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  1. spacepilot3000

    MOC UCS Stickers for download

    Hi folks, finally I found the time to convert and upload some of my MOC UCS Stickers for "UCS Sets" which officially are not "UCS". I am proud to share those for you on I also added a few tipps for getting the right stickers for your laser (german stuff... but take a look). Feel free to download and use this stickers (Its for free, I am happy about any litte donation but I repeat - it's free for private use - I like to share with the Lego community). It is not all about Star Wars, I also have stuff for the old Batmobile for example... Preview? Ok, here we go: Have fun! Space
  2. spacepilot3000

    Hangar 327 Escape (Collectors Edition) - EPISODE IV

    Hmmmmm, sorry Dude. You want to sell that baby? Sounds bad for me. That Hangar looks 90% like mine Escape from Docking Bay 327 from 2011. Many, Many Details are exactly 1:1. OK, thats no problem for me, but if you try to sell it as YOURS, that makes me a little bit.... uh I don't know.......
  3. Hmm, I am using Yosemite now, and today I found my LDD crashing on saving. Is this the only thread regarding this error? I wonder how many people may have this bug.... Very strange. Has anybody an update??
  4. spacepilot3000

    LEGO Star Wars UCS 75060 Slave I

    My Slave arrived yesterday. But now I have to wait until I have birthday on Jan 20th. I WANT TO BUILD!
  5. spacepilot3000

    Griswold Xmas Edition 2013

    Here we go! Finally im done with my diorama, too. Lars started his topic here, and now - after lots of time lost, and lot of waiting for Bricklink to get my minifigs - my little "Tadaaaaa": And we begin with LED Brick pr0n:
  6. spacepilot3000

    Finishlast Christmas 2013 - Re-Reloaded

    Here comes a little update out of my workshop... Every christmas market needs a "Feuerzangenbowle" ... a flaming fire tongs punch: In Sepia, for Mr. Pfeiffer with three "f": and... for your way to bed, some roasted chestnuts, anyone?
  7. spacepilot3000

    Finishlast Christmas 2013 - Re-Reloaded

    And there will be a problem powering 62 LEDs. The Arduino only gives 80 mA output. Every single LEDs needs 20mA. That is much more than the Arduino can deliver. So you have to deal with an own attached power circuit, like even we did. This brings back the problem of not being able to make free programs with the Arduino. I have tried to take an Arduino board as base for this challenge, but I decided back to the classic circuits after calculating needed space, transistors and resistors. It may be an idea to get the Arduino powering up the Lego motor with code for step motors. So we are able to write a carrousel "driving program". But in the other way that is much money for this little function. And the motor switch from finishlasts post above will be the better way. ... And now I have to get a carrousel turning around...
  8. spacepilot3000

    Finishlast Christmas 2013 - Re-Reloaded

    HO HO HO! YES. After burning some parts for lunch today with finishlast, we have now regulated speed, and 25.000 imported italian(?) lights: Next step for me is to get the powered something to turn. The rest is business as usual. LEDs, LEDs and more LEDs. 45 days??? OH ... my *waitforit* ... Goodness!
  9. spacepilot3000

    Finishlast Christmas 2013 - Re-Reloaded

    Uh, oh, finishlast - found the topic today. Folks, get a house, get a son, and you have no time for nothing anymore. finishlast is 1 million steps away from my status is soldering and do magic lightning... But here's the little motor stress test on youtube: And the this is the other way of blinking: And here you can see the results of soldering 2010 - 2012. That's the "big diorama". The new set has to fit into ... (The whole christmas wonderland of finishlast also looks this way....) Uhoooh, finishlast how many weeks until christmas are left?
  10. spacepilot3000

    [MOC] Mos Espa Podrace - Layout from Fanwelt Cologne 2012

    This Scene is so huge. You can't really realize that from the pictures. I proudly put the roof of the main tower on top together with Hendrik at the Fanwelt, and just the one roof part was "so" heavy. Very, very outstanding! @Hendrik - Did you get all the dust off your MOC? I was cleaning my little hangar for about 30 minutes... I don't want to think about your amount of time for cleaning your parts... Spacie
  11. spacepilot3000

    [UCS MOC] Escape from Docking Bay 327

    Hey, thanks for reactivating this thread and all your warm words about my MOC. I am so happy, that I have built that hangar, and you are so happy with it! Thanx-a-lot for your fantastic feedback!
  12. spacepilot3000

    [UCS MOC] Escape from Docking Bay 327

    Yes, cabinets and shelves are "Expedit" and "detolf" from IKEA . This Expedit stuff is perfect for displaying LEGO, and it is also possible to reconstruct the shelves.
  13. spacepilot3000

    [UCS MOC] Escape from Docking Bay 327

    Okay, something more for you... "UCS collector, I am..."
  14. spacepilot3000

    [UCS MOC] Escape from Docking Bay 327

    We have 88cm from the ground to the bottom of the base plate, and over all with cover it as a height of 1,29m. The socket is made of table legs, acrylic plates and a selfmade plotted StarWars sticker.