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  1. Dont forget about nudist place there!
  2. Airports near Munich (MUC, FMM) is closer but also Stuttgart (STR) airport.
  3. Sorry, but will Brexit influence on this event?
  4. chubays

    [MOC] Liebherr LTM11200 crane

    @Jeroen Ottens, hello! Greate project! My mobile crane is smaller, only LTM1250 and it is in WIP in almost begining since autumn 2015! You can see the base of mobile part of the crane at the video. it shows riding, steering usual and crab and INDEPENDENT outrigers! this is just a prototype to check some ideas and functions. The goal is to make all Power Function remote.
  5. May be I've checked smth wrong, but it say no rooms on that dates...
  6. COOL! I like UK! How much it'll cost in the Oakley Court Hotel?
  7. Some ppl need to begin there ride beforehand to get in Gunz in time!
  8. What station and what date?
  9. Hello!!!! I need to know how owners prefer!! Cash or card in the guest house?
  10. brickect, sorry!!! Nothing from your stash... OOPS!!! What do you have? PM me and we'll discuss final price!
  11. Jim, what item is most temting for you? Holodoc, why not any more?
  12. OK LAST AND BEST DISSCOUNT FOR FEW MODELS!!! This price is until 23:59 23 april! Please use PM if you want any of my lot's and remamber I'll not bring them with me if nobody buy them! (I prefer CASH ) without BOX with INSTRUCTION ONLY 30 Euro! without BOX with INSTRUCTION, CODE PILOT, A3 CODELIST ONLY 60 Euro! without BOX with INSTRUCTION ONLY 60 Euro! without BOX with INSTRUCTIONS ONLY 70 Euro! without BOX with INSTRUCTIONS ONLY 105 Euro! without BOX with INSTRUCTION ONLY 80 Euro! without BOX with INSTRUCTION, REGULAR AND DRIFT WHEELS ONLY 160 Euro!
  13. I have a VIP tour at October 2016, so I gess Idon't need it...
  14. So, anybody wants anything from my? (My post earlea)