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  1. hugosantos

    [MOC] – Freebuild – BlueWater Castle

    Amazing! Can't wait to see your next creation! We have a lot of work to do in that display and the bar is very high with such creation!
  2. hugosantos

    Middle Earth Contest Voting Topic

    Category A: #3 #4 Category B: #4 Category C: #4 #5
  3. hugosantos

    Expand the Winter Village Contest IV - Voting

    4. majorna - 3 27. Galaktek - 2
  4. hugosantos

    REVIEW: 21021 Marina Bay Sands

    That set is awesome as the real building it is... but why can't we grab one for us? Why is it a limited edition?
  5. I'm sure your portuguese is way better than my norwegian ahah! We are setting all up to have a great event!
  6. Welcome! Arte em Peças®is a LEGO® Fan Event that takes place in Paredes de Coura, Portugal. It is organized by Comunidade 0937 in close collaboration with the Municipality of Paredes de Coura. Visitors of all ages will have the opportunity to observe a wide exhibition of LEGO® creations built by members of Comunidade 0937 and by AFOLs from other international groups, as well as participate in contests and activities, build freely in the available playzone and have great moments of fun. The exhibition is composed by millions of elements that give life to hundreds of original buildings, from cities, castles, pirates, western, space, robotics... as well as other giant creations, all in LEGO®, off course! Visit us from 2PM of Saturday 1st of June till 8PM of Sunday 2nd of June and from 5PM of 7th of June till 6PM of 10th of June! We are proud to announce some great highlights: - Marcos Bessa, a portuguese LEGO Designer and member of our LUG Comunidade 0937, will be at our event "Arte em Peças 2013 - LEGO Fan Event" on the 8th of June.Enjoy the opportunity to buy one of his latest LEGO sets where he does a great homage to our LUG Comunidade 0937 - 10937 Batman™: Arkham Asylum Breakout - Megan Rothrock one of the most creative and well know AFOL in the LEGO world will be present in"Arte em Peças 2013 - LEGO Fan Event"to present her recent book:"The LEGO Adventure Book, Vol. 1: Cars, Castles, Dinosaurs & More!" But she doesn't come alone, she will be with one more special guest/participant of the book, Are J. Heiseldal! - It will be displayed in"Arte Peças® 2013 - LEGO® Fan Event” the most recent LEGO Robotics set, the LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3! For more information visit our oficial webpage: Arte em Peças 2013 - LEGO Fan Event or our related topic in our LUGs Forum. If you know someone nearby tell them about it, you're all welcome! We are counting on your visit!
  7. hugosantos


    Great entry! Awesome story, editing and details. Best of luck!
  8. hugosantos

    VOTING: Architecture Building Contest

    2) 2 votes 12) 2 votes 13) 3 votes Congratulations to all the participants, there are magnificent MOCs
  9. hugosantos

    MOC Oporto's Downtown Buildings

    Thanks for the comments, hopefully I will be able to add a floor in each of them.
  10. hugosantos

    MOC Oporto's Downtown Buildings

    In fact it is an Orange building and the other one is Sand Green. Thank you all for sharing your comments.
  11. hugosantos

    MOC Oporto's Downtown Buildings

    Hello everyone, Here's a MOC that I've built for the latest event of my LUG Comunidade 0937 on June that is called "Arte em Peças 2", and takes place in Paredes de Coura, Portugal (Stay tunned because our Arte em Peças 3 was already annouced). This is a MOC that consists in two modular buildings based on separate 16x32 baseplates that could even be presented individually, but they were thought to be side by side and because of that I decided to present them as one. As the name reveals, my inspiration come from the beautiful old buildings that exists in Oporto downtown with its characteristic wooden windows, the typical stained glass above the entrance doors and their gray granite stonework, which embody the buildings perfectly. I wanted to represent these in LEGO since a long time. I started this construction idealizing the windows and then moved to the small basement windows that gave me both so much joy to do and then the end result was accomplished in an instant. Although satisfied with the results, given the time I had to build them, I intend to implement some ideas later, but each thing in its time, for now, here's the image of it: I hope you enjoy it. More photos soon on Flickr
  12. hugosantos

    MOC The Owl Bank

    Hi, you can see photos of other angles in my flickr following the link pointed in the MOC presentation. I've liked the sidewalk but with more time who know's if I don't do something with detail.
  13. hugosantos

    MOC The Owl Bank

    Thanks for your comments. For now the building just look modular style because it was assembled for expositions in a city layout.
  14. hugosantos

    MOC The Owl Bank

    Hi there lightningtiger, thanks for your comment. Actually the windows frames are Reddish Brown but I didn't build any interiors, I might do that someday, but it isn't on my plans at the moment.