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  1. Thanks for the review! Wow, that black brain looks gorgeous! Is this out in the US now, or in a few weeks? Better make a trip if so...
  2. cylex7

    Hero Factory 2013

    I've always found 2010's HF sets to be similar to BIONICLE, keeping in with the "last hurrah" theme... VN - Makuta Rotor - 2001 Rahi (larger set, has a helicopter function) XPlode - Piraka Meltdown - Barakki Corroder - Mistika Makuta / Vahki (alternate four-legs mode?) Thunder - Bohrok (I always thought it was this because of the storyline roll-up-into-a-ball thing) Vapor - Mistika Makuta Also, I read Mirror World a few weeks ago and I am shocked... That ending, as well as how Greg confirms the color of a main villain next year... Anyone care to theorize?
  3. cylex7

    Hero Factory 2013

    I went ahead and ordered Mirror World and Core Hunter from Barnes and Nobles. It wasn't at my actual store either. :( They should be coming today, though! Can't wait!
  4. cylex7

    Hero Factory 2013

    Epic redesign, Aanchir! Now I want that set! (if it even comes out...) Also, anyone know a release date on the HF summer sets? I'm itchin' to get me some Dragon Bolty goodness!
  5. cylex7

    Dragon 2.0 VS Matthew Sharpe

    No, The prices just go along with the cheesey descriptions... Thanks for the replies! I had gotten reverse replies (color scheme was good, tail should be longer) so I'll wait until a general consensus before changing anything...
  6. http://upload.bricks...ry.cgi?f=509943 Matthew Sharpe is the leader of the Zeta team! Strong, quick-witted, and a good leader, he'd go out of his way to help a civilian in need. Armed with a Crusher Claw and a laser-sighted Saw Gun, he's a worthy match for any foe! - $10 Born from an experiment gone wrong, this dragon is a worthy match to all heroes that stand in its way. Armed with sharp claws, wicked talons, clawed wings, and a spiked tail, this beast can strike fear into the cores of Heroes with merely a roar! - $30 Please comment, review, criticize, and most of all... Enjoy!
  7. Gallery: "Floridian is the best RoboBall player around and the muscle of the Upsilon Team. With his tough armored cladding and gruff, eager-to-win disposition, villains should think twice before tangling with him!" $10 suggested retail. I'm writing a story about my own Hero Team that'll be out by the summer, so stay tuned! Please use constructive criticism, keeping in mind that this is a request MOC (Orange, Blue, White; Football Player), as well as the fact that I build things like a set and do not use that much innovation... Comment away, have fun, and thank you. : )
  8. cylex7

    Request MOC: Gazelle

    Hey all, it's been a while, and I still have things in my brickshelf! This time, my mom picked WHITE, GOLD, SILVER and then GAZELLE. I used STORMER 3.0, ROCKA 3.0, and BULK 3.0 to make this: Pics are kinda big, so please wait to load... Enjoy and comment away! ... Please?...
  9. cylex7

    Toa Equinox

    Kind of skinny and reminds me of a vampire for some reason. Too much resemblance to Kopaka and the pics are a little blurry. Welcome to MOCing, son. Nah, JK. Good luck in the future!
  10. cylex7

    DJ Kumo

    Being among DJs for my job I will share this with them. I approve and I find this accurate. The headphone gears are great, as well as the turntable and the rhotuka records!
  11. cylex7

    Handy trick

    I LOVE this Demon! the blend of parts is sleek and it makes him look fast and strong at the same time! The teeth and claws are good as well. No complaints on this one!
  12. cylex7


    Ermahgherd hes like a mini silver Kopaka!!! I like the armor on the legs and the weapons but I feel like the body leaves something to be desired... Maybe larger, perhaps! Great job!
  13. cylex7

    Unnamed Toa of Magnetism

    I would call him "Skinny", but that's just my opinion.... I like the gear on the back. It reminds me of the old days of the Toa Mata... Try changing some colors to black and gray regarding the pins. Good job!
  14. cylex7


    The detail is amazing, as well as the shading. I also never knew that some robots can look sexy... Look out, Daniella Capricorn! Here comes Breez!
  15. cylex7

    art happens 2.0

    I LOVE the new Voltix, and the Heroes, and the Bohrok. All very good. What programs do you use for this?