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    SW Rebels Imperial Troop Transport Moc

    yeah, i was gonna post the pics but i forgot
  2. Imperial Troop Transport Moc: This is my custom imperial troop transport, seen in the show star wars rebels. The cockpit and gun turret can be removed, and the gunner's seat slides back and forth. the transport has room for six troopers (from the official lego transport set), an imperial pilot, and a gunner/scout trooper. the side doors slide up to give access to the inside, and the gunners seat can be made into a turret. here are the pictures.
  3. wafflebricks

    [WZ12:H12, Desert King] The Rice Fields

    Okay, i can do that. thanks for taking the time to answer, anyway. i think my sigfig will be Lobo, my custom lobster hobo. i really do like your mocs so keep up the good work!
  4. wafflebricks

    [WZ12:H12, Desert King] The Rice Fields

    I like your mocs A LOT and i was wondering if i could use one of your rat soldiers as my sigfig? i was going to use a rat anyway, but i thought it would look like i was copying you, so i decided to ask you. also, this is a stupid question, but which guild are you in because it looks with the were rats/rats that it could be nocturnus, or possibly kaliphlin. my favourite moc of yours is "Necropolis battle".
  5. wafflebricks

    Book II-Stakitor : Guild sign-up and Discussion

    oh, damn. okay Nocturnus it is then.
  6. What is Stakitor? Welcome to Stakitor, a land battle-scarred by the seemingly endless war between the Hordes of Nocturnus and the Knights of Historica. The armies of Stakitor are the only thing keeping the Hordes out of historica, but its up to guild members to decide whether the Knights succeed in pushing back the Hordes, or if the Hordes slaughter the Knights and invade! Remember, all you have to do join the guild is create a sigfig, post it on this page, and you're in! Stakitor's colours are crimson red and naval blue, so include those colours on your knights and flags and castles and ETC. Horde colours are black, Red, and Silver. Which side will you choose in the never ending Battles of Stakitor? The history of Stakitor: A relatively new guild, Stakitor started out as a small, tight-knit group of outposts designed to keep Historica safe from Nocturnus' Hordes, but grew into a small guild under the command of the few Knights of historica that dared venture into the Nocturnian outskirts. suddenly, a savage attack on the seaside outpost of Minas Hobbelot left the Knights scattered and practically defenceless.
  7. wafflebricks

    The Penguin's Batman Minifigures. )

    how did you attach the jar peice to freeze's head? just wondering. waffle out.
  8. wafflebricks

    Scooby-Doo 2015 Rumours & Discussion

    have you seen the new jack o lantern head mold. apparently for scooby doo theme. it looks awesome!
  9. wafflebricks

    The Penguin's Batman Minifigures. )

    That batch of custom minifigures is one of the best yet. I love egghead's minions, and killer croc is totally awesome. i like how you used the starfish piece and made starro, because he is one of my favourite characters. :laugh: i've just started my own topic (wafflebricks custom figs) so please check it out! that prof.pyg is one of my favourite custom minifigures you've made yet. please can you make a larfleeze from green lantern, because he is totally AWESOME! :laugh: I love clayface, he is so adorable in the lego game. what clay do you use, because i use fimo but it doesn't look like plastic?