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  1. seinfeldpt

    Seasonal 2018

    I do the collection of this polybags, Christmas Ornament 2018 ! Does any one know if the 2017 Lego release any? Because i have 2014/2015/216!
  2. seinfeldpt

    [TC14] Drop Tower (Finished)

    Great! Congrats for the project!!!
  3. seinfeldpt

    [MOC] Mobile Coffee

    Very good, excelent photos!
  4. seinfeldpt

    Elysée Palace

    Excelent job! Congrats
  5. seinfeldpt

    [MOC] Atelier

    Excelent job! Congrats
  6. seinfeldpt

    Simpsons House Modular [MOC]

    The interior are amazing!!!
  7. seinfeldpt

    Another AFOL from Portugal

    Thanks to all of you!
  8. seinfeldpt

    MOC - Coffee House

    Hello guys Here is my first MOC , it took same time but here it is! I hope in a next phase , move to the interior !!! The r / c floor is a cafe on the 1st and 2nd houses the owner! Thank you all!!!
  9. Hello to all of you Lookin forward to post same of my MoCs. I dicovered my love for LEGO four year ago! i collect minifigures and modulars buildings :)