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  1. I don't really think the crest is from the MoC prototype. You're confusing the line that's running down the middle with the line that split up the MoC prototype. This mask clearly goes towards a single point and doesn't split up. At least not as the prototype you showed. Honestly, this isn't a mixup of a few masks, I find it quite clear that this is an uniquely designed mask. It would be a bit weird to assume that it was just a "mixed up placeholder", I mean come on, these three masks were planned from the start, it would be really weird if they wouldn't have had a design for it yet :P I think this is quite obviously a more finalized version of the MoUP, but it might be changed a little bit when it's eventually released. I'd look at it more like the leaked MoC than seeing it as a placeholder like the lower Vahi. The design did change a bit, but in no way was it a mixed up version. -Iben
  2. Isn't it kinda obvious that it's obscured and slightly featureless in these media? The mask hasn't been officially revealed yet, so it makes sense that they give teasers but conceal it, no ? I find that to be far more logical than your explanation that this would be "chalking up things" because the design isn't ready :P Given the hints and teasers they've given with the Vahi in the past, this shouldn't really be a surprise to anyone that we get a tease of the MoUP. Given that they planned three years in advance, the MoUP would have been one of the first to be made. Also, I don't really see any resemblance to the upper half of the mask of time. Except for the the fact that it has these sidewards projecting things, it is rather different. Just look at the poster and put the image of the upper half next to it :P -Iben
  3. Iben

    MOC: Tupini the Astronomer

    I absolutely adore the telescope you made ! It's one of the most creative things I've seen made in the past few months, great job on it ! ^^
  4. I wonder why everyone keeps saying that. Sure, it has some of the same design elements, but both pieces of the Mask of Time ( the Vahi and the new piece) are said to be extremely old, older than the Mask Makers. Whilst the MoUP was made by Makuta quite "recently". So I don't think there's a chance the two are the same... -Iben
  5. Yoda for sure. I want those small beast feat in greyish green ! -Iben
  6. Iben

    Bionicle 2016 Sets Discussion

    Because you don't need to be a marketing genius to get that if Lego plans out 3 special masks, and has a set storyline for 3 years; we'll probably end up with one mask per year. Last year was the Mask of Creation, this year the Mask of Control, next year the Mask of Ultimate Power. I can hardly get that people don't seem to see that Lego is going this route, while it's the most obvious one to go by really ._. -Iben
  7. I was just about to point that out. He has a tail, purple ribcages, shadowtrap hands. It's reaaaaaally weird ! -Iben
  8. Iben

    Bionicle 2016 Sets Discussion

    I'm slightly disappointed by how the lower jaws are connected to the heads. They're stationary I presume and I just don't like it that much. However, I can see a multitude of nice pieces. Storm Beast has two 4M Dark Blue shells and a 3M one on its tail. Its head looks amazing too, much like the other beasts. Umarak The Destroyer is magnificent; eventhough I would have preferred a trans-yellow version. The Dark purple in Quake Beast being a prototype is wishful thinking though; given how the others have solid and trans blended masks chances are low Quake Beast will get a dual trans blended mask. Overall, this is slightly better than what we got last year. I'm looking forward to these ! -Iben
  9. Iben

    Bionicle 2016 Sets Discussion

    Not two but three dark blue shells on Storm Beast ? :o YES ! I'm slightly disappointed that we're getting trans-neon-green instead of trans-yellow; but I'm not surprised. It was what I expected even though I hoped it wasn't. -Iben
  10. It's certainly not the mask of creation. If you look at the comic, it has "eyebrows" above the eye holes and runes above the mold circle. None of these things are present in The Mask of Creation. Going down you can even see the teeth of the "mutated" Mask of Control, so I guess that the artists did have Umarak The Destroyer at hand; or at least the new Mask of Control. -Iben
  11. Iben

    REVAMP: Kulta, the Skull Grinder + BONUS

    What I like the most is the use of pistons. Although they're no longer needed due to fricton joints, I must say that those old school Bionicle/Technic piston pieces really add a flair to it that makes it unmistakably Bionicle-esque. And that's awesome. On top of that you filled up everything quite nicely, which I really appreciate. The weapon is also extremely well crafted and looks much better than the original, the shooter gives it a lot more character than the set form. Overall, this is probably one of your best mocs so far ! -Iben
  12. Iben

    Bionicle 2016 Sets Discussion

    All of them look black and trans-bright-green to me tbh. And let's not fall for "it's trans yellow" again; by now we should know that's probably trans-neon-green xD -Iben
  13. Iben

    Bionicle 2016 Sets Discussion

    The Lego shop indeed ! It's strange, the 14$ sets are €14 in France and Germany, whilst being €17 in Belgium and the Netherlands. It's a bit strange, and even the guys who answered couldn't say more than " we alter prices depending on the market, but this is strange". But yeah, it's unbelievably kind of Lego; they already had a fan for life but this makes it even better ! -Iben
  14. Iben

    Bionicle 2016 Sets Discussion

    I e-mailed Lego a week or two ago, and asked if they could give us some more info on why the prices in the Netherlands/Belgium went up while our neighbouring countries didn't. Not only did they reply in a very friendly manner, they offered to give me a set without costs. I assumed it to be shipping costs, so I went for Uxar; but it ended up being free of costs all together aka being free ! Lego really takes customer experience seriously, and I must say that I'm really impressed and grateful ! Although he ain't without flaws, Uxar is really awesome; I just love how they succeeded in creating such cool functions in these creatures whilst keeping them relatively small and compact !
  15. Iben

    Bionicle 2016 Sets Discussion

    If it were any other theme, I'd say you could have been right. But this is Star Wars. It's always been a well-selling product, in Lego and outside it , and with the FA being such a big success ; it really shouldn't be such a surprise that they are selling well :P -Iben