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  1. The lowered stance looks great. Thanks for sharing. I have a few questions before I get started. Please help if you can.

    - Which wheels and tires are fitted on the finished mod?

    - Which axles (front and rear) did you end up using?

    - Is the chassis stable after the mod?

    Thanks again.

    They are the original wheels in that last pic. The tires and axles (12L straight through is easier for me) came from the Technic Police Interceptor pull-back because I had it already and didn't mind taking the parts.

    I designed it only using parts I had on hand, but it is still pretty sturdy as I was careful to address weak areas. Obviously the original design was pretty much locked together because as you see you have to tear it down to the frame to even remove the old axles. It's not quite as "connected" as that because I replaced some of the technic-pin connections with regular plates/bricks, but I can still easily pick it up, roll it around, etc without anything coming loose. If I had a few black 2x6 plates I would change the very bottom where I used a grey 6x6 plate as I think it would look better when you flip the car over, but that's not really a big deal.

    The front is a little weaker. It will come apart if you pull down on the wheels/axle, but again it's fine with general handling of the model. I had all the wheels installed as I was rebuilding it last night and nothing came lose during that process either.

  2. Though will probably still use the wider wheels/tires when finished. Just a lower profile tire to fit the front end. I also two-toned mine with white when I built the Bug.

    I just switched mine to the original rims with these tires http://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/catalogitem.page?P=44309#T=C. Clearance is super tight (vertically and width wise as I think they are a tiny bit wider than the original tires), but it does look good since they look more like car tires vs tractor tread.

    I also bought all those white pieces for the two-tone, but then after I built it in blue I really like it and not sure if I want to switch it.

    This set is becoming quite entertaining. I feel like a true VW bug owner.

  3. Here is what I did. Assuming you have the set and can look at it: Remove the entire axle assembly by pulling the black (axle pin things?) This requires a lot of disassembly up front to get it out.

    Replace the bracket piece with a 2x3 plate and 1x2 brick, then move the two jumper plates and the 1x1 technic brick. Everything else should line up in the same manner. It's not quite as strong as the former build, but it's not too bad once it's all rebuilt.

    You can use the same axle assembly, but not with those wheel covers I used (the attach differently and the axle cannot stick out so far). I ended up using a regular 12L axle that was just barely long enough.

    Here's a pic:


  4. I actually did get the front down two plates. Had to disassemble a lot, but it looks pretty cool (if you're into lowered VWs). The rear axle is attached with some technic pins direct to the frame so really will have to disassemble the whole thing I think. I'm not sure if I'll do that yet.


  5. Thanks for the great review.

    Do you think that the tires/wheels from the Camper van would look too small on this Beetle? I can see that the wheel arch void on the Beetle is 7 studs wide while the one on the Camper is 6 studs wide.

    The tires/wheels on the Beetle just look too fat and make the car stance a bit high.

    They do not look good. The beetle has a spare the same size and it looks too small in the arch. I agree about the tires. I wanted to lower mine a plate or two, but the way the axles are attached is way complicated.

  6. Am I the only one who thinks that the wheels are too big? Can someone test how it looks with the Surfer Van wheels? (Might have to shorten the wheel arches to make it look good)

    But I believe it would look more in scale with the previously released Surfer Van.

    Agreed about switching wheels/tires to match the Camper will help with the scale. But maybe instead of shortening the wheel arches, just raise the wheels up by a few plates, essentially lowering the entire car. It will be interesting to see if that's possible (of course it's Lego, anything is possible).