the Daimyo

    Very nice MOC one of the best I have ever seen in the Japanese theme. The stonework is superb as well as the building and how it raises straight out of the ground. ice collection of mini-figures as well! Happy Building, Sir Valiant~
  11. SirValiant

    Lego schooner at Arizona Science Center

    Nice find, looks to be a good size, but those brick-built sails must be really heavy! Sir Valiant~
  12. SirValiant

    MOC: Updating the Classics (2) - 6049 Viking Voyager

    Great job on the re-creation once again I like how you are sticking close to the original while using more 'modern techniques/bigger size to upgrade the build. The mixel eyes on the figure head gave me a smile. Sir Valiant~
  13. Very Nice Captain! I love here-do bigger size and a nice sail. Nice work on the hull as well. Looking forward to more! :) Happy Building, Sir Valiant~
  14. SirValiant

    Caslte MOC

    Thanks a bunch guys! Glad you enjoyed the build. :) Sir Valiant~
  15. SirValiant

    [Flickr find] HMS Virtue

    I know that bumping topics isn't a nice thing to do.......but I couldn't resist! This MOC is in fact MINE! It was posted on Flickr, almost 2 years ago, and was my fist public MOC. I had always intended on posting here and thanking you guys for the front-page on Classic-Pirates! Much Appreciated. Since this MOC, I have changed my Flickr username to Sir Valiant~ and have been far more busy in building in the castle theme. But now that I am old enough to join Eurobricks I hope to be more active in the ways of a pirate Redcoat! I have some other ships that I have built and will post them here in due time, you may be able to find them on my Flickr if you do some digging: Good Luck! Overall, Classic-Pirates is the main reason I joined Eurobricks so I hope to enjoy my stay! Sir Valiant~