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    [MOC] Simpson's Style Mansion

    Thank you! I think it fits in much better than the original house, although it's almost as large as the town hall so it just seems, well, big. I'll try and attach some pictures of it in the city soon, thanks again!
  2. TopperTwist

    [MOC] Simpson's Style Mansion

    Hello! I am back with a new townhouse/mansion MOC. It is inspired by the official LEGO Simpson's House set; however, I found that the set was too suburban to fit well with my urban city, so I decided to take the essence of the house and transform it into a modular building. IMG_9676 by Topper (TT for short), on Flickr Here is the front of the exterior, featuring some SNOT technique and a simple, green door. IMG_9693 by Topper (TT for short), on Flickr This is the first floor interior Thank you so much for the feedback, I really appreciate it. I just wanted to include the spirit of the Simpson's house into my city, as well as fulfill my girlish desires to have a dollhouse made out of Lego bricks. Thanks again, and if you would like you can see this creation in more detail on YouTube at: ... Or Flickr at:
  3. Apartment and Coffee Shop MOC by TopperTwist, on Flickr Hello all, this is my first MOC posted on Eurobricks! The exterior of the building is quite simple, and was inspired by old buildings around New York City. Minor SNOT techniques throughout, with the use of dark red as an accent and dark tan as the main color for the rest of the building. The bottom is a hipsteresque coffee shop, and the top two floors are an apartment. Exterior- Back by TopperTwist, on Flickr The back of the building (intentionally) looks dilapidated. Some texture details with exposed "pipes" and overgrown foliage. First Floor Interior by TopperTwist, on Flickr The interior of the coffeshop features a large main counter, with a whole row of flavor pumps beneath the windows. Other details include a coffee maker and decorative gas pump (from the Town Plan) and some paintings. Second Floor by TopperTwist, on Flickr The first floor of the apartment! My favorite part, for sure. Includes an open-concept kitchen, dining area, and living room. More details can be seen on Flickr, as well. Third Floor by TopperTwist, on Flickr The top level is the bedroom and bathroom. Bathroom is in the bottom left corner. There is also a large rug on the floor, and some furniture details. The painting above the bed was inspired by another Eurobricks user whose building skills I really admire, Kristel. She used a similar style painting in her beautiful Sand Blue Townhouse! Street View by TopperTwist, on Flickr The apartment next to some of the more recent official modulars for a size comparison. Thank you so much for viewing, feedback is always appreciated! Many more views and explanations can be found here:
  4. Thanks for allowing new members like myself practice!