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    Hi, I've decided to restart this from scratch, and this is the result this far. The changes are: - new colour scheme - no more coach entrance - completely reworked interior - added a portico. comments/suggestions are always welcome enjoy EDIT: I have added renders of the interior. Still pretty bare, but getting there. Ground floor with reception room, two drawing rooms, a library and a dining room. Under the grand staircase is the door to the area below ground where the kitchens and such are: Middle floor with bedrooms for the family. Two big rooms are for the master and mistress. You can also see the staircase to the servant's quarters: The upper floor with a view on the servant's quarters (big rooms are for butler and head maid). You can also see the skylight for the gallery on the middle floor: These arre my first renders so I apologise for the poor quality. Still learning....
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    I kinda followed the advice given and made two frontons: I even got to add two more rooms. yeah it still is more manneristic than palladian though.. Now let's rework the entrance door.
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    Thanks gazumpty, I will most definitely give this a try
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    Hi, this is still a work in progress, but I figured I might as well get your thought on this. This building is a palazoo, a double corner building with a small square in the front. There is a coach entrance in the back, a main entrance and a servant's entrance on the side. On the ground floor, there is a hunter's cabinet, a library, a reception area and two drawing rooms (pink and blue) as well as a massive staircase. On the middle floor, there are three bedrooms, a ballroom and the servant's staircase. Since I wanted each room to have its own colour scheme, I had to do double walls, which take up a lot of real estate. Things that I still need to do: furnish and floor the bedrooms, floor the hunter's cabinet and furnish the servant's quarter on the top floor. I also need to get the windows and doors in and finish the roof. I would really appreciate some ideas for the roof, since it is bothering me. Because of the double wall thing I had to skip a few things that I had wanted to get in, such as fire places, a door to the servant's area in the basement and a secret passageway. In case you're missing them: the kitchen and such are in basement, but these cannot be furnished since they are below ground. I am looking forward to your comments.
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    Fire Station

    Thanks for the nice comments. I hope I will one day be able to put it in reality, but unfortunately, for the moment I have to keep it digital. I am currently working on a palazzo. Hope to share it with you guys soon.
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    Greetings from Belgium.

    welcome, enjoy your time here
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    Fire Station

    Thanks for the nice comments. As for sharing the LDD. I am afraid the design is not clean enough right now for sharing. I had to do some 'under the hood tweaking' to make it as it is now. Anyway, I have updated the roof, which looks nicer now. The sanitary area now has windows too. enjoy And here a view from the back:
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    Fire Station

    Hi, Here is a fire station I moc'd in LDD. I am not too happy about the roof though, but still, I wanted to share what I have this far. enjoy General view The upper floor with the dorm and the showers The middle floor with a conference area, rec room and cafetaria with kitchen The ground floor with garage, water pumps, fuel pumps and reception area Close up of water pump Close up of reception area Close up of rec room
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    A first...

    Well, timmyc, that was a great idea. I gave it a first shot, but it was kinda hard to get the dimensions right. Enjoy, And here we have the two of them side by side. I could not get them to connect together though...
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    Bootleg Super Heroes minifigs - worth it or not?

    Where can you get these iron men versions of other heroes? Could someone post an AE link?
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    A first...

    Hi, This is my first moc I deem right to publish. Due to space constrictions, I keep it all in the digital world now. The building is based on the building 'De Gekroonde Hoofden' in my home town Ghent in Belgium. The name means 'crowned heads' and the figures are a series of counts of Flanders. It is a corner building, such as IRL and I have tried to remain as close to the original as LEGO parts allowed. At this moment the building has not been furnished yet, but that may change in the future. Enjoy And here is the real thing:
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    Hi from Belgium

    Hi, I am Frank and 39 years old. I loved LEGO as a kid and spent eons playing with them. Now that my boy has reached a LEGO appropriate age, I have taken my old bricks from the attack and we have been playing with them (as well as a few newer sets) since. My MOCs are now in the virtual world (LDD and such) as we currently don't have the space to build them IRL. However, that might change in the future. kr Frank